(separates plural & third person present) (separating present participle) (separated past tense & past participle )The adjective and noun room pronounced sepərət. The verb is pronounce sepəreɪt.  

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1  adj 
If one thing is separatefrom another, over there is a barrier, space, or division between them, so that they are plainly two things. oft ADJ native n Each villa has actually a separate sitting-room..., lock are currently making plan to type their very own separate party..., Business financial institution accounts were maintained separate from an individual ones.  ♦ separateness  n-uncount ...establishing Australia"s social separateness indigenous Britain.  
2  adj 
If you describe separate things, you average several different things, fairly than just one thing. usu ADJ n (=different) Use different chopping boards because that raw meats, cook meats, vegetables and salads..., Men and also women have actually separate exercise rooms..., The authorities say 6 civilians have been killed in two different attacks.  
3  v-recip 
If friend separate civilization or points that room together, or if castle separate, they move apart. Police relocated in to separate the two groups...  V pl-n The pans were held in both hands and also swirled about to separate gold corpuscle from the dirt...  V n indigenous n The front end of the vehicle separated native the remainder of the vehicle...  V indigenous n They separated. Stephen went back to the square...  pl-n V They"re separated native the adult inmates.  V-ed 
4  v-recip 
If you separate people or things that have actually been connected, or if one separatesfrom another, the connection between them is ended. They desire to different teaching indigenous research...  V n from n It"s very feasible that we might see a motion to separate the two parts of the country...  V pl-n He announced a new ministry to resolve Quebec"s hazard to different from Canada.  V native n 
5  v-recip 
If a pair who space married or living with each other separate, they decision to live apart. Her parental separated as soon as she was really young...  pl-n V Since ns separated from mine husband I have gone a lengthy way.  V native n 
6  verb 
An object, obstacle, distance, or period of time which separates two people, groups, or things exists in between them. ...the white-railed fence the separated the yard from the paddock...  V n indigenous n They had undoubtedly made progress in the 6 years the separated the two periods...  V pl-n But a team of 6 women and 23 youngsters got separated from the others.  get V-ed 
7  verb 
If you separate one idea or truth from another, you clearly see or show the difference in between them. (=distinguish) It is complicated to different legend native truth...  V n indigenous n It is challenging to different the 2 aims.  V pl-n   Separate out method the same as separate., phrasal verb How have the right to one ever before separate the end the act from the attitudes that surround it?  V ns n indigenous n 
8  verb 
A quality or element that the end one point from an additional is the factor why the two things are different from each other. (=distinguish) The solitary most essential factor the separates simple photographs from good photographs is the lighting...  V n native n 
9  verb 
If a particular variety of points separate two groups or competitors, one of them is winning or has actually won by that variety of points. In the end only three points be separate the 2 teams.  V pl-n 
10  verb 
If you separate a team of human being or things into smaller elements, or if a group separates, that is split into smaller sized elements. (=split) The police want to separate them into smaller groups...  V n right into n Let"s separate into smaller groups...  V right into n So every the color that consist of white light are sent out in various directions and also they separate.  V   Separate out way the very same as separate., unit volume verb If prepared countless hours ahead, the mixture might separate out.  V P 
11  n-plural 
Separates are clothes such as skirts, trousers, and shirts which cover simply the top fifty percent or the bottom half of her body. 
13 When 2 or an ext people who have been together for part time go their separate ways, they walk to different places or end their relationship. ♦go their different ways  phrase V inflects Sue and also her husband decided to walk their separate ways.  separate out  phrasal verb If you separate out something native the other things that is with, you take it it out. The capability to different out reusable aspects from other waste is crucial.  V p n from n, also V p n (not pron)  → separate 7, 10 

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