What go the poem “Nothing Gold deserve to Stay” mean, and also how go it apply to Ponyboy, Johnny, and/or the story of The Outsiders?

In The Outsiders, Robert Frost’s “Nothing Gold can Stay” represents the fragility that innocence and goodness. The city speaks come the temporary nature that beauty, and also we view this reflect in characters like Dally, whose innocence has actually been lost. Johnny’s dying wish is that Ponyboy will certainly “stay gold” and also retain his great nature regardless of the damaging events that are unfolding around him.

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The poem’s definition in the story refers to the fact that no one can stay young and also innocent because that long.

When Johnny and Pony space on the run, hanging out, Johnny comments around the beauty, beauty of the sunrise. This reminds Pony the a Robert Frost poem. The connects the...

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The poem’s an interpretation in the story refers to the reality that no one deserve to stay young and also innocent because that long.

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When Johnny and also Pony room on the run, hanging out, Johnny comments around the beauty of the sunrise. This reminds Pony that a Robert Frost poem. That connects the poem to the moment because the poem is around how nothing remains young. 

"The mist to be what was pretty," Johnny said. "All gold and also silver."

"Uhmmmm," i said, do the efforts to blow a smoke ring.

"Too negative it couldn"t stay favor that all the time."

"Nothing gold deserve to stay." ns was psychic a poem I"d review once. (Ch. 5) 

This poem becomes very far-ranging to Johnny. As soon as he is dying, he asks to speak to Pony. He estimates the city to him, which demonstrates how affected he to be by it. To Johnny, the city has come to symbolize the innocence of youth. 

I proper heard him. I came closer and also leaned end to hear what he to be going to "Stay gold, Ponyboy. Remain gold..." The pillow appeared to sink a little, and also Johnny died. (Ch. 9) 

Pony is deeply affected by Johnny’s death, that course. He understands what Johnny is telling him. Even though that is a greaser, and all of his brothers room greasers, this go not typical that he needs to follow this lifestyle. He has a chance to be something else. 

Pony has always been the deep one. The is an excellent at school and likes to clock movies. Yet, through spending time through Johnny, Pony learns that his friend has depths that hadn’t realized. Johnny might not be an excellent at school, however he does care and he is a great thinker. Johnny was very taken through Gone v the Wind, because that example. Pony has a chance to "stay gold," an interpretation that he deserve to rely on his education and also his knowledge to make something of self in the world.