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Kris Ferguson+2

February 21, 2012

Great tent. I bought it as a temporary tent and now it has been on 10 backcountry trips with me, one being a Northern Ontario winter camp.

It" very durable and at an amazing price for those who don" want to drop a ton of cash just to go camping.

Only warning I will give is make sure you set it up at home for the first time with instructions. It" not the easiest tent to set up solo.


March 20, 2010

$$. I live in ohio and this tent went thru 70 mph winds, heavy down pours, thunderstorms and held up strong. I love this tent for its inside racks and the side doors which make it nice for easy access to coolers. Tough Tent. A+++++ 100% 10/10 is my ratting.

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Design: excellentSleeps: 4Ease of Setup: Needs at least 2 menWeight: good weight for a tentPrice Paid: $46

Gary Gillon

October 26, 2009

I purchased this tent to use with my 9 year a Webelos Scout for a Webelos Woods Camping Weekend. We went camping the weekend of Oct 24th at Camp Citta in Barnegat, NJ.

Despite torrential downpours ~ 2" rain in an hour the 4-person Ozark Dome Tent held up very well we had several inches of water puddling in our site but only a minimal amount of water in the tent. I was able to clean up the water in the morning with a kitchen towel. With water all around the tent and sleeping on our Ozark air mattresses we were very comfortable.

My son slept threw all the excitement. Other campers" tents had a lot of water, our Ozark was fine. I had my doubts and was just hoping for a dry weekend when I bought this tent at Walmart but would recommend it to others after using it this weekend. I look forward to next year when we return to Camp Citta for a week.