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This page contains Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja revolution 3 cheats list for WII version. Now we have actually 6 cheats in ours list, which consists of 1 cheat code, 3 unlockables, 2 easter eggs. We hope info that you"ll uncover at this page assist you in play Naruto Shippuden: Clash the Ninja transformation 3 ~ above WII platform. If friend didn"t find needed cheats put request or asking question around this in ~ special ar of the game. Additionally you deserve to subscribe top top all new cheats the we"ll discover for friend in the future!

Start a new game through Naruto Shippuden, Clash that Ninja transformation 1 or 2 data, and also receive a 50,000 ryo bonus.

Here are the unlockable step in Naruto shippuden: Clash the the Ninja change 3IntersectionShirato roadSilent ShrineWarehouse road

Unlockable:HowIntersectionUnlock all various other stages / 4,000 ryoShirato roadUnlock all various other stages / 4,000 ryoSilent ShrineUnlock Warehouse Road, Shirato Street and also Intersection / 5,000 ryoWarehouse roadUnlock all other stages / 4,000 ryo

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This is about conbinaison for an enig moves and also some that choose to fight each others

secret moves conbinaison: naruto+kakashi, naruto+jiraya, Tsunade+sakura,Itachi+Kis ame,(secret)hiruko+sasori (let hiruko get koed),towa+komachi,Shikam aru+Choji, Kiba+Shino,asuma+kurenai- not sure but could work: temari+chyio, Kankuro+gaara

Like come battle: naruto+choji,jiraya,kakas hi or sakura

tell me if girlfriend find much more i will include them come the list

First, girlfriend must have Kumite Mode and also Asuma Sarutobi, both of i m sorry you deserve to buy indigenous the shop (I don"t remember just how much Kumite mode costs, but Asuma to be 10,000 Ryo...). Next, go to Kumite Mode and select Asuma together your character, then as soon as you begin fighting, push "DOWN + STRONG" (STONG is "A" on all controller options, uneven you are only using the WiiMote there is no the Nunchaku, if you are using the WiiMote there is no the Nunchaku, solid is the 2 Button...), the knocks the end the Rogue Ninja IMMEDIATLY, save this up for a while, and also then once you have a bunch the Rogue Ninja to fight, acquire your Chakra approximately 75% (if it isn"t currently that high, or higher...), and also then push the under JUTSU (Down on regulate Stick/D-Pad, and also the Jutsu button..) (NOTE: The Jutsu button varies from controller style to style... For this reason be sure to examine out the instruction Booklet or settings to watch what the Jutsu switch is for the controller the you are using...), Asuma then starts lashing the end at the enemy, and when one die (which they do relatively quickly), he goes to one more one till he is either assaulted or the Jutsu"s time is up, then just repeat the cycle until you are knocked out. (NOTE: The "Cycle" that i am talking about is down + STRONG, till you build up at least 75% Chakra, then utilizing the down Jutsu over and over again...)