Paul Teutul Sr is a renowned founder ofOrange county Choppers whois a founder of manufacturescompany custom bikes. Teutul Sr began to rose fame right into the limelight after ~ he released his reality television series,American Chopper. Except that, he also wrote 2 books around fabricating automobiles.

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Caption:Paul Teutul Sr, American tv personality

Born come fatherPaul Teutul, Sron1 might 1949,inYonkers, new York, U.S.A. He cruised as a member that the joined States vendor Marines War, in early age. His birth sign is Taurus who is one American citizen.
He belongs to blended ethnicity. His head grandparents were John Teutul and also Lena. And his maternal grandparents were John DeVito and Christina.
Yes, Paul Teutul Sr is quiet alive yet in the year 2019, his death rumor started. Also, part websites point out that he died of cancer. In fact, Paul Teutul Sr is tho alive. The video that claimed Paul Teutul Sr had actually passed away was released on YouTube ~ above June 24, 2012. Numerous of his fans worried & the video went famous in social sites.
The writer of the video claimed that Paul Teutul Sr surrendered to pancreatic cancer native the video. In the video, he stated that his problem had worsened and hospitalization prior to he died. However, the video clip author news is just a public stunt fairly than true news.

What"s Paul Teutul Sr network Worth?

Paul Teutul Sr has actually earned an approximated net precious of$15 million. Teutul is also really popular because that his vintage automobile collection indigenous the 1940-1960s, which each of them worth around $79,000. Together a producer, indigenous the documentary series he has actually earned roughly $100k every episode.
Caption:Paul Teutul Sr sitting in his bike
In the year 2017, he provided his deluxe mansion in Montgomery, new York that worth $2.9million. Paul"s housebuilt top top a 38-acre residential property that includes a hot tub, swimming pool house, gazebo, volleyball court, and water features.
In the year 2018, Paul owes creditors over $1 million and also is precious $1.8 million. His work-related appreciated by everyone and also he has likewise awarded ASTRA Awards because that Favourite international Personality or Actor.

Is Paul quiet Married?

Looking at his personal life, he is single at the moment. Teutul has actually married twice. Paul an initial got married toPaula Teutulin the year 1969. The beautiful couplewith four children, a daughterChristin Teutuland three sonsDaniel Teutul, Michael Teutul,andPaul Teutul Jr.
Caption:Paul Teutul Sr in his wedding dress v his wife
In addition, Teutul"s daughter Christin is a nurse wherein his 3 sons are affiliated in the very same profession; a practice bike builder. He to be living his happy life v his wife and children until the couple got divorce in the year 1995.
Caption:Paul Teutul Sr through his ex-girlfriend
More around his second marriage, Paul bound the node to Beth Ann Santos in July 2007. Moreover, their marriage might not last for a long and separated in 2012 and officially divorce in February 2015.

What is the height of Paul Teutul Sr?

Teutul stands at a elevation of 6 feet 1 inch. But his body weight is still under wrap. His hair color is grey v a pair the brown eye color.


Looking in ~ his career, after ~ he returned from the war, Paul began his own company calledOrange ar Ironworks, a fabrication shop now specifically owned through his kid Daniel Teutul. Furthermore, the is the owner that the company, his sonDaniel Teutulserves as a manager. Similarly, hestarts building customs bikes because that his pleasure, which the just influenced by many custom bikes appearing on the street and in movies.
Caption: Paul Teutul Sr, American television personality
In the year 1999, Paul Teutul left the Orange ar Ironworks and foundedOrange county Choppersto build custom bikes. He readily available the agency to his son Paul Teutul Jr.and started to create custom bikes because that sale.
Moreover, Paul also published his an initial book titledOrange ar Choppersin 2006 with his son Paul Teutul Jr. Later on a couple of years, Teutul Sr. Again published his second book titledThe ride of a Lifetimein the year 2009.
Caption:Paul Teutul Sr, reflecting his biceps
In addition, that has additionally produced and acted in a couple of movies and collection and few of them areWild HogsandMy name is Earl. Furthermore,American Chopperis the documentary series produces by him kind 2009-2010.

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In the year 2010, Paul make his figure in his documentary in addition to his son. Additionally, he likewise featured in one more reality seriesOrange ar Choppers: American Madeform 2015-2016.