Joan Didion starts her story by depicting what “home” is to her(p. 134). She defines how her residence now is not the location where she husband and daughter live, but in the main Valley that California through her family. Through this introduction, one deserve to sense that she is troubled through the differences in between the two. Joan Didion goes on to expose that her husband is “uneasy” in her family’s home(p. 134). He claims that she i do not care “difficult, oblique, deliberately, inarticulate,” i m sorry is nothing like the method her husband is(p.

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134). This enables the reader to view a side of Joan’s husband, obviously that doesn’t desire to be roughly people who adjust his wife right into a person that that does no know, but to not even go to his daughter’s birthday demonstrates the he is maybe a an overwhelming person himself.

Joan’s home-life is confusing v her family. She states that that is “dusty” and also full the “mementos” from she life, which she husband holds no value to(p.

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134). Living in a dusty house symbolically shows that their way of living needs work, and that lock both perform not pay attention to the minute details. If small problems come increase in their lives, they will certainly block them the end of their minds and also let the dust collect. This is probably why she feels that there is a conflict between her residence in main Valley and Los Angeles. Joan validates that suggest by saying, “we miss out on each other’s points, have one more drink and regard the fire(p.

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134).” She knows she missed she family, yet she simply can’t uncover the words come let lock know. Instead of confronting the problem, Joan acts choose she does through her husband and lets the dilemma sit; once again naught is solved.

Furthermore, Joan Didion talks around her concept on how her generation is the “last to carry the load of home(p. 135).” Joan provides the instance of when she witnessed a “young mrs on crystal take her clothing off and dance because that the cash prize in one “˜amateur-topless’ contest.”(p. 135) Joan felt the her generation would have been come ashamed or afraid of what she parents would have said. In this day and age, the fear of dishonoring one’s family is no much longer as important. Joan noticed this dissimilarity, however still “some nameless stress and anxiety colored the emotionally charges between me and also the place that I come from(p. 134).” Joan’s family connected in a way very different then the remainder of society. Castle all have actually a code or a method of speak something without actually saying anything. Not being may be to completely express she feelings can have been one reason why Joan is now having problems as one adult.

Joan begins to relocate toward finding response to she problem. She says, “that i am trapped in this certain irrelevancy is never an ext apparent come me than once I to be home(p. 135).” Joan to know that once she is house with her family she becomes much more like them and realizes she misses them. She goes on to say that she feel “paralyzed” by the objects in the house she grew up in(p. 135). Walking “room come room,” Joan starts to clean out a few drawers(p. 135). She finds a couple of items from her past; a shower suit, a letter of rejection indigenous the Nation, picture of a land website that her father to be going to build a to buy mall on, 3 teacups hand-painted by she grandmother, and a photo of her grand on skis. Each of this possessions typical a an excellent deal to her and also tell a story. Joan Didion doesn’t tell us what worth these things host to her, but one have the right to sense the they each have some kind of importance. While looking in ~ the picture of she grandfather, Joan decides the she holds little or no resemblance to him.

This observation demonstrates the Joan, when again, feels detached from she family. She feel that since she doesn’t look favor her grandfather, that probably she doesn’t belong. Though directly after this comment, Joan sits and has a cup that coffee v her mother and also says, “We acquire along well, veterans of a guerilla war we never ever understood,” implying that she feels connected with her mother(p. 135). Since Joan has actually finally uncovered some kind of link with she family, she decides to go to the household graveyard. Yet, once Joan in reality gets to the cemetery she doesn’t even get out of the car because when she to be younger she saw a line in the grass. Joan is still no able to move on and also realize the she is attached to her family since she is component of it.

Later, Joan takes her daughter come visit she great-aunts. A few confuse Joan through her cousin and ask questions that perform not pertain come her. Joan theatre along and also agrees that she still stays in new York, even though she resides in Los Angeles. Joan, again, doesn’t also tell these women that she isn’t she cousin, however instead pretends that she is to not start a conflict. This is an extreme example of Joan’s i can not qualify to communicate.

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After the short visit with her great-aunts, the is time for the baby’s birthday party. This to represent a new start for Joan. She is going to raise she daughter to have a strong sense the family, but additionally to be independent. At the end of the night, Joan guarantees her daughter a funny story together with her presents. Joan is trying to relocate on and also look top top the bright next of things and aid her daughter feel more connected through her family.

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