L>"Family Feud" season 5 -- 6-answer boardsName a kind of automobile that"s offered in the military.JEEP/HUMMER70SUBMARINE2TANK21SUPPLY TRUCK2AIRPLANE3HELICOPTER2Name something world do v their table of contents finger.POINT63SCRATCH2PICK NOSE23DIAL PHONE2APPLY MAKEUP6WEAR A RING4Name a well known rabbit.BUGS BUNNY56EASTER BUNNY3PETER RABBIT21PETER COTTONTAIL3ROGER RABBIT13BRER RABBIT4Name a means to make bathing a sexy experience.BRING A FRIEND45DRINK WINE3BUBBLES/BATH OIL24EAT FRUIT3LIGHT CANDLES21ROSE PETALS3Name a movie monster you think can take Dracula in a fight.GODZILLA43FREDDY KRUEGER5FRANKENSTEIN26JASON2KING KONG13WOLFMAN/WEREWOLF10Name one thing human being associate with leprechauns.RAINBOW/GOLD39ST. PATRICK"S DAY9IRISH21FOUR-LEAF CLOVER9GOOD LUCK12GREEN9Name a reason human being take out a loan.BUY A HOUSE57START A BUSINESS3BUY A CAR24GET MARRIED2COLLEGE8CONSOLIDATE DEBT4Name a food women crave as soon as they"re pregnant.PICKLES53WATERMELON2ICE CREAM20PUMPKIN PIE2CHOCOLATE18PEANUT BUTTER3Give me a name that rhymes with "Harry."LARRY35PERRY4BARRY31TERRY4MARY19KERRY5Name miscellaneous a man can not an alert his wife has changed.HER HAIR78HER EARRINGS2HER nail POLISH6HER UNDIES2THE FURNISHINGS6HER WEIGHT3What excuse would certainly a kid provide their teacher for not turning in their homework?"DOG ATE IT"54DON"T have BOOKS3"FORGOT"19"COMPUTER BROKE"3"WAS SICK"11"LOST IT"7We surveyed 100 men...Name other of yours that"s dirty.MY CLOTHES/SHOES64MY BODY4MY CAR15MY MIND3MY FLOOR/ROOM6MY DISHES4Give me a word that rhymes through "corn."HORN55THORN2BORN19TORN2PORN15MOURN3Tell me a word the rhymes with "nude."RUDE37FOOD3DUDE36MOOD3CRUDE9LEWD8Name a reason why a spouse might end increase spending the night ~ above the couch.ARGUMENT60DRUNK5TIRED/FELL ASLEEP16SICK2CAME house LATE6SNORING6Name a renowned Matt or Matthew.MATT DILLON49MATTHEW PERRY5MATT DAMON27MATT LAUER4MATT LEBLANC5MATTHEW BRODERICK5Name any type of war.WORLD war II46THE korean WAR5THE civil WAR16IRAQ WAR3THE VIETNAM WAR14THE GULF WAR11Name a place people drag us to since they think it"s an excellent for them.TO CHURCH42THE DENTIST"S4TO THE GYM31TO A SPA4DOCTOR"S/HOSPITAL7MOVIES/THEATER7Name something that a person can have a phobia about.BUGS40THE DARK6HEIGHTS25WATER5ENCLOSED AREAS13SNAKES6Name a location you go where you rotate your mobile off.HOSPITAL/DR."S35COURTHOUSE2CHURCH33HOME2MOVIE/THEATER18RESTAURANT5Name something every human being in America should have the ability to afford.HOUSING34EDUCATION5HEALTHCARE/DRUGS21TV4CAR17FOOD14What would certainly be the worst point that you can be turned down for?LOAN27CREDIT CARD12JOB/PROMOTION24"NOOKIE"5DATE/PROM15HOUSE/MORTGAGE12Name a personality in one of Shakespeare"s plays.HAMLET25JULIET7ROMEO23JULIUS CAESAR4MACBETH19OTHELLO17Name a topic at college you"d dislike to find out a ten-year-old knows an ext about 보다 you.MATH53COMPUTERS6HISTORY13ENGLISH4SCIENCE9SEX EDUCATION9Name a flower that"s also a girl"s name.ROSE43VIOLET3DAISY24JASMINE2LILY16IRIS6Name something males worry around losing.THEIR HAIR69THEIR BODY4THEIR MONEY7THEIR JOB3A WOMAN5THEIR LIBIDO5Name something make for human being to placed their finger in.GLOVE68FINGERPAINT3RING9CHINESE HANDCUFFS3BOWLING BALL6NOSE4We surveyed 100 women...Name something girlfriend would quite be 보다 smart.RICH58BE POWERFUL3ATTRACTIVE14BE A an excellent PERSON3HEALTHY9HAVE SEX APPEAL6Name a way people pass the time in prison.READING47WRITING4LIFTING WEIGHTS22PLAYING CARDS3WATCHING TV13MAKING LIC. PLATES4Name the most respected newspaper in America.NEW YORK TIMES43DAILY NEWS6WALL ST. JOURNAL16WASHINGTON POST4NATIONAL ENQUIRER14USA TODAY10Real or fictional, name a famed Betty.BETTY BOOP39BETTY CROCKER10BETTY FORD15BETTY WHITE7BETTE DAVIS12BETTY RUBBLE10Name an pet that can kill with its bite.SNAKE38ALLIGATOR/CROC.6TIGER19SHARK6LION15BEAR9Name a fat animal.PIG/HOG33WALRUS6ELEPHANT31BEAR6HIPPOPOTAMUS9COW8Name other that this do.CHEW49ROT4CHATTER20HURT3BITE10GRIND6Name a movie that has the indigenous "king."THE KING & I38KINGPIN3LION KING25THREE KINGS2KING KONG21MAN who WOULD BE3Name a nation known because that good-looking men.UNITED STATES33MEXICO6ITALY24SPAIN6FRANCE16SWEDEN7Name a renowned movie the was all about a dog.LASSIE COME HOME27BENJI11101 DALMATIANS20BEETHOVEN6ALL DOGS...HEAVEN16OLD YELLER12Name an animal you hope never ever sits top top you.ELEPHANT70PORCUPINE3BEAR8SKUNK3HIPPOPOTAMUS4LION3Name crucial event you"d go to also if you to be sick.WEDDING51CONCERT5CHURCH SERVICE14SPORTING EVENT4FUNERAL10GRADUATION7Name other magicians try to escape from.TRUNK/BOX42STRAITJACKET4CHAINS22CAGE3WATER TANK11HANDCUFFS9Name the number one state human being want come live in.CALIFORNIA32WASHINGTON6FLORIDA27PENNSYLVANIA5NEW YORK13HAWAII8Name miscellaneous a human with overly big feet could have a difficult time doing.BUYING SHOES45JUMPING ROPE4DANCING17PUTTING pair of shoes ON3WALKING15RUNNING6We surveyed 100 men...Tell me miscellaneous no woman deserve to resist.MONEY22JEWELRY8CHARM/COMPLIMENTS21SHOPPING/SALES5LOOKS/BODY20FLOWERS14Name a actual or fictional person with "Dick" in his name.DICK TRACY37DICK CHENEY8DICK valve DYKE16ANDY DICK7DICK CLARK12DICK NIXON9Name something human being are fear to ride on.ROLLER COASTER44BULL4AIRPLANE19FERRIS WHEEL4HORSE10MOTORCYCLE7Based on what you"ve heard or believe, what carry out you think you"d uncover in heaven?ANGELS31CLOUDS5GOD/JESUS23"PEARLY GATES"5PEACE/HAPPINESS14LOVED ONES10Name an pet that likes come stick out its tongue.DOG40FROG5SNAKE20MONKEY5LIZARD/IGUANA9ANTEATER8Name other that has caused practically everyone to it is in late for work.OVERSLEPT/ALARM35PROBLEM W/ KIDS5TRAFFIC/ACCIDENT27PHONE CALL5CAR TROUBLE9BAD WEATHER6Name something the can reason a many of damages to a home.FIRE35HURRICANE8WATER/FLOOD19CHILDREN5TORNADO12BUGS8Tell me a indigenous you would certainly use when describing Abraham Lincoln.TALL32MONEY5HONEST24BEARD4PRESIDENT15EMANCIPATOR7Name other hippies supplied to undertake that might someday come earlier in style.BELL-BOTTOMS45LONG HAIR6TIE-DYE16GRANNY GLASSES3BEADS10HEADBANDS6If you were literally in the doghouse for the night, surname something you"d favor in there v you.BLANKET/PILLOW30DOG5TV24BOOK/BIBLE5SIGNIFICANT OTHER12FOOD/WATER10Give me a word that rhymes with "bump."LUMP35RUMP7HUMP17DUMP5JUMP13STUMP8We surveyed 100 married women...If your husband request you for a divorce Sunday night, what"s the an initial thing you would do Monday morning?SEE LAWYER/FILE35CHANGE LOCKS7LEAVE HOUSE17ASK the WHY?4KICK the OUT12CLEAN the end BANK10Name a renowned Tom.TOM HANKS27TOM SAWYER5TOM CRUISE26TOM THUMB5TOM JONES13TOM ARNOLD9Name a international accent that"s pretty basic to imitate.FRENCH26JAMAICAN6SPANISH24GERMAN4BRITISH18IRISH7Name miscellaneous in your residence you have never cleaned under.STOVE/OVEN25SINK5REFRIGERATOR19TELEVISION5BED16COUCH15Name a fruit that would be virtually impossible come stick up your nose.WATERMELON22GRAPE6BANANA22MANGO6APPLE16ORANGE12If diamonds are a girl"s best friend, what"s a guy"s?DOG22SPORTS8CAR19REMOTE/TV6WOMEN/SEX18MONEY11Tell me something that"s more difficult to execute backwards than forwards.WALK39READ5RUN17RIDE A BIKE5DRIVE10ICE-SKATE/SKATE7Name a celebrity who most likely still makes millions a year even though they"re 6 feet under.ELVIS PRESLEY53MARILYN MONROE4BOB HOPE9JOHN LENNON3TUPAC SHAKUR7FRANK SINATRA6Which U.S.

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City would you be most afraid to live in?NEW YORK40CHICAGO6LOS ANGELES13PHILADELPHIA6DETROIT11WASHINGTON, D.C.6Name other you"d hate to uncover had expired.DRIVER"S LICENSE37CAR REGISTRATION5MILK18MY very own LIFE3CREDIT CARD12INSURANCE7We surveyed 100 women...Name miscellaneous women carry out for their little boys the they additionally do for your husbands.COOK26DRESS THEM7CLEAN increase AFTER16SHOP because that THEM7LAUNDRY15KISS/HUG10Name something that you might take native a restaurant.SILVERWARE19SWEETENER/SUGAR7LEFTOVERS18NAPKIN7SALT/PEPPERSHAKER16GLASS/CUP12Name a masculine actor through gray hair who women think about sexy.SEAN CONNERY32BURT REYNOLDS5RICHARD GERE16MEL GIBSON5GEORGE CLOONEY12CLINT EASTWOOD7Real or fictional, call me who who has the word "Little" in your name.LITTLE RICHARD31LITTLE boy BLUE7RICH LITTLE12LIL" BOW WOW6STUART LITTLE12LITTLE JOHN9Besides Jesus, name a religious figure friend would prefer to ride throughout the country with in a car.MOSES26DALAI LAMA7GOD15MOTHER THERESA7BUDDHA14MARY MAGDALENE8Name an pet whose name children mispronounce.RHINOCEROS28ALLIGATOR3ELEPHANT17CROCODILE3HIPPOPOTAMUS17GIRAFFE6Name one occupation in i beg your pardon you"d acquire to hear a lot of of good gossip.HAIRDRESSER27REPORTER7NURSE12OPERATOR6CLERGY10SECRETARY/RECEPT.10Name something that slows under a line at the supermarket.CHECK WRITING22FOOD STAMPS7PRICE CHECK17CASHIER7TOO lot STUFF10COUPONS9Name miscellaneous some civilization do faster than others.RUN22TYPE9READ14TALK6WALK11EAT9What"s the last thing you did before you left the house this morning?LOCKED DOOR38BRUSHED TEETH4TURNED lamp OFF8TOOK treatment OF PETS4KISSED family BYE8DRANK COFFEE/ATE6Who is the best-known person alive today?GEORGE W. BUSH22MICHAEL JACKSON8THE POPE13BILL GATES5BILL CLINTON10SADDAM HUSSEIN10Back come index