What room some literary devices—like oxymorons, onomatopoeia, pun, and alliteration—used in chapters 20-23 of To kill a Mockingbird?
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Alliteration is the repetition of early consonant sounds. That method the letters at the starts of words. Below is an instance from the start of thing 20, v the s sound repeating.

“Come on ring here, son, I got something that’ll resolve your stomach.” (ch 20)

Oxymoron is a...

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Alliteration is the repeat of initial consonant sounds. That means the letter at the beginnings of words. Here is an example from the start of chapter 20, with the s sound repeating.

“Come on ring here, son, I gained something that’ll settle your stomach.” (ch 20)

Oxymoron is a straight contradiction that words. The words “delight” and corrupting space juxtaposed, and also shivering is not expected when it’s hot. You would certainly not suppose someone come shoot you if you have a gun, you have to be the one shooting.

“Hee hee,” claimed Mr. Raymond, evidently taking delight in corrupting a child. (ch 20)

I shivered, though the night was hot. (ch 21)

He called me havin‘a gun around’s an invite to somebody to shoot you. (ch 23)

Onomatopoeia is when a word method just together it sounds, such together buzz.

“Sh-h. Nothing new, simply the usual. Hush now.” (ch 20)

Sh-h is an instance of onomatopoeia.

“Aw, Atticus, let united state come back,” pleaded Jem. “Please let united state hear the verdict, please sir.” (ch 21)

Aw is additionally onomatopoeia.

When the bonged eleven times ns was previous feeling tired. (ch 21)

Bonged is onomatopoeia.

A pun is a beat on words. As soon as Atticus addresses the jury, he offers a pun.

This instance is as simple as black and also white. (ch 20)

The hatchet “black and white” is offered to refer to something simple, but in this situation Atticus also way it literally, due to the fact that the instance is about race issues.

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I will include idiom, also though friend don’t have actually it on her list. There is a good idiom in thing 21.

So many things had actually happened so fast I felt it would take year to kind them out, and also now below was Calpurnia giving her precious Jem down the country—what brand-new marvels would the evening bring? (ch 21)