Our story today is referred to as “One thousands Dollars.” that was written by O. Henry. Below is Steve Ember with the story.

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"One thousand dollars," said the lawyer Tolman, in a severe and also serious voice. "And here is the money.”

Young Gillian touched the thin package that $50 bills and also laughed.

"It"s together an inexplicable amount," he explained kindly come the lawyer. “If it had been $10,000, a man might celebrate with a the majority of fireworks. Also $50 would have actually been much less trouble."

"You heard the analysis of your uncle"s will after he died," ongoing the lawyer Tolman. "I do not recognize if you paid lot attention come its details. I have to remind you of one. You are forced to administer us through a report of exactly how you provided this $1,000 as quickly as you have actually spent it. Ns trust that you will obey the desire of her late uncle."


William Sydney Porter, or O. Henry sits for a portrait.

"You may depend ~ above it," stated the young guy respectfully.

Gillian went to his club. He looked for a man he referred to as Old Bryson.

Old Bryson was a calm, anti-social man, about 40 years old. He was in a edge reading a book. When he experienced Gillian coming near he take it a noisy, deep breath, laid under his book and also took turn off his glasses.

"I have a funny story to tell you,” said Gillian. "I wish you would tell the to someone in the billiard room," stated Old Bryson. "You know just how I dislike your stories."


19th Century Billiards Room

"This is a much better one 보다 usual," stated Gillian, rojo a cigarette, and I"m glad to tell it come you. It"s too sad and also funny come go through the rattling the billiard balls.

I’ve just come native a meeting v my so late uncle"s lawyers. He pipeline me an also $1,000. Now, what have the right to a male possibly execute with $1,000?"

Old Bryson verified very tiny interest. "I thought the late Septimus Gillian to be worth something like half a million."

"He was," i agreeed Gillian, happily. "And that"s wherein the joke comes in. He has left a the majority of his money to an organism. The is, part of that goes come the man who invents a brand-new bacillus and the remainder to establish a hospital because that doing away through it again. There room one or 2 small, unimportant gifts on the side. The butler and also the housekeeper obtain a seal ring and also $10 dollars each. His nephew it s okay $1,000 thousand dollars."

"Were there any others stated in your uncle’s will?" request Old Bryson.

"None." said Gillian. “There is a miss out on Hayden. Mine uncle was responsible for her. She lived in his house. She"s a quiet point … musical … the daughter of somebody who was unlucky sufficient to it is in his friend.

"I forgot come say that she was in on the ring and $10 joke, too. Ns wish I had been. Climate I might have had actually two party of wine, offered the ring to the waiter and also had the whole company off mine hands. Now tell me what a man have the right to do v $1,000."

Old Bryson rubbed his glasses and smiled. And when Old Bryson smiled, Gillian knew that he intended come be an ext offensive 보다 ever.

There room many an excellent things a man might do v $1,000,” stated Bryson. "You?" he claimed with a gentle laugh. "Why, Bobby Gillian, there"s only one reasonable thing you could do. You can go and buy miss out on Lotta Lauriere a diamond necklace v the money and also then take you yourself off to Idaho and also inflict your existence upon a ranch. I recommend a lamb ranch, together I have actually a particular dislike because that sheep.”

"Thanks," said Gillian together he rose from his chair. "I knew I could depend top top you, Old Bryson. You"ve fight on the very idea. I want to invest the money top top one thing, because I need to turn in a report because that it, and I dislike itemizing.”

Gillian phoned for a cab and said come the driver: "The phase entrance of the Columbine Theatre."

The theatre was crowded. Miss Lotta Lauriere was preparing for she performance as soon as her assistant spoke the name of Mr. Gillian.

"Let that in," said miss Lauriere. "Now, what is it, Bobby? I"m going on stage in 2 minutes."

“It won"t take two minutes for me. What do you say to a little thing in the jewelry line? I deserve to spend $1,000."


“Say, Bobby,” said miss Lauriere, “Did you watch that necklace Della Stacey had on the other night? It expense $2,200 in ~ Tiffany"s.”

Miss Lauriere was called to the phase for her performance.

Gillian progressively walked the end to wherein his cab was waiting. "What would certainly you execute with $1,000 if you had it?" that asked the driver.

"Open a drink place," said the driver, quickly. "I understand a ar I might take money in with both hands. I"ve gained it resolved -- if girlfriend were thinking of placing up the money.”

"Oh, no," stated Gillian. “I was just wondering.”

Eight blocks under Broadway, Gillian obtained out of the cab. A blind man sat on the sidewalk offering pencils. Gillian went out and also stood in prior of him.

"Excuse me, yet would friend mind informing me what girlfriend would execute if you had $1,000?” inquiry Gillian.

The blind guy took a small book indigenous his coat pocket and held it out. Gillian opened up it and also saw that it was a bank deposit book.

It proved that the remote man had a balance of $1,785 in his bank account. Gillian changed the financial institution book and also got ago into the cab.

"I forgot something," that said. "You might drive to the regulation offices that Tolman and Sharp.”

Lawyer Tolman looked in ~ Gillian in a hostile and also questioning way.

"I beg your pardon," said Gillian, cheerfully. "But was miss Hayden left something by mine uncle"s will in enhancement to the ring and the $10 dollars?"


"Nothing," claimed Mr. Tolman.

“I thank you very much, sir," said Gillian, and also went come his cab. He gave the driver the resolve of his so late uncle"s home.

Miss Hayden was writing letters in the library. The small, thin woman wore black clothes. However you would have noticed she eyes. Gillian gone into the room together if the human being were unimportant.

“I have just come indigenous old Tolman"s," the explained. “They have actually been going over the records down there. They uncovered a …”

Gillian searched his memory for a legit term. “They discovered an amendment or a post-script or something to the will. It appeared that mine uncle had 2nd thoughts and also willed girlfriend $1,000. Tolman asked me to lug you the money. Right here it is.”

Gillian set the money next to her hand on the desk. Miss Hayden turned white. "Oh!" she said. And again, "Oh!"

Gillian half turned and also looked out the window. In a short voice the said, "I suppose, that course, the you recognize I love you."

"I to be sorry," said miss Hayden, as she choose up her money.

"There is no use?" request Gillian, practically light-heartedly.

"I to be sorry," she said again.

"May I compose a note?" request Gillian, through a smile. Miss out on Hayden supplied him with record and pen, and also then went back to her creating table.

Gillian created a report of exactly how he spent the $1,000: “Paid by Robert Gillian, $1,000 top top account that the eternal happiness, fan by heaven to the best and also dearest mrs on Earth."

Gillian placed the note right into an envelope. The bowed to miss Hayden and also left.

His cab stopped again in ~ the workplaces of Tolman and also Sharp.

“I have spent the $1,000," he stated cheerfully, to Tolman. "And i have pertained to present a report that it, as I agreed.” he threw a white envelope top top the lawyer"s table.

Without emotional the envelope, Mr. Tolman saw a door and called his partner, Sharp. With each other they sought something in a large safe. They lugged out a huge envelope sealed v wax. As they opened the envelope, lock shook their heads with each other over that is contents. Then Tolman came to be the spokesman.

"Mr. Gillian," that said, “there to be an enhancement to your uncle"s will. The was given to us privately, v instructions the it no be opened up until friend had detailed us v a full report the your taking care of of the $1,000 received in the will.

“As you have actually satisfied the conditions, mine partner and also I have read the addition. I will explain to friend the soul of that contents.

“In the event that your usage of the $1,000 reflects that you possess any type of of the qualifications the deserve reward, you stand to obtain much more. If your disposal the the money in question has been sensible, wise, or unselfish, it is in our power to provide you bonds come the worth of $50,000. However if you have used this money in a wasteful, foolish method as you have actually in the past, the $50,000 is come be paid to Miriam Hayden, ward that the so late Mr. Gillian, there is no delay.

“Now, Mr. Gillian, Mr. Sharp and also I will research your report that the $1,000.”

Mr. Tolman got to for the envelope. Gillian to be a little quicker in taking it up. That calmly tore the report and also its cover right into pieces and also dropped them right into his pocket.

"It"s every right," the said, smilingly. "There isn"t a little bit of need to bother you through this. I don"t intend you would know these itemized bets, anyway. I lost the $1,000 top top the races. Good-day come you, gentlemen."

Tolman and Sharp shook their heads mournfully at every other once Gillian left. Lock heard that whistling happy in the hallway together he waited because that the elevator.

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Words in this Story

will - n. (law) a legal paper in which a person states who should receive his or she possessions after that or she dies

billiards - n. any one of several gamings that room played top top a huge table by hitting solid balls into one an additional with the end of a long stick

bacillus- n. a directly rod-shaped bacter that needs oxygen for growth

safe - n.

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a solid metal box with a lock the is supplied to keep money or an useful things

ward - n. a person (such as a child) that is protected and cared for by a court or guardian