In this departure from the core gameplay facets of the traditional Yu-Gi-Oh card game, players battle on a 7x7 net each having a designated "Deck Leader" which is the depiction of their Life Points. Players climate attempt to damage the the opposite "Deck Leader" through monsters indigenous their respective decks.

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PlayStation 2

This is one RPG game where the player is a "ROSE DUELIST". The player is summoned by a druid called Simon to the previous days of dueling so the he can aid the young prince Yu-Gi Moto. Only prior to Simon can completely convince the player to join forces with the "Yorkist" (Yu-Gi"s side) a guy named Seto Kiaba appears. Seto is the leader the the rose Crusaders which believe that they need to summon one of the old kings which helped create the dueling game. After ~ a an extensive discussion the both Simon and also Seto attempting to get the player to join their political parties Seto proposes a compromise. Seto describes that both the Yorkist and the Crusaders have eight that the sixteen "Rose Cards". Seto defines to the player the neither next is winning so the is fair game. The player is then offered a an option to take the White rose Card and also fight for Seto and the Crusaders or to choose the Red increased Card and also fight for Yu-Gi and also the Yorkist. (The climbed Crusaders is intentionally easier such as selecting the Dark side in the Star Wars video games.)

The rose Cruesaders

If the player choose the White increased Card then Simon is wisk away and the player goes with Seto. Seto explains that the player demands to enter the Yorkist country and destroy every one of their duelist so he deserve to retrieve all of the Red climbed Cards. The player battles with players such as Mya, Tristian, Joey, Grandpa, and finally Yu-Gi himself. After ~ the player retrieves all of the Red increased Cards that takes them to Seto whereby Seto makes an effort to summon the previous king and also succeeds. Only things perform not go together planned as the king becomes upset the he to be awoken indigenous his slumber and claims to it is in disturber through the method that the human being race has actually "tainted" the method of dueling. The king assures to take over again and return "order" to the method of dueling. Seto calls on the player to fight the king due to the fact that the prophecy says that only the climbed Duelist would be able to defeat the king.


The game came packaged with a set of 3 promotion cards because that the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game. The English, French, German and also Italian version of the game featured the three "Magnet Warrior" cards whereas the Spanish variation featured "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", "Dark Magician" and also "Exodia the Forbidden One".

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Card Codes

after ~ you have completed one of two people sides campaign you room rewarded v a password to obtain a card. But you can only gain two different codes for each campaign. If you wish to receive an additional then you need to start the game over through a new file.