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Wikimedia Commons given the many tv and also film execution of The Phantom the the Opera that have come out over the years, girlfriend probably have a kind idea by now around the story line….a love triangle filled with seduction and also despair.Although discovering that, and also seeing it involved life top top Broadway, room two fully different things.

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Experiencing Phantom in every one of its glory in ~ the Majestic theater in New York far exceeds anything you may have actually imagined. If you’re among the uninitiated, together I was until recently, then right here are part teasers come whet your appetite. Don’t worry, no spoilers!

1. The Phantom that the Opera is Broadway’s longest to run show: It gone beyond Cats for those bragging rights back in January, 2006, 18 years, almost to the day, after opened at the Majestic Theatre. Currently 23 years, and nearly 10,000 reflects later, it maintain the honor and has become a new York City location in its very own right.

2. Last minute actors prep is a jam session: nothing be surprised if girlfriend hear strains of music wafting native backstage just prior to the curtain goes up. After ~ the show I spoke v Jeremy Stolle, that plays Passarino, and he offered me the inside scoop on exactly how the cast gets pumped for each performance. Five minutes before curtain castle blast the stereo and rock out.

3. You’ll laugh at times: This haunting drama, i m sorry can also be macabre in ~ times, additionally sprinkles in humor, many notably noted by the new owners the the Opera House. Who might ask for an ext from one evening’s entertainment: powerful love story, amazing musical, hi-tech production and humor?

4. Actors pranks store it fun: after ~ so numerous productions, to store things fun and morale up, the actors is well-known to pat pranks on every other. ~ above a Saturday night performance, if you’re at the theater at the best time, you might hear “Live from brand-new York, it’s Saturday Night!" over the PA. Occasional mixers save the team close and assist integrate newcomers into the circle. It must be working, you have the right to tell they’re having fun once they’re on stage.

5. Leads don’t rehearse: These long time Phantom veterans have their roles down cold, i beg your pardon is blissfully obvious from your seat in the audience. So lot is packed right into each production, although you virtually forget that reality thanks to the fast pace, smooth transitions and expertise the the actors. Only the understudies have rehearsals, 2 days a week on Tuesday and Thursday. Great days to it is in a Majestic theater groupie.

6. Phantom has risen from rags come riches: when Gaston Leroux first published Le Fantome de l’Opera in 1911 that was no a resounding success. That didn’t take off till 1925 as soon as it was made right into a film. Now, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical variation of The Phantom the the Opera is the solitary most successful item of entertain of all time, in any kind of medium.

7. Virtually 40 actors members carry Phantom to life each night: conveniently the many dazzling step is the Masquerade celebration as soon as the phase overflows with vivid costumes.

8. There are much more costume transforms than a Rockettes’ show: part 200 costumes parade throughout the phase throughout the production, i m sorry 14 dressers seamlessly revolve out throughout the 22 step changes.

9. The Phantom is the very first to arrive at the theater: The Phantom’s dramatic unmasked watch takes two hrs in the consist of chair come achieve. In addition to the process of installation the prosthetics come his face, also included are wig, radio mics and also contact lenses, one white and also the various other clouded.

10. Not just the Phantom wears a mask: Ok, i promised no spoilers, therefore will only say the Christine (“triangle girl”) and the Phantom end up helping every other.

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What’s old is brand-new every night ~ above the phase of the Majestic, thanks to the entire Phantom cast, crew, orchestra and also producers.