The lead singer top top the first verse is 4 Seasons drummer Gerri Polci - Frankie Valli come in ~ above the 2nd verse. And also sharing the command in "December 1963," Polci to be the lead singer ~ above the group"s third hit native the Who Loves You LP, "Silver Star," which made #38 in the US.

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Their fifth and final #1 struggle in the US, this to be the only 4 Seasons recording to top the UK charts.
A dance remix by the netherlands producer/DJ Ben Liebrand struggle #14 us in 1994, introducing the tune to a new generation. The remix stayed in the optimal 40 because that a stunning 20 weeks, and also if combined with the 15 weeks the original spent top top the chart, the song has had the longest remain on the top 40. Valli, however, is no a pan of the new version. The told Billboard: "I"ll never like it better than once it to be pure."Liebrand remixed the song in 1988, but it was only released in Europe the year. In 1993 it to be issued in the US, wherein it was rediscovered through those how heard the 18 year earlier and also by a younger generation the was hear it because that the very first time. The US solitary contains 2 radio to edit (running 3:59 and also 4:22) and an extended version for society play the runs 6:13.
December 1963 was one of the less celebratory month in American history: President man F. Kennedy was assassinated ~ above November 22, 1963.

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In 1976, the French popular music star Claude François tape-recorded a analyzed version together "Cette année-là," i m sorry means, "That Year." The lyrics to his version were written by Eddy Marnay and collection the track in 1962, with François to express his increase to fame.In 2000, this version was interpolated through the French rapper Yannick as "Ces soirées-là," which way "These Evenings." This variation was a #1 hit in France and was used in the opening act the the stage show Jersey Boys, i m sorry is based upon the story the The four Seasons.

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Shawn Kovell from new York CityI"ve been listening to that song my entirety life and also no one can convince me the it"s anything various other than a teenage boy shedding his virginity to a prostitute. Clearly we have the right to hear he"s losing his virginity, he states he didn"t even know her name and also no method he claims oh what a lady, that"s what renders me feel favor a teenage boy will speak to an older mrs a lady. He"d never seen her before. I mean just look in ~ the words! She"s certainly a prostitute! and also I need to laugh at the rush of the rolling ball of thunder, he go out his load, hahaha. Ns don"t listen anything referring to love in this song. LOL. Still a good song thoughDebbie Ayers native MissouriI have constantly thought this tune was about a couple that obtained together and oh what a night it was i was conceived in December 1963 and born September 11th 1964 My mother was 36 and also my father to be 48 ns was a youngest of five by 12 years so I favor to think the late December ago in 63 to be a an extremely very distinct night for my parents might be remainder in peaceEric native Boston Ma I constantly thought this was a Billy Joel song together with I"m Gonna it is in by the Proclaimers. You find out something new everyday.Tony from mountain DiegoNot make the efforts to it is in petty however Andrew Gold"s track does no say December 1963, Gold"s song only refers to seasons and also no certain month. Likewise the years discussed in that song are 1951, 1953 and 1969.Rick native PhiladelphiaI"m a son of December "63, conceived, then born in September, 1964.Harry indigenous Honolulu, HiIf this track is really about cocaine, just how do we define the phrase: "Oh, I got a funny feeling as soon as she go in the room"? That"s where he cocaine analogy drops apart. Cocaine doesn"t "walk in(to) a room." the would show up that this tune refers to a sexual encounter, most most likely with a prostitute. If the mrs WEREN"T a prostitute, exactly how come the singer "didn"t also know she name"? This need to be one anonymous sex-related encounter in between a guy and a prostitute.Mike native Sacramento, CaIn the movie variation (and maybe the play... I don"t remember) they implied the track was created by Gaudio to celebrate the ns of his virginity. I recognize that"s no the truth but it definitely works well.Camille native Toronto, OhI heard the dance remix variation of this tune on the vehicle radio yesterday. Its ramped-up percussion puts the badonka-donk in this song and also I rather preferred it. It made me bee-bop come the music while ns was driving. The was very listenable.Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn December 21st 1975, "December, 1963 (Oh, What A Night)" by the four Seasons gone into Billboard"s warm Top 100 chart; and also on march 7th, 1976 the peaked at #1 (for 3 weeks) and also spent end a half-year top top the optimal 100 (27 weeks)...On April 10th, 1976 it got to #1 (for 1 week) ~ above the Canadian RPM height Singles chart...And eighteen years afterwards October 9th, 1994 a remixed that the track by netherlands deejay Ben Liebrand peaked at #14 top top the peak 100 and again invested 27 main on the height 100.Camille from Toronto, OhI love this song as soon as it to be released in 1976. Currently I discover it a little bit overplayed on the radio, altho quiet a great song. A much more favorite song of mine through the four Seasons is "Who Loves You" which had such a distinctive sound. However hasn"t contained it on their website. :(Dalan native Notacityyet, MtSometimes a tune is simply a song. A poem put to music to tell a story. Any kind of hidden interpretations are only a listeners creativity working overtime.Betty native Dayton, OhWoooHooo!! Love this songPeterm native Birmingham, united KingdomI take this on face value, great catchy funny disco song, don"t look because that too many hidden meanings. Play it loud, song along, wind increase the neighbours.Ken indigenous Afton, MnOK. Below is the genuine story. December 1963 was a an extremely cold month in Minnesota. ~ a whirlwind romance, mine fiance and also I determined to gain married. I had actually a few days off about Christmas, for this reason we had actually a small, night wedding on December 21, 1963. The temperature was somewhat south of -20 levels F.Oh! What a night.That night walk not feature my very first sexual encounter, however many of my best.Umgogo indigenous Uppsala, SwedenI first heard this track in loss 1994, as part of a weekly radio program referred to as American Gold. My presumption has constantly been that the lyrics execute not also refer to a sexual encounter, much much less anything drug-related.This average-looking, slightly awkward and also nerdy 16~18-year-old boy is attending a huge party v a pair of his friends. A pretty, well-known and much more experienced girl spots him, and also finds him nice/(sym)pathetic sufficient to dance and innocently flirt v for a while. The young is ecstatic, never having expected someone understood that far out the his organization to even an alert him. Afterwards, that feels both grateful and much more confident/mature than before. The track is sung indigenous the perspective of the currently grown-up boy, who has actually long due to the fact that overcome his shyness and is now happily married (probably recounting this story to his children/nephews/etc.). indigenous Beit Shemesh, IsraelI believe Bob Gaudio sang the components attributed to Don Ciccone in the yes, really recording. Ciccone sang castle in concert since Gaudio was no performing live. In the four Seasons Live album, however, Gaudio satellite in because that a couple of songs and Valli deadline the lead singing to Bob Gaudio and Gerry Polci which appears to substantiate my claim. Incidentally, Ciccone was still in the group at the time so why wouldn"t he song this part if he actually did it in the studio.Shorty from Endicott, NyGerry Polci sang all the verses, Frankie Valli sang the bridge, Don Ciccone the second bridge. The song plainly belongs to Polci. In mine opinion his voice is much far better than Valli"s. That falsetto deserve to only it is in tolerated for so long. Valli didn"t sing much lead at all on the album due to the reality that he had major hearing loss. And also yes the tune is about a guys first sexual encounter, not drugs. If human being would go get the facts climate they wouldn"t need to speculate LOL! Bob Gaudio self talked around writing the song, and what it was about. Mar from Phoenix, AzI"ve seen woodland Gump a million times, and I cannot figure out what component of the movie this song was play in. Anyone know? If girlfriend do, please email me at tonysgirl1959