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The 1 oz wade Liberty style silver ring is developed by the Highland Mint in Florida. This product attributes a replica architecture of the American silver Eagle, but it is not main currency and has no confront value. Every round weighs in in ~ 1 troy ounce and also is consisted of of 99.9% pure silver. Our 1 oz walking Liberty silver rounds space in brand new condition and also ship in their initial mint packaging v tubes the 20 or in separation, personal, instance vinyl coin flips.

Coin Highlights:

Contains 1 oz that .999 pure silver.Produced through the Highland Mint.Features the well known Walking Liberty Design.Has no legitimate tender value as a round.

This 1 oz round functions the walking Liberty replica design on the obverse (lacking a date of production, however), and slight sport on the reverse. Conversely, the turning back of an American silver- Eagle says “1 oz. Fine Silver” and “One Dollar,” the turning back of this product has stamps for its .999 silver purity and also one troy ounce weight. One more variation will certainly be noticed to the bottom best side the the eagles talons wherein there is an absence of the JM note for man Mercanti, the designer that the initial image.

Investors evaluate the low premiums over spot for this product, and the historic design and attention to detail. If you would choose to inquire about our 1 oz go Liberty silver Rounds, our customer organization representatives deserve to be with at 800-276-6508. We space also available via live chat and also email. You may likewise want to check out our spring rounds like the 1/2 oz go Liberty silver Round or the 1/10 oz go Liberty silver- Round.

Grade ServiceNone
Mint MarkHM
ManufacturerHighland Mint
Thickness2.8 mm
Diameter39 mm
Inner Pack20
Outer Pack500
Obverse DesignerAdolf Weinman
Edge DesignReeded
SeriesHM walking Liberty Round
Capsule Size39 mm
Packaging TypePlastic Flip
Metal Weight1 troy Ounce
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