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proceeding ROM hacks Platinum ¸.•*¨POKEMON BLOODY PLATINUM¨*•.¸ started by Buffy July 12th, 2009 12:23 afternoon


.::General Information::.Author: BuffyLanguage: English & German & Japanese & French & Spanish & Italian & KoreanStarted: 18th July, 2008 (with Bloody Diamond)Release: 12th July, 2009
don´t upload the Hack on various other pages(without questioning me) and also use constantly ONLY my Rapidshare Download links THANKYOU
.:: attributes ::. Complete brand-new Features in Bloody Platinum:¸.•*¨a perfect "diurnal and also nocturnal pokemon system"(picture)¨*•.¸ 48 Pokemon can only be catched throughout the morning(4a.m. - 9.59a.m.)
¸.•*¨ FEMALE and MALE POKEMON have actually GOT various SPRITES! e.g. Other pose, darker/brither etc. ¨*•.¸
¸.•*¨ Wild Pokemon List(pdf); you can read whereby to discover which Pokemon (including Daytime, rate and also Level!) ¨*•.¸

¸.•*¨ all legendary Pokemon became Shadow Pokemon (a the minute they have still their normal types, however the could later come to be ???-Type v no weaks) ¨*•.¸


¸.•*¨ new/alternative advancement (the same favor in the enhanced Edition through Wolfsclaw) ¨*•.¸Clamperl -Waterstone- Gorebyss OR -Level 38- Huntail Dusclops -Level 55- Dusknoir Electabuzz -Level 50- Electivire Graveler -Level 41- Golem Haunter -Level 40- Gengar Kadabra -Level 38- Alakazam Machoke -Level 40- Machamp Magmar -Level 50- Magmortar Onix -Level 38- Steelix Poliwhirl -Level 38- Politoed OR -Waterstone- Poliwrath Porygon -Level 38- Porygon2 Porygon2 -Level 52- Porygon-Z Rhydon -Level 58- Rhyperior Scyther -Level 40- Scizor Seadra -Level 49- Kingdra Slowpoke -Level 37- Slowbro OR -Waterstone- Slowking
¸.•*¨ I developed some Eastereggs(I will provide you part Riddles to find out where they are(here 2 2 Riddles, sorry if mine english is no perfect)) ¨*•.¸First Riddle: catch a Zigzagoon and evolve it not before Level 30 and you will found a many luck in the place full of Tree´sIf you want to become a technological Thief go to the "Big Wet Resort"
Features since/from Pokemon Bloody Diamond:¸.•*¨catch every 493 Pokemon (you deserve to really capture all Pokemon together wild Pokemon)¨*•.¸
¸.•*¨and the practically invincible elite 4 and also their Champion: "The legend 5"(since Bloody Diamond they had a hard Training and became a tiny bit stronger^^ )¨*•.¸
¸.•*¨you can likewise use her “old” savegame from the "normal" Platinum variation to beat Bloody Platinum¨*•.¸
¸.•*¨i overworked every pokemon route, (because there were a loooot the bugs in every route,cave etc.) currently you can catch at every route at least 10(up to 14) different pokemon!!! ¨*•.¸
.:: to execute ::.change the in-battle sprites that the Trainersmaybe i will make some text Editings etc. Yet it is too lot work (because i want to create a hack in all languages ) and i don´t speak every 6 languages^^
.:: Howto ::.In every paper is a check out Me with an instruction(so read it!)You need an untrimmed Rom that Pokemon Platinum in her language! and of food the Bloody Platinum spot in the very same language
4. In "Target record to apply patch to: (file will be overwritten)" browser to her UNTRIMMED Pokemon Platinum us ROM
Special many thanks to :Wolfsclaw, SCV, D-Throgh, Gamefreakfatty, Blader, Hackmew (I´m sorry if i have actually forgotten someone)
Hey Wolfsclaw maybe we can work together and also create the greatest Platinum Hack ever"The Bloody Platinum intensified Edtion" ;)
If you want to support the Hack, you can develop e.g. Banners and also tell her friends sth. Around this Hack
"Pokemon Bloody Diamond" a harder, much better and stronger Pokemon Diamond change and now it walk Platinum! have the right to YOU deafeat "The legendary 5" ??? PROVE IT!!!!
I think that Buffy changed from Diamond to Platinum. I mean, it"s feasible to readjust Platinum sprites making use of a tut and also a program, found here. So, ns think Buffy make his job less complicated by changing.
the looks nice good. I fifty percent to examine out what team would certainly be the finest for me to battle some more though.
Wild pokemon up to level90?That"s not a great idea.The training will certainly be as well easy, and you can record the wild pokemon easily.

In the night ns hear them talk, The coldest story ever before told, Somewhere far along this roadHe lost his soul, to a mrs so heartless
"Pokemon Bloody Diamond" a harder, better and stronger Pokemon Diamond modification and now it go Platinum! deserve to YOU deafeat "The legendary 5" ??? PROVE IT!!!!
I have actually the M3 Real and it works perfect, i don´t recognize if the will occupational on R4, try to obtain an Firmware upgrade then it need to work.
"Pokemon Bloody Diamond" a harder, much better and stronger Pokemon Diamond alteration and now it goes Platinum! deserve to YOU deafeat "The legendary 5" ??? PROVE IT!!!!
HiNice work-related dudeI love your old hack bloody diamondand now you begin it in platinum its for this reason nice because pokemon platinum is bigger thin diamond butI inquiry you come upload the patch to midfire site or 4 common or at least upload it come this site due to the fact that i have huge problem v rapidshare sitei didn"t even can downloading form it
an excellent work top top this! Been wait for the D/P/P hacks to display up, and also they come instantly with complete win!The brand-new sprites space awesome, and also i for sure LOVE the bloody Dialga. I would certainly download this just to have that awesomeness.Thanks for the difficult work, and i can only see this improving in the future, which method a good time for other players.Plays excellent, functions flawlessly. exactly do girlfriend play a NDS Rom in a laptop? I understand you require an emulater, yet is there anything else i need(other than a Rom)? This video game looks great, but if i can"t play the then i can"t yes, really tell you exactly how good. exactly do girlfriend play a NDS Rom in a laptop? I recognize you need an emulater, yet is there anything else i need(other 보다 a Rom)? This game looks great, however if i can"t play the then ns can"t yes, really tell you exactly how good.
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Okay, I"ve got an additional problem. I"ve gained the ROM, and also I"ve obtained the patch. Ns patched the UPS come the Patch, yet it"s still playing as Platinum. What"s walk on?
Okay, I"ve got another problem. I"ve acquired the ROM, and I"ve gained the patch. I patched the UPS to the Patch, however it"s still playing as Platinum. What"s walk on?
Images in the spoiler tags still count; eliminate the pictures in the spoiler tags -- too tall.Please review and also fix the concerns by analysis the signature rules.You must edit it to satisfy the limits collection by the rules prior to you may remove the code from your signature. Remove this tag will re-enable it.Do not eliminate the tag till you settle the issues in her signature. You may be infracted because that removing this tags if you execute not solve the stated issues. Perform not usage this tag for decoration purposes.

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heh, lol, ns am hacking platinum also :Onow here is mine wuestion, just how do you edit backsprites that dawn/lucas?(in my hack, gold and crystal, hehe)
Wow Buffy this hack is CRAZY!!the trainer after the E4 all have Lv90s!!and the rival"s incredibly strong!you need to make the second round E4 stronger cus the rivalstarts to obtain stronger
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my tsukuyomi program saids this as soon as I job the game:Failed! input checksum is invalid.What that means? That ns need an additional rom form Perla in English?