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remington .22 octagon barrel single shot
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February 5, 2005, 01:01 PM#1

I simply recieved a remnington .22 with and octagon barrel. The just markings are:Remington arms CoIlion, NY USAon the share portionLR 22158215stamped on the barrelto load a shell you pull the hammer back two clicks and also then pull earlier another bar that exposes the place to pack the shell.The rifle breaks down v a lever on the best side. Any type of information would certainly be appreciated.Jeff

February 5, 2005, 01:30 PM#2

Sounds prefer a Remington roll Block Rifle. Because that the .22 lr, there"s 24" complete octagon barrel for version No. 2. There"s the Rem. No. 11/2 through 26.25" complete octagon barrel version too. The fifty percent octagon and round 28.5" barrel is the No. 7. First "lever" is the hammer and also the second one is pulled earlier to expose the breach.

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22.5" bbl is more than likely the Remington new Model 4 rojo Block Rifle. That was created from 1890 come 1933 and available in 22 short, long & lengthy rifle and also .25 Stevens and .32 lengthy & short. The should have a bead former sight and also a "V" notch behind sight. All mountings space iron.
The RRB was made in at least four different sized receivers plus a handgun. The military had for a while the pistol and also the rifle in the work when militaries had solitary shots ,the RRB to be the military rifle for 24 countries !! They additionally made target rifles and they were well-known for hunters too.The critical made to be pistols and production ended roughly 1906. Reproductions room being make ,the ideal perhaps the Lone Star Rifle Co version.

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i to be wondering if someone can tell what kind of rifle i have and the year and if the rifle has any type of value.it take away a solitary rim fire 22 round, it has actually an octagon barrel,a hammer that need to be traction back, and the only marking i can find are 6 2 51....any help would be good thanks jd
It"s a Remington No. 4 rolling Block Sporting Rifle/Boy"s Rifle.They were made, standard, v the 22 1/2" octagon barrel, and also both a solid frame and also in a take-down model, with open barrel sights, weighing 4 1/2lbs.Although over there were some 356,000 No.4"s made from 1890 come 1933, the takedown wasn"t presented until 1902, after ~ serial # 157,xxx - which need to put her rifle"s to produce in either so late 1902 or early on 1903.According to my 1902 Remington catalog, the 1902 MSRP to be $8.00 - $0.50 much more than a .32 - v sporting and tang sights easily accessible for $0.50 - $2.50 extra.Remington"s client Service/Historian will be able to tell you the precise year your rifle to be made, if you call them v the serial number.Depending ~ above % that remaining initial condition, and various local demand, her rifle deserve to be worth everywhere from $100 come $350+.I sold a .32 No. 4 that had actually been convert to CF come an FFL dealer, last Summer, in about 80% problem for $400.That exact same dealer had a takedown .22 No. 4 tagged in ~ $475 on his rack..