The Phantom’s mask constantly looks therefore perfect, girlfriend wonder why every iteration the Christine Daae instantly wants to tear it off. You’d think that one version of her across all the many spin-offs and also adaptations would think “Hey, Erik, that’s a good look for you.” but no, by the time the finish of the story rolls about the mask has actually been not only been gotten rid of from Erik’s face, however discarded completely.

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So, prior to Miss Daae arrives to throw every one of these masks into the Seine, let’s take a look in ~ the assorted versions the Phantom has actually worn throughout his tenure at the Paris Opera House. Native books, TV, animation, to the stage, he’s got a closet complete of this things. We’ll look solely at his Phantom mask, for this reason the Masque of the Red death will have to sit this one out. Tune your to sing voice, seize a flintlock and also a violin, and let’s go under the catacombs.

1. Initial Novel Mask – 1909-1910

Cover arts for the 1920 French version (L). Art for the 2011 Centennial execution (R).

In the initial novel, Erik’s mask is black and covers his entire face. The first edition the the book featured watercolor illustrations by Andre Castaigne, but only the Phantom’s disfigured confront was featured. The mask wasn’t illustrated until the 1920 French edition, where it’s displayed on the sheathe art together a domino-style facemask that makes him look like a scary version of Zorro.

The cover arts was reimagined for the 2011 Centennial Edition, which do the mask more in line with recent depictions.

2. Lon Chaney’s Phantom Mask – 1925


Out of all the adaptations, Lon Chaney’s Phantom assembly from Universal’s silent film is still pertained to as the most faithful come the book. The mask is one more story. It’s a 3/4 mask that sporting activities some killer eyebrows and also a tiny duster flap hanging from the bottom. He likewise wears a Middle-Eastern layout cap, which shows the character’s previous travels to Persia in the novel.

3. Claude Rains’ Phantom Mask – 1943


If you’ve ever wondered what the Phantom would certainly look prefer if he was seasick, look no more than the greenish-hued mask that Claude Rains. In the 2nd version developed by Universal, the Phantom terrorizes the opera in a mask the is more designer 보다 Chaney’s, with some decidedly angrier eyebrows.

4. Operetta Ghosts – 1960


In the little-seen mexico comedy The Phantom of the Operetta, numerous perpetrators dress in similar masks and costumes to terrorize an opera house. With the hat and hair combo, the mask watch rather choose the Quaker Oats man in a poor mood.


If Leatherface had a musically lean cousin, this is probably exactly how he’d dress. The Hammer Horror Phantom shows up to be right into DIY crafts, since this mask has actually a semi-homemade look at that makes it among the many disturbing iterations. The covers his entire face, through a sewn-in patch the covers his useless left eye.

6. Leslie Nielsen’s Phantom Mask – 1971


Leslie Nielsen played the Phantom in a comic segment indigenous an episode of Night Gallery. In his four minutes the terror, Nielsen’s Phantom wears a mask intended to be an homage to Lon Chaney’s.

His labored breathing provides him sucking in the duster flap the hangs indigenous the bottom and likewise prevents him from blowing out a candle. It has some rosier cheeks 보다 Chaney’s mask and also no eyebrows, so it’s most likely the closest come a porcelain doll of frank Drebin the we’ll ever get.

7. Phantom of the Paradise – 1973


Transpose a 19th century opera story into a 1970s rock opera and you’re walking to get one funky spring Phantom mask. The Phantom of the paradise dons a confront covering the is more like a helmet, giving a mashup that gothic-sci-fi-ish flair to his musical shenanigans. Black color lipstick helps, too.

8. The Phantom that Hollywood Mask – 1974


Phantoms come in many shapes, and also this one come dressed as a punk medieval executioner. This mask hides a deformed actor who picks off the human being who plan to offer his beloved movie studio backlot, using a disguise reminiscent of something native the sheathe of a Goosebumps book.

9. Maximilian Schell Phantom Masks – 1983

Another TV movie adaptation introduce two different Phantom masks. The an initial one would make a an excellent monster assembly if we can acquire Rick Baker the end of retirement to make it. The 2nd is creepily life-like and also sends you sprawling into uncanny valley.

10. Michael Crawford Phantom Mask – 1986 Musical

The mask the took house the Olivier Award. This one is worn by the Phantom in the most renowned stage variation of the story, written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. This is where the mask an initial took top top it’s vertical “half-face” shape, apparently since Michael Crawford noticed the he couldn’t correctly convey the Phantom’s emotions onstage while put on the timeless half-mask.

11. Animated Phantom Mask – 1987


Judging from the animated version of the mask, Erik has actually possibly grown worn down of not being may be to flourish a cool mustache prefer Raoul, for this reason he just drew one top top instead.

12. Robert Englund’s Phantom – 1989


In a Phantom that the Opera meets The silence of the Lambs spin, Robert Englund’s Phantom put on a mask do of prosthetics that room made come look like human being flesh. This disguises his disfigured face under a “normal” face. Like taking of her makeup before going to bed, the Phantom progressively peels off his face-facemask in a scene that would send Tom Savini right into unbounded euphoria.

13. The Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge – 1989

For a strange update on the Phantom, the form of the mask actually manages to it is in unique. It wraps about Eric’s (spelled v a “c” this time) challenge in a half-circle shape, offering the missing link between the previous half-masks and also vertical half-masks. This Phantom also trades in his Middle-Eastern caps and slouch hats because that a baseball cap, so you recognize it’s a home run (I’ll present myself out).

14. Charles run Phantom Mask – 1990

Tywin Lannister himself has actually suited up together the Phantom, in one of (if not the only) iteration wherein the Opera Ghost’s deformed confront is never revealed. His mask walk the Batman route, extending his confront with a tiny cutout because that the mouth. A second, black version is summary worn, along with a harlequin-inspired mask that makes our Phantom resemble a DC Comics villain.

15. Richard White Phantom Mask – 1991

Honestly, this one scares me an ext than the Robert Englund face-peeling routine. We constantly knew the Phantom to be a tragic and really emotional character, however to offer us a visual depiction of his sorrow together bloody tears is pretty gut-wrenching. This is just one of several worn through White in the 1991 musical Phantom.


A metallic version? Sure, let’s do it. It seems like a strange choice at first, however then it access time you that this is the mask girlfriend did not realize friend were waiting for. As soon as watching this TV movie version, I have to remind myself that it is no a medical professional Doom beginning story.

Yes, they placed the Phantom on ice. They likewise gave him one more metallic mask. This is more than likely the most ornate mask he’s ever worn, with intricate details and a cheek plate that fits under his left eye. Even Christine would hesitate native pulling this one off his face, because you’d it is in wary of leave fingerprints on such a nicely polished garment.

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18. Phantom that the Megaplex Mask – 2000

This Phantom appears to have actually stocked up on the holiday merch, sporting a mask that you’d swear friend see yearly at spirit Halloween.

19. Gerard Butler’s Phantom Masks – 2004

Gerard Butler’s Phantom is more than likely the least scarred of every the Angels the Music. His mask is thus smaller and much more rounded 보다 the 1986 musical version that it’s based on, many likely due to the filmmakers wanting to cover as tiny of your good-looking leading male as possible. If you understand anyone who’s developing their own DIY Phantom mask, it’s normally this one. The Phantom additionally dons a black color mask that’s an ext in line v the 1920 publication cover art. It’s this one that’s torn turn off his challenge by the ever-eager Christine.

20. A Monster in Paris Mask – 2011

Every giant, blue, to sing flea needs a mask. This computer animated Phantom goes because that a sharp-pointed nose and also cheek-plates, with a white suit combo that i wish we can see at some point in a live-action movie (It’d be a good fit because that an adaptation collection in the 1930s. The Shadow vs. The Phantom that the Opera, anyone?)

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