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Yeah, gain moneyDo what I want her toShe dancer for moneyDo what i wanna doI'm her nasty dancer, dancer for moneyDo what you desire me to execute (do what ns what she to)I'm your freaky dancer, dancer because that moneyI'll execute what you desire me to perform (do what ns what she to)Pass the salt shaker so I have the right to make herShake that salt almost everywhere my plateSo you wanna acquire paid right here the table thoughPut a legband on friend a task hoNow drop that shit don't garbage no timeAin't no rules could this it is in mineA high price ho with a body favor Vanna WhiteNot much butt yet I wonder what that shake likeJam a jammy, jammy a jamAll y'all tricks need to obtain with the programSo shake it one timeAnd let me watch you stomp and also grindHere a butt, over there a butt everywhere a butt buttBooty all around I'm happy y'all uncovered meCuz I've been in a dazeWith every this pussy in my faceOw, for this reason shortie what's up with that?You wanna job-related gotta unzip her backpackAnd allow me view you carry out the hare in the cap trickCuz this niggas it is in lovin' that shitDon't stop, gain it, acquire itDon't avoid rock through itDon't prevent just acquire itShake the shit don't stop work with it
Chorus (x2)It's her mindset that puts me in the moodShit, shit, shitAnd that feels for this reason right, the can't be wrongI can watch her perform this every night longShe's a fine girl yet all the other girlsAll think she's a freakGotta make that money honeyCan't it is in livin' on the streetsFrom the front come the back, from the front come the backI didn't know she might dance choose thatOoh she so nastyAnd ns just might do noþeles she asks meCuz she because that realAnd she acquired my nature tough as steelBut the ain't nothin' yet a shake your booty thingI view booty comin' all the end the g-stringLet me view you in your birthday suitBaby gotta dance to gain this lootSo shed my money honeyLet me check out the tiny pink bunnyNow when I'm in the club I'm in the front rowI like to tip, tip, pointer the hoesNiggas in the society sittin' all aloneIf you ain't got no money take your damaged ass home

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Yes I'll run (do her dance)Yes I'll run (do your dance)Yes I'll dance, I'll da-a-ance (x2)Chorus