12.1 Isle of the Dead

Progress at this pointTotal LifeTreasure MapsPower GemsCourage GemsWisdom Gems
New in this sectionEnemies:StalfosItems:Regal NecklaceMaps:#28, #29Power Gems:#18Courage Gems:#18

Sail end to the Isle of the Dead, the island located at the northeast component of the Northeastern Quadrant. Once you arrive, enter the cave and also you’ll find a series of books. You can read several of them to get some backstory, and tips ~ above the overall style of the island. Among the books states the there is a treasure right in this room. Walk to the left side and also exit the cave.

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Optional: an enig Treasure

At the west side of the room, usage a bomb against the flat wall to the phibìc to blast open up a hole. The area is littered v rupoor, including big rupoor that will take far 50 rupees. You need to use her Bow to remove the Keese in the room so that they don’t bump you right into the rupoor. Do your way through the small passage and also at the north finish of the room, you’ll it is in treated v an assortment the treasure. Collection the rupees and also then open all 4 treasure chests. Climb the procedures on the best for easier accessibility to the exit.




In the very first cave at the Isle of the Dead, blast a hole in the wall at the west side and also make your means through the Rupoor maze. The endowment Map is found in one of the sweetheart chests.


In the an initial cave in ~ the Isle that the Dead, blast a hole in the wall at the west side and also make your method through the Rupoor maze. The ship Gem is found in one of the sweetheart chests.


The main component of the island is littered with enemy Rupee-Likes and Stalfos. It’s a an excellent idea to get rid of most that them therefore they don’t stroked nerves you. If you go into the huge temple at the northeast corner of the map, you’ll discover a pair of stone tablets. Check out them to discover that this holy place is a maze and you need to know the exactly path. (The correct route is Up, Right, Right, Up, and also Up). However, you would only find out that through navigating the rest of the island. There room some goodies to collection if you find the rest of the island, so you can progress how you’d like.

The tablet computer on the right gives you the hints you need to progress top top the rest of the island: “The spiritual tree grows from the king’s chin. West 13 and also north 7”. Leave the temple and also make your means to the southeast corner of the island. The shape of the island is the of a King attract a crown, through the eye, mouth, and chin being in the southeast corner. The tree discovered here is the spiritual tree discussed on the tablet. Walk to the west 13 squares and also then north 7 squares. Usage your shovel to destruction a hole in the soil to discover an secret cavern.

Bomb the wall surface ahead and also read the tablet computer to get another hint. Collection all the rupees and also be certain to open the treasure chest to gain a gem. Navigate with the remainder of this cave, preventing the moving boulders that are in your path.

Optional: strength Gem #18

After making use of the Shovel to uncover a secret underground passage, bomb the north wall surface and open up the endowment chest right here to obtain the strength Gem.

After going with the secret cavern, resurface close to the King’s Eye and open the nearby treasure chest to acquire the endowment Map.

Back outside, you desire to use that note we just got. Stand by the King’s Eye, i beg your pardon is the tiny gap on the higher platform. Walk directly to the west and also aim to the west with your bow and arrow. Shoot an arrow to fight a switch, triggering the orb. This will cause the gate at the northwest corner of the island to open up up.

Run over and you have the right to examine every one of the gravestones here. A couple of of them have actually words that room worn out. Analysis them, friend will find the suitable order to survive the Phantom Corridor. Return to the holy place at the northeast corner of the map. Now head through using the order we simply learned. North, East, East, North, and also North.

Run up to the pedestal and speak v the fourth knight, Brant. After talk to him, head increase the steps and open the sweetheart chest the is exterior to get the Regal Necklace. This necklace will enable you to make it by the Cyclone in the Northeast Quadrant the protects the enntrance gate to the Isle of Ruins. Go back to Linebeck and set sail.

We simply picked up 2 Treasure Maps, and now the we have actually the Regal Necklace, we can likewise get the Sunken Treasure near the Isle that Ruins.

Sunken sweetheart #24 – Northeast Quadrant – West the the Isle of Ruins, the treasure has a ship part.

Sunken endowment #28 – Northeast Quadrant – Northwest that the Isle the Ruins, the chest includes a arbitrarily treasure.

Sunken sweetheart #29 – Northeast Quadrant – West of Maze Island, the treasure has a ship part.

12.2 Isle that Ruins

Progress in ~ this pointTotal LifeTreasure MapsPower GemsCourage GemsWisdom Gems
New in this sectionItems:King’s KeyPower Gems:#19Courage Gems:#19Wisdom Gems:#19, #20

Sail end to the Isle the Ruins. As you draw near, the Regal Necklace will reason the Cyclone come disappear, allowing you come dock. As soon as you arrive go ahead and enter the cave and also defeat the Zora Warrior. Check out the tablet if you’d like and then leave the cave.

Our score is to make it every the means over come the holy place at the northwest corner of the island. In stimulate to execute so, you’ll need to jump across the small island maze in ~ the southwest corner. This area is also flooded through Rupee-Likes, so remove them through your sword, or by using bombs or arrows. Some of the gaps are little bit too large for you to jump across, for this reason you’ll need to go the lengthy way. Ultimately make it end to the leg that leads up a screen.

Optional: huge Green Rupee

Once you with the northwest part of the island you can hop off the ledge and head to the west. There is a red Rupee-Like and also after beating it, you deserve to dig up the floor spot here to gain a huge Green Rupee!

Jump off the ledge and also run to the right. There room two sets of actions here. Take the route to the north and also make your method across this winding pathway, staying clear of the boulders. This route will at some point lead you to the temple. Walk inside and at the far end of the room speak with the 3rd knight, Bremeur. After ~ chatting v him the will open up up another pathway.

Exit the temple and also you’ll uncover that a bridge has actually been extended. Operation over to the bridge and also head eastward. Loss the Miniblins that room along the path and also continue eastward until you cross a bridge and reach the northeast portion of the island.

We now want to with the pyramid in ~ the much northeast edge of the map. Just run east throughout the bridges. There room some Stalfos that toss bones at you, but it is ideal to just ignore them. The one in ~ the end is a bit harder come avoid, for this reason you can take him out v an arrow.

Inside the temple, you’ll need to navigate the an initial floor, preventing the boulders and also some arrows. Quickly after the arrows, watch the end for the trapdoor at the eastern end that the room. Climb up and also get through the Stalfos and head up the measures to with the second knight, Doylan. The will offer you the King’s crucial and jobs you with bringing it back to Bremeur.

Make your method back come the northwest edge of the island, this time taking the phibìc path. There are some Stalfos that appear while you room heading north and they can offer you some trouble. Shooting them through arrows and continue along the path. Once you arrive back at the temple, ar the King’s key into the hole and it will reason water come drain across the whole of the island, revealing a lower level of the island that you can now navigate.

With the water level top top the island now lowered, over there is a new cave for united state to reach close to the northwest component of the island. Perform not leap under to the lower level. Instead, backtrack in the direction of that initial bridge that Bremeur had expanded for us. From below make your means down come the cave that is indicated on her map. Inside, collect the rupees and open the chest to acquire the Wisdom Gem.

Now leap turn off the ledge to the shortest level of the island, suggested by the lighter color on the map. Do your way eastward come the northeast part of the island.

Optional: large Green Rupee

Once you with the northeast part of the island in ~ the reduced level after ~ draining the water, run to the ideal so you are just southwest that the substantial pyramid. Open up the treasure chest right here to gain a big Green Rupee.

Our next goal is to reach the Pyramid in ~ the southeast part of the island. When you run southward you’ll discover some large stationary boulders. Walk come the right and also push the boulder the end of the way. Climb the two sets the steps and push the other boulder to the left. It will certainly drop under the ledge, ramming into another boulder, and revealing a pathway. Elevator the rock and also head down a screen.

Climb the measures to find a big boulder. Push it increase once and also then press it come the right. It will certainly travel throughout the bridge and break the boulder in the distance. Elevator the rock the is in the way and head increase a screen. Open up the sweetheart chest to acquire the last Wisdom Gem.

Climb the steps and you’ll find a boulder. Push it to the appropriate once and then push it down, leading to it to roll down and into an additional boulder. In this area there space a variety of Stalfos, but it is ideal to simply avoid them. Operation to the right and also make your means to the entrance of the pyramid. Inside, rise the steps and speak with the very first knight, Max. That will market a trial come you and also will open up up a course forward. Go ahead and exit the pyramid.

Back external run to the right where Max has opened the door. Over there is a red door right here next come a rock tablet. The equipment to opened the door involves a puzzle at the southwest part of the island. Now that the water has actually drained, this area has actually turned right into a maze. Fortunately, friend don’t actually have to complete the puzzle. You have the right to just draw the proper symbol ~ above the door. Skip front a couple of paragraphs to see picture with the appropriate symbol. There are however, a couple of optional goodies for us to collect now that the water is lowered.

Just northwest the Max’s Temple, climb up the steps and also stand ~ above the floor switch. This will expand a bridge, opened a quick path to the southwest part of the island. Make your means there and also then drop down to the reduced level. Be cautious of all the Rupee-Likes the populate this area. There space several stone tablets discovered throughout this area. Each of them has a star beside them, followed by a direction. The actual place of the frosting is associated with the peg the is top top the red door.

* – Travel east of me. Every begins and also ends through me.** – Travel southern from me.*** – travel northwest native me.**** – take trip southwest native me.***** – take trip north native me. The path of the stars will expose the crest.

Optional: strength Gem #19

At the northeast edge of the maze, head up a screen and you’ll discover a endowment chest the was previously underwater. Open it up to obtain a strength Gem.

Return come the Bremeur’s temple at the northwest component of the map. From here, overcome the leg that Bremeur extended and once again make your way to the far east of the island, remaining on the greater platform. Simply southwest of Doylan’s pyramid, there is a endowment chest that was formerly underwater. Open up it up to obtain the courage Gem.

Just northwest that Doylan’s pyramid, there is a small platform the you deserve to jump across. Do your method around to the northwest next of Mutoh’s Temple and also you’ll discover a treasure chest that has a big Red Rupee.

Return come the southeast part of the island and make your method over to the Red Door. We currently want to attract the symbol based on the puzzle the we just solved.

Start in ~ the top-left.Draw a heat to the top-right.Draw a heat to the bottom-right.Draw a heat to the center.Draw a heat to the bottom-left.Draw a line earlier to the top-left.

Run ahead and also head up a display to uncover two Zora Warriors. Loss these 2 beasts simply as you’ve constantly done and finally, head up and enter Mutoh’s Temple.

Now the you have collected all 20 Wisdom Gems, you deserve to travel to spirit Island and also present them to the spirit Shrine. However, in ~ this point it is literally in ~ the other end of the world and also while it’s always nice to be totally prepared, you might want to take care of this after ~ Mutoh’s Temple.

12.3 Mutoh"s Temple

Progress at this pointTotal LifeTreasure MapsPower GemsCourage GemsWisdom Gems
New in this sectionEnemies:Shell SpinnerItems:Hammer, heart Container #13Courage Gems:#20

~ Floor 1F ~

Run previous the crystal switches and also take the path to the right. Based on the different floor tile, girlfriend can discover that the wall here can be bombed. Carry out so and also run up, yet be careful of the covert trap ahead. The course to the north is blocked off by a pit. We should return come the entrance of the dungeon and drop a bomb next to the decision switch ~ above the right. Prior to it detonates, conveniently run to the path we simply traveled on. As soon as it blows up and hits the switch, a bridge will appear across the pit. Conveniently run throughout it prior to time expires.

Make your method to the north finish of the room and also a pair of Stalfos will certainly appear. Loss them both and a bridge will connect to the platform at the north end of the room. To walk over and also step top top the floor move to light the torch. We currently want come backtrack come the enntrance gate of the dungeon. We deserve to take the course along the east perimeter, however be mindful of a covert trapdoor near the entrance.

Next we desire to make our way along the west next of the room. Similarly, if girlfriend hit the decision switch close to the entrance, a leg will appear temporarily throughout the pit come the west. This one is a little trickier, together you need to navigate across several moving platforms. Disregard the two platforms that are nearby, together you actually want to pay attention to the platform at the west side of the room. Watch at her map and as shortly as the platforms just starts to relocate to the east, that is once you want to toss a bomb near the left decision switch.

Carefully overcome the an initial two relocating platforms and also then watch the end for the surprise trapdoor. If girlfriend time it properly, the next moving platform will show up right once you arrive, enabling you to gain onto the immediately and reach the bridge. There room two more Stalfos found here. Loss them and cross the bridge that appears. Action on the floor move to irradiate the torch. The spikes adjacent will fall, allowing you come head down the stairs.

~ Floor B1 ~

This is a enormous room that we will be revisiting numerous times. For now we are reduced off from lot of the room. Defeat the 2 Stalfos and also walk southward. Climb up the procedures to get earlier to Floor 1F.

~ Floor 1F ~

Avoid the covering Spinners here and climb the steps to acquire up to the next floor.

~ Floor 2F ~

Open the door to the right and also make your way through the maze. This area is filled v Rupee-Likes and also the route to the left will bring about a treasure. Take the course to the right and leap turn off the ledge. Rise up the measures to with the optimal floor.

~ Floor 3F ~

Defeat the two Stalfos in this room, and also the Rupee-Like. Open up the endowment chest to acquire the dungeon item, the Hammer. Return ago down to Floor 2F.

~ Floor 2F ~

Use the hammer to hit the rusty move on the floor. This will pound it right into the ground, causing the door to open up up. Stand on the footprints and then smash the pillar. This will cause Link to ricochet as much as the higher ledge. Repeat this a couple of more times and you’ll with a platform with shell Spinners. Now that you have the hammer, you deserve to smash castle to loss them. Leap turn off the ledge and head down the stairs.

~ Floor 1F ~

Defeat the covering Spinners here and then quit the floor switch. Make your way down the procedures to get earlier to the big Floor B1.

~ Floor B1 ~

Run come the left and also climb the measures to discover a boulder. Push the boulder off the ledge come the ideal so it collides through the various other boulder, revealing a pathway. Operation to the northwest component of the room and the door will close behind you. Defeat the 2 Stalfos that appear, which you deserve to now an ext easily perform so by wrecking them through the hammer. As soon as the door opens, head down to the floor below.

~ Floor B2 ~

Smash the two floor switches and also the spike roller will start to move. Wait for it to move to the left and also run by it. Action on the relocating platform and also use the hammer to smash all of the Stalfos and floor switches that space on the sides of the room. Step onto the next relocating platform and continue to smash the switches and also enemies. At the very bottom, quit the floor switch on the right and the spike will start to move. Rise up the steps and also open the chest to gain a little Key. You can then head up the adjacent steps to gain up come the previous room.

At the southwest corner of the room, there is a endowment chest, just south the the spike roller. Open up it up to get the courage Gem.

~ Floor B1 ~

Step ~ above the floor switch and the surrounding doors will open up up. Operation to the north end of the room and also use the small an essential on the locked door. Hit the pyramid symbol and it will cause the water to be drained indigenous the room. Make your west come the west next of the room ~ above the lower level and you’ll watch some X’s and also O’s. We want to revolve all ripe of the boxes so they are O’s. Use your hammer and also just smack the center box and all nine of them will certainly turn. If you chaos up, you’ll need to piece it ago together, yet it shouldn’t provide you much trouble.

Make your method to the west next of the room and also use the catapult to reach the greater platform. Rest the acorn if you require some arrows and then her attention towards the southeast. You deserve to shoot an arrow at the pyramid symbol, leading to the water to climb up into the room as soon as again. At the southwest portion of the room you will certainly find an additional three by three grid the X’s and also O’s. You need to make all the tiles X’s or O’s – that doesn’t matter which. Simply swing away till they room all the same and it will cause a door to open up.

Run to the right and head increase the bridge. From here if you look to the west, you have the right to see the pyramid symbol. Shoot it v an arrow to lower the water level. Break the pots and also then head down the actions to get back to Floor B2.

~ Floor B2 ~

You will discover a four by three grid here and once again you just want to make all of the tiles either X’s or O’s. It doesn’t issue which one is which. As soon as you’ve excellent so, a bridge will appear. Overcome the bridge and also head increase the stairs come get back to the vault floor.

~ Floor B1 ~

Run come the right and also you deserve to make a mental note of wherein the X’s and O’s space on this grid. Usage the hammer top top the catapult and launch yourself up twice. Break the acorn to gain some arrows if needed. Pull the end your boomerang and aim it come the east. Struggle the arrowhead orb to cause it come turn and face southward. Currently shoot it through an arrow and also it will send an arrow towards the pyramid symbol, leading to water come appear.

Cross the bridge and you’ll find a grid sample up below as well. You need to enhance it to the network pattern the is now underwater. Shoot the arrow symbol again to lower the water level. You have the right to see the grid under below, so use your hammer to match the grid over so the they are identical. This will cause the door to the west to open up up.

Drop turn off the ledge and catapult yourself to reach the opened up door. Drop down and also be sure to operation to the west to discover a endowment chest that has a big Green Rupee. Now climb the steps to the northwest and push the boulder the end of the way. Store pushing the boulder to the west until it sits on the catapult. Then use the hammer come send it approximately the greater platform. Then press the boulder to the east, so it rolls off and also breaks the various other boulder.

Open the endowment chest below to get a small crucial and climate catapult yourself approximately the greater platform. Jump turn off the ledge and also make your method over come the northeast edge of the room. Open up the locked door and continue onward to wherein the boulder is. Launch it up to the higher platform and also then catapult yourself up there. Continue catapulting this boulder up several times till it soil on the gray brick on the greatest platform. Catapult yourself up and also then push this boulder come the left, break the various other boulder. Run over and open the sweetheart chest to acquire the ceo Key. Drop down straight south of wherein the treasure chest is and also head under the staircase.

~ Floor B2 ~

Place the Boss crucial on the platform and then pull out the Hammer. Smash the Stalfos that appear on every side of the room as you drive the communication down. Grab the Boss key and open up the locked door. Catapult yourself up and also head under the steps. Leap turn off the ledge and examine the rock tablet to create a warp portal come the entrance. When you space ready, head under the actions to take on the dungeon boss.

~ Eox, Ancient rock Soldier ~

Eox is a huge soldier that takes increase both the the displays on the Nintendo DS. If it isn’t apparent enough, the large red bolts that space on that is body consist of the boss’ weakness. The area has 4 catapults and also you have to use this to launch you yourself in the air. While in the air, usage your hammer and repeatedly smash at the various red bolts ~ above the boss. Each time friend hit a red bolt, that component of Eox will certainly crumble and after enough hits, its external shell will totally disappear.

During this phase Eox will shot to stop you v its arm and also on occasion, will additionally shoot arrows the end of the holes near its head. The boss but is exceptionally slow and its assaults are very easy come dodge. The bolts that are on the backside that Eox are a little bit trickier to get to. Just run best in in between Eox’s legs and also then catapult you yourself from the various other side.

After all of the initial bolts are broken and Eox has been reduced to simply its within skeleton, another set of big bolts will appear on the front of that body. During this phase you desire to when again leap up and strike the bolts through the hammer. After hitting a bolt it will turn to blue. After ~ a when the bolts will turn ago to red, so you need to be quick. Fight all 4 bolts to do them all blue and also Eox will tumble to the ground.

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During this critical phase, just the head the Eox will certainly bounce top top the ground. Watch the end for the arrows the it will shoot the end in assorted directions. Wait till Eox has actually moved closer to you and then use a catapult come launch you yourself up and land on height of the head of the boss. Cut away in ~ the crystal on height of its head. Repeat this procedure until Eox has been defeated.

After Eox has been defeated, girlfriend will obtain two much more minutes of sand into your hourglass. If you have actually been adhering to the overview in full, this gives us the complete 25 minutes, the maximum amount of time you deserve to hold in the Hourglass. Be certain to open up up the treasure chest to acquire the final heart container, happen our wellness to a maximum of 16 hearts! Walk under the steps and speak with Mutoh. After talk to him, the will open up up a portal. Be certain to grab the Aquanine that he pipeline for you!