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This is a curious question but one that has plagued me because that years. Why is it that a totally fueled, flint loaded, Zippo lighter fail come light uneven you snap it a dozen times? They work fine once new, yet it appears after a couple of weeks they end up being a genuine struggle to ignite. It"s not due to the fact that there isn"t sufficient fuel, or because of a worn flint. What could reason this and does anyone have any type of solutions?
Hmmm, I"ve never experienced this. Mine Zippo flames up with the little strike. Possibly you get the flint wet as soon as you refuel? simply a guess...
The case to fame for Zippos is the they light the first time all the time...Which provides me remember this scene:Wait for it... At the 1:00 mark...Four Rooms Lighter SceneShutterbug
The wick demands to be pulled up a small and trimmed. That constantly works because that me, and also I must do it around every 4 to 6 weeks or so. Change the wick once it"s too short.
Zippos must be lit with an upward activity while striking the flint. Moving it up releases any type of vapor lock (like an air bubble or something)that will protect against it indigenous lighting. Just move the lighter from waist position to around the chest position while lighting. If that doesn"t work, as Werdna said, the wick may need trimmed. Or probably you"re not getting sufficient spark from her flint. Try tightening the screw that holds the flint.
These proposal really sheathe it. I"ve been marketing Zippos for over 50 years. They simply work.Possibly the flint has found a "worn" spot. Why not remove it and turn it over and shot again.

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Zippos work for me every time, i absolutely love them. V a couple of tricks girlfriend can prolong fuel life and also it"s all smoking heaven from over there :puffpipe:
"I need to do it about every four to six weeks or so. "Huh!??? I"m workin on 2 1/2 years and my wicks fine.DanGabrieli tube PS and also I"m forever lighting it.