3. Read in addition to the transcript Hello English learners and also music lovers! Welcome to defined in English. My surname is Kiah and today I"m explaining the song Don"t understand Why by Norah Jones. Don"t know Why is the perfect merganser day song. That means it"s a perfect song to hear to when it"s raining outside, yet it"s also great if it"s raining in her mind -- if you"re emotion a little bit melancholic, wanting come understand however struggling to uncover answers. Prior to we go through the lyrics, I very recommend that you listen to the genuine song first. You deserve to hear the music, check out the song lyrics, and also follow in addition to a transcript the this track explanation all for free. I put all of these things together because that you in ~ historicsweetsballroom.com. There"s also a direct link in the description of this episode. Alright, let"s move right into the lyrics. The first verse starts with the line: LYRICS:
i waited it spins I saw the sun i don"t understand why ns didn"t come i left you by the house of fun I don"t recognize why ns didn"t come (x2)
as soon as I experienced the rest of day ns wished the I might fly away instead of kneeling in the sand capturing teardrops in mine hand
My heart is drenched in wine however you"ll be on mine mind forever
Out throughout the limitless sea I would certainly die in ecstacy yet I"ll it is in a bag of bones Driving under the roadway alone
Somethin" has to make friend run ns don"t recognize why ns didn"t come ns feel together empty as a north I don"t recognize why ns didn"t come (x3) final THOUGHTS: come me this song appears to be around someone who was scared. They to be afraid to take a risk. They appeared to really like this person, probably they even felt in love v them, however something maintained them from meeting up or from continuing the relationship. And also because they felt scared, because they to be unsure the what come do, they simply waited around. Castle waited so long that that was as well late, and at that suggest they began feeling regret. This regret and also confusion -- not expertise the factor why she made the decision, leads her to want to gain away from it all. Either by drink wine or wishing that she could fly away. She seems very trapped in the idea that what can have been and also feels destined to it is in alone and empty. One thing I didn"t know about this song was that it was composed by a guy named Jesse Harris. And while Norah Jones v her beautiful voice do this tune popular, it"s essentially a cover of his song. You can listen to both recordings the the tune by click the link in this episode"s description. I"d be yes, really happy come hear if this explanations room helping you. Just provide me a choose or a discuss Facebook or YouTube. It"s likewise a really large help as soon as you share this episodes through friends and also family. I know there are a many of people out over there who want to learn English and also probably even much more who like music. So, say thanks to you because that helping me obtain this the end to much more people and, as usual, thank you for listening. Alright, that"s it for today. I"ll view you all in the next explanation. Bye for now!-Kiah

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Well done!You just improved your English v a lover song. Currently listen to how good Norah sounds to sing live and enjoy the beautiful initial version by Jesse Harris.

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