The 9 x 8 sport Dome Tent has actually been discontinued.If you" searching for something new, examine out the ideal tents and also shelters for 2021.

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Kris Ferguson+2

February 21, 2012

Great tent. Ns bought it together a momentary tent and also now it has been top top 10 backcountry trips with me, one being a north Ontario winter camp.

It" an extremely durable and at an remarkable price because that those that don" desire to autumn a ton that cash simply to walk camping.

Only warning ns will offer is make certain you set it up at house for the very first time with instructions. It" no the most basic tent to collection up solo.


March 20, 2010

$$. Ns live in ohio and also this time went thru 70 mph winds, hefty down pours, thunderstorms and also held up strong. Ns love this tent for its within racks and the next doors which make it nice because that easy access to coolers. Tough Tent. A+++++ 100% 10/10 is my ratting.

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Design: excellentSleeps: 4Ease of Setup: needs at the very least 2 menWeight: good weight because that a tentPrice Paid: $46

Gary Gillon

October 26, 2009

I purchased this time to use through my 9 year a Webelos Scout for a Webelos Woods Camping Weekend. We went camping the weekend that Oct 24th in ~ Camp Citta in Barnegat, NJ.

Despite torrential downpours ~ 2" rain in an hour the 4-person Ozark Dome Tent held up really well we had several inches of water puddling in ours site yet only a minimal lot of water in the tent. I had the ability to clean increase the water in the morning v a kitchen towel. With water all about the tent and also sleeping on our Ozark wait mattresses us were very comfortable.

My son slept threw all the excitement. Various other campers" tents had a most water, our Ozark was fine. I had actually my doubts and was just hoping because that a dried weekend as soon as I purchase this time at Walmart yet would recommend it to rather after using it this weekend. Ns look forward to following year as soon as we go back to Camp Citta because that a week.