If you"re a Family Feud regular, you"ve probably nailed many answers come survey questions asked ~ above the show. Listed below are some Family Feud questions you may not have heard about, making terrific opportunity for use throughout at-home Family Feud video game nights.

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1. Name Something a Cowboy would Hate to have actually Happen

loser his cap gets shot in a gunfight breaks a spur it s okay stepped on by a bull/horse throw a lasso and misses gets bucked off a bull/horse His pistol jams Being surrounding by indians Gets dubbed a cowgirl His horse dies/gets hurt

2. Surname Something girlfriend Fill with Air

Balloons Tires Diving kit Beach ball Raft/inner pipe Floaties sporting activities balls (basketballs/soccer balls) Airbags lung air mattresses

3. Surname Something You perform Not discover in School

parenting courtesy residence chores religion usual sense just how to law gift a great spouse just how to do babies Being an excellent at sports how to adjust a tires

4: name Something that Moves an extremely Slowly

Elderly civilization Snails/slugs Glaciers Childbirth Worms Drunk civilization Babies/toddlers The DMV

5: surname Something friend Think the in Spain

Mediterranean Food Pyrenees dancing Bullfighting Moors Spanish Madrid Barcelona Beaches design

6. Name Something civilization Are afraid Of

Spiders Heights Other civilization dice The dark Ghosts snake The IRS gift alone their boss/getting fired

7. Surname Something that Goes up and Down

Roller coaster plane Thermometer/temperature Elevator/escalator Yoyo Balls Seesaws Merry-go-round steeds my mood Zippers

8. Surname Something That provides a most Noise

A university dorm gyeongju cars A party Crying babies Ambulances Vacuum cleaners In-laws Freight trains Thunder

9. Name Something you Might carry on a Date

Lipstick/chapstick prophylactics Money Breath mints/gum flowers phone call wine one excuse to leave brand-new outfit Perfume/cologne

10. Surname Something that Flies

Bird Airplane/helicopter dragon an insect punishment Butterfly Time Skydiver Drone The Wallendas

11. Name Something That provides You Itch

an insect bite Chicken pox/measles poison ivy dried skin wool Insulation Grass Sunburn Allergy

12: surname Something girlfriend Associate through Goldfish

Fish bowl/tank children swim Fish food restroom historicsweetsballroom.comerals fins Water pets small Crackers

13. Surname Something a Parent could Disapprove Of

drinking cigarette smoking medicine Sex lied Skipping school Job/lack of project Boyfriend/girlfriend friend Clothing options

15. Surname Something that Friends could Swap

Clothes/shoes email significant others jewel joke Recipes Gossip video games Favors Phone numbers

16. Name Something world Put on Salads

Nuts/seeds egg Cheese vegetables Meat Bacon bits Croutons Salt/pepper Oil/vinegar

17. Name Something You can Freeze

Water Ice load Leftovers Popsicles Meat ice cream cream drinks vegetables Skating rink bank account

18. Surname Something you Associate v California

Oceans/beaches nice weather/sunshine Surfing Celebrities/movies Earthquakes Hollywood Lakers 49ers Disneyland Palm tree

19. Name Something a Person could Knit

blanket Ugly sweater cap Mittens Socks Scarf Shawl Brows baby booties Dishcloths

20. Name Something you Buy by the Roll

Toilet file document towel Coins Stamps Wrapping record Bandages Butcher document movie ice wallpaper

21. Surname Something you Shake before Using

Salad dressing Dice Ketchup Liquid medication nail polish Hairspray Protein shower stunner string Juice A cocktail

22. Surname Something offered on Airline Flights

Snacks Cocktails Uncomfortable seat Soft drinks/water Overhead storage A movie Ear buds Magazines Pillows/blanket bathroom

23. Surname Something females Leave Lipstick clues On

Napkin Glass significant other Collar wash rag Pillow Straw Letter Children/babies pets

24. Name Something you Associate through Superman

flying toughness Clark Kent Lois lane Super powers Kryptonite Costume large muscles The letter S

25. Name Something people Complain About

Spouse In-laws children girlfriend project national politics Money Weather bills neighbors

26. Name Something civilization Dig Up

Weeds Bones/fossils potato Flowers/plants dust Worms sweetheart yellow Garden vegetables details

27. Surname Something that Is associated With Witches

hat Broom Black clothing black cat Warts Cackle Cauldron medicine Spells Halloween

28. Name Something People try to Sneak

Alcohol Food A peek Money out of the residence ahead in line drugs tobacco A pet store merchandise

29. Surname Something associated With words Bubbly

Champagne Personality Gum bath Soda hot springs trusted Happy Fish tank

30. Surname Something You might Replace after a Divorce

Spouse residence vehicle financial institution account clothes Sanity Furniture perspective Dignity priorities

31. Name Something that Squirts

Ketchup Shampoo Blood Toothpaste Octopus/squid Water total Spray bottle Perfume Lemon Pimple

32. Name Something You leaving to Chance

winning the lottery Love obtaining pregnant project Retirement dice Skydiving Gambling starting a company Buying/selling a house

33. Name Something human being Eat top top a Diet

Sugar-free food Salad vegetables Fruit Skinless chicken Fish Shakes/smoothies Yogurt Rice cakes Breakfast/protein bar

34. Name Something That will certainly Exist in 100 Years

flying cars Androids Immortality Easy room travel Jet packs Automated everything Teleporters Reanimating the dead Self-cleaning dwellings Cures for cancer (and various other diseases)

35. Name Something girlfriend Smell before You to buy It

produce Deodorant Soap Candle odor Incense flowers Laundry detergent waiting freshener

36. Surname Something You do in prior of a Mirror

Brush teeth perform your hair try on apparel pop a zit dance exercise a decided "Manscape" work-related out/flex put on assembly gain interrogated by police

37. Name Something Parents constantly Say to Kids

do your homework As lengthy as you live under my roof, you"ll follow my rules stop fighting avoid whining Clean her room i love friend If all your friends jumped turn off a bridge, would certainly you do that? Don"t make me come up there No, us aren"t there yet walk to bed

38. Name Something Sticky

Gum stickers tape case glue liquid love husband Peanut butter Syrup Band-aids

39. Name Something girlfriend Ate together a Kid

Pizza Chicken nuggets Fish pole Mac and also cheese Peanut butter and jelly ice cream/popsicles candy Hamburgers warm dogs Spaghetti/meatballs

40. Name Something sold on Infomercials

Workout equipment devices Skin care/make-up health and wellness food unsecured junk load loss assets playthings Hair assets food preparation supplies

41. Name Something You discover in Couch Cushions

Change/money keys phone Old food/crumbs clothing Dog bone Remote control Dust pen

42. Surname Something friend Close your Eyes come Do

Sleep Sneeze play hide and seek swim Blink Pray Think Daydream Meditate

43. Surname Something You deal with With Tape

document crate Money Glasses playthings pictures books Cords Injuries electronic devices

44. Surname Something You execute Multiple times a Day

Brush this journey Chores speak Eat Drink to walk Blink walk to the bathroom

45. Name Something You host Carefully

storage Glass pets Babies eggs Money/wealth velvet Someone"s love call Tablet/computer

Playing family Feud

The advantage of play Family Feud during game night is everyone in the family can add -- also the kids! Likewise, knowing how to prize the questions above can prepare your family members to get involved in the televised game show itself (if chosen).

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