Hi Everyone!! This article will share O Captain mine Captain inquiries & Answers.This city is composed by Walt Whitman through which the poet has expressed sore on the fatality of American President, Abraham Lincoln that led America and also won the civil war. While the world were happy and celebrating victory, the captain, Abraham Lincoln was shot dead. So, through this poem, the poet recalls Lincoln.In mine previous posts, I have shared the concerns & answers of A Turkish Judge, leaving The Valley and also The Cherry Tree so, you can check these write-ups as well.

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O Captain my Captain inquiries & Answers

Question 1: choose the exactly option:

(a) The city is one elegy top top the death of

i. Kennedyii. Abraham Lincolniii. Abraham Clinton

(b) The poem has three stanzas of

i. Six linesii. Seven linesiii. Eight lines

(c) The poem is Whitman’s elegy from

i. Animalsii. Passage to Indiaiii. Pipeline of Grass

(d) Lincoln wants to do an finish of

i. Slaveryii. Propertyiii. Poverty

(e) The delivery in the city is

i. Europeii. Britainiii. The joined States

(f) The captain in the poem is

i. Abraham Lincolnii. Clintoniii. Kennedy

(g) mine Captain does no answer, his _________are pale ans till,

i. Ribsii. Lipsiii. Mouth

(h) My dad does not feel mine arm, he has actually no______nor will,

i. Pulseii. Headiii. Feelings

(i) The delivery is anchor’d safe and also sound, its________closed and also done,

i. Journeyii. Traveliii. Voyage

Question 2: What is the location of the battle ship?

Answer: The ar of the fight ship is near the port.

Question 3: Why is the speaker filled through grief?

Answer: The speaker is filled through grief due to the fact that the Captain that the ship is dead.

Question 4: how are the people waiting come welcome of the captain the the ship?

Answer: The world are wait to welcome of the captain that the ship through bouquets and also garlands that flowers.

Question 5: The crowds on the shore are eagerly waiting to felicitate the Captain. How?

Answer: People have lugged bouquets, ribboned garlands to felicitate the Captain and they are likewise calling him.

Question 6: What space the indicators that the Captain has passed away?

Answer: There space blood drops, the Captain is fallen cold, motionless and his lips are pale and still. This signs show the Captain has actually passed away.

O Captain mine Captain questions & Answers

Question 7: ‘……..dear father! This eight beneath your head…..’Why execute you think the speak in the poem put his arm under the Captain’s head?

Answer: The Captain is lie cold. The speak puts his arms under the captain’s head hoping that the captain would get up. The speaker is hoping against hope.

Question 8: define the grief that the speak in the poem feels at the fatality of his Captain.

Answer: The speak in the city addresses the captain ardently. The appeals the captain to increase up. The puts his arms beneath the head that the dead captain. He likewise tells the captain to watch the flinging flags, colourful bouquets, ringing bells brought for him. At the end, the speaker understands the the captain wouldn’t get up so, he mournfully walks away from him.

Question 9: discover out who the speak addresses in the an initial two stanzas and the critical stanza.

Answer: In the very first two stanzas, the speaker addresses to the ‘Captain’ and also to the ‘heart’.In the critical stanza, the speak addresses the shores and also the bells.

Question 10: “Exult O shores, and also ring O bells!” Who says this? who exult and why?

Answer: The poet Walt Whitman claims this. The people of America express their pleasure as their country has triumphed over the violent Civil war under the able leadership of Abraham Lincoln. The device of slavery which to be curse because that them has been done away with.

Question 11: Read and also answer the questions:“The ship has weathered every rack, the prize we sought is won.”

(a) that is the speaker?

Answer: The poet, Walt Whitman is the speaker.

(b) What perform you median by “The ship has weathered every rack”?

Answer: “The ship has weathered every rack” method that the ship has actually overcome every the dangers and the captain has actually come the end triumphant v the pilgrimage which further way that Abraham Lincoln who is imagined together the captain has managed the Civil battle in America.

Question 12: Read and also answer the questions:


(a) who is ‘you’ here?

Answer: ‘You’ refers to the captain.

(b) Where are ‘they’?

Answer: They room at the coast of the sea.

(c) Why is over there a crowd?

Answer: There is a crowd since they desire to welcome their captain.

Question 13: Read and also answer the questions:

Exult O shores, and rings, O bells!(a) When and why walk the speaker say this?

Answer: The speaker states this once they space returning home because they gained the victory in polite war.

(b) What bells space being referred to here?

Answer: The bells that victory room referred here.

(c) What has actually happened on the deck?

Answer: The dead body of the captain has laid on the deck.

O Captain my Captain questions & Answers

Question 14: explain the blended feelings expressed in stanza I?

Answer: In the stanza I, the speaker reflects his happiness on the win of the civil war in USA. At the exact same time, he laments end the death of his captain Abraham Lincoln.

Question 15: What go the speaker desire the captain come hear and also see in stanza 2?

Answer: The speaker desires the captain come hear the bells and the bugle and to see the flag i beg your pardon is flung because that him.

Question 16: In what two methods is the trip ‘closed and done’?

Answer: Firstly, the ship has actually arrived safe and also sound on the port and also secondly, that is captain is dead. In this way, the voyage is ‘closed and also done’.

Question 17: While anyone is celebrate on the coast what is the speak doing?

Answer: While everyone is celebrating on the shore, the speaker/poet is mournful top top the deck wherein the dead body of the captain is laid.

Question 18: What execute ‘the bleeding fall of red’ mean figuratively and literally?

Answer: ‘The bleeding drops of red’ way the captain is dead, his human body is set on the deck and also the blood is oozing native his body.

Question 19: how does the speaker reaction to the totality situation?

Answer: The speaker is really sad on the death of his captain but he inquiry his countrymen come enjoy and also celebrate the success while he himself is lamenting end the fatality of his captain.

Question 20: What does the way the speaker addresses the captain in the city reveal around his feelings in the direction of the captain?

Answer: The way the speak addresses the captain shows that he has actually a large love and also respect in his heart because that the captain.

Question 21: The poem ends v the stop ‘fallen cold and also dead’. Just how does this refrain contribute to the atmosphere of the poem?

Answer: The stop ‘fallen cold and also dead’ alters the happy the atmosphere of the poem right into the sore one. The speaker becomes sad at the finish of the poem since his captain is dead.

Question 22: surname the number of speech used in: O Captain! my Captain!

Answer: Metaphor

O Captain mine Captain questions & Answers

Question 23: who is the Captain? Why is he referred to as so?

Answer: The poet imagines Abraham Lincoln together the Captain that the ship. The is dubbed so because as with an skilled captain of a ship, chairman Abraham Lincoln lugged down the civil War and also protected and preserved the verity of the country.

Question 24: “It is some dream the on the deck.” What is the ‘dream’ referred to here and also why walk the poet speak to it ‘some dream’?

Answer: The poet could not think the stern reality of the President’s death as he had deep love and respect because that him. Such a heart-rending news was unbelievable to him and he believed his fatality as a dream as this to be the only source of consolation. So, the thinks the Abraham Lincoln lie in a swimming pool of blood on the deck to be a dream.

Question 25: Read and answer the questions:

“The ship is anchored safe and also sound….”.(a) What go the ship refer to?

Answer: The ship describes America.

(b) explain briefly the an interpretation of this line.

Answer: The poet claims that the ship (America) whose captain was Abraham Lincoln had to challenge the stormy and also turbulent sea. However, the Captain was an expert and he brought the ship safely ashore. It has now been anchored well and is safe from storms which means under the effective leadership the Lincoln, the Civil battle was successfully carried down and also thus, the unity and also integrity that the nation was protected and preserved.

Question 26: Read and also answer the questions:


(a) who is ‘I’ described here?

Answer: ‘I’ is described the poet Walt Whitman.

(b) Why go the poet mourn?

Answer: The poet is incredibly shocked at the death of the president who burned his blood to strengthen the unified of the country. Together a heart-rending news to be unbelievable to him and he is heavy with grief. Instead of involvement the people who to be celebrating the victory, he was lamenting the leader’s death which is an irreparable loss for the whole nation.

Question 27: Read and answer the questions:


(a) who is addressed as ‘Captain’?

Answer: The president of America, Abraham Lincoln is addressed as ‘Captain’.

(b) Why does the poet attend to him as ‘dear father’?

Answer: The poet addresses him together ‘dear father’ because to him, Lincoln was the guide and also guardian of the whole country who carried down the polite War and protected and also preserved the integrity of the country. So, the is worthy to come to be father the the country and that ns why, he addresses him together ‘dear father’.

(c) Why does the poet ar his hand under the Captain’s head?

Answer: The poet could not think that the President to be dead and he wanted him to was standing up and also give response to his call. So, he areas his hand under his head to permit him to stand up.

Question 28: “Our fearful pilgrimage is done.” What is the an interpretation of ‘trip’ and also why is it called ‘fearful’?

Answer: Here, the ‘trip’ means journey through sea and it actually refers to the polite War. The is called fearful since the Civil battle was violent and bloody and it intimidated the verity of America.

Question 29: comment on the location of the poem, O Captain! my Captain!OrWrite the main idea of the poem.

Answer: The city is an elegy mourning the tragic death of the President, Abraham Lincoln. That is imagined as a captain that the delivery which represents America. As with an experienced captain the a ship, chairman Abraham Lincoln brought down the civil War and protected and also preserved the truth of the country. The poet is overwhelmed through grief and is lamenting the leader’s fatality which is an irreparable loss for the whole nation.

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Question 30: do you think the this poem is an elegy?

Answer: The elegy is a poem of mournfulness. In this poem, the attributes of one elegy are existing as the poem opens with the note of woe of the fatality of the President. However, it ends on a keep in mind of pleasure of the leader victory. The poet laments the leader’s fatality so, the poem have the right to be dubbed an elegy.So, these to be O Captain mine Captain inquiries & Answers.