Even despite my iphone 5c mirrors my provider and 3G - the phone is not associated to to move data. As soon as opening mail for instance I get the popup msg: "Could no activate moving data network - You are not subscribed to a moving data service.

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A couple of more details. This difficulty came up as soon as I switched back from an additional SIM as soon as travelling abroad. A clean reclaim solves the problem, restoring native a back-up does not. What have the right to I execute to fix this while restoring native a backup?

Cellular data is on.

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I got the solution!

Problem: use of other/foreign SIM

This fixed it: Settings/General. Over "Reset" there to be "Profile" - deleting this file made the cellular data work-related again.

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My carrier doesn"t speak anything… but I additionally don"t think that the difficulty is related to my carrier.

I walk Reset Network Settings.

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The trouble is 100% regarded your carrier. To move data is not provisioned on her account, or has been deactivated. Call the carrier have to resolve it.

Since friend report just going from a foreign carrier, go you happen to install a carrier update to the phone as soon as using this new carrier? If you go to Settings>General>About>Carrier. Walk it display screen the present carrier the you have a SIM installed for, or the foreign carrier you to be using? This can explain it, and also restoring indigenous the back-up is putting that foreign carrier file back in. Try going to Settings>General>Reset>Reset every Settings. If that does not carry out it, climate you room going to have to restore as new and sync her data back manually if her carrier cannot correct the issue. Castle should have the ability to push the carrier back to your phone if necessary.

But why walk it job-related instantly as soon as I regain my iPhone? This is what provides me think the it isn"t regarded my carrier.

Hi chris,

just observed your reply.

I did download a carrier update once using this new/foreign one

in Settings>General>About>Carrier it reflects the correct carrier.

How can I sync mine data earlier manually?


Either via iTunes or iCloud, depending upon what you sync her data to. I"m talking around wherever friend sync your calendar, contacts, various other data, and also then music and apps with iTunes.

can i sync back any settings? Or carry out I have actually to set up every little thing again? This is for this reason lame. Now I need to reenter all my passwords, my email-accounts, rearrange mine apps, … ns really can"t think that changing a sim would price me so lot precious time… this *****. Yet thanks for her help.

You can shot restoring the backup. If that division it climate there is no various other option. You more than likely backed it increase while ~ above the various other network, therefore the carrier settings were in the backup and get restored when you reclaim the backup. You need to still have the ability to update the carrier settings with her "home" carrier; I"m surprised that didn"t work. To perform that (if friend haven"t already) walk to Settings/General/About and also tap on the carrier name.

I gained the solution!

Problem: usage of other/foreign SIM

This solved it: Settings/General. Above "Reset" there was "Profile" - deleting this file made the to move data occupational again.

That"s quite unusual, a profile set up by a carrier. I"d it is in worried about what the profile did. Because that example, did it steal data from her phone, or monitor your communications? profiles have access to data on the phone that apps and also normal carrier settings execute not.

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I agree with Lawrence. What to be the specific name that this profile? supported carriers do not download profiles, just carrier updates. I"d be concerned as well.

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