Here"s just how to find and also capture the fan favorite bag monster Pichu for trainers venturing out into the world of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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Here"s just how to find and capture the fan favorite pocket monster Pichu for trainers venturing out into the world of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

It"s no secret that the overarching aim of any new Pokemon game is to record "em all, however trainers just starting out in Pokemon Sun and Moon will no doubt have details beasties that take priority. For plenty of players, Ash Ketchum"s trusty sidekick Pikachu will certainly be high top top the perform of creatures to catch.

However, it"s no all that basic to find a Pikachu out in the wild on the tropical archipelago of the Alola region. Indeed, it seems that the most basic strategy is to find a Pichu and also take the crucial steps to evolve it right into the top Poke-mascot, according to a report indigenous VG247.

Fortunately for any trainers that don"t mind even if it is they capture a Pikachu fully or catch a Pichu and also evolve it later on on, the two Pokemon have tendency to hang out in the same areas. By wandering roughly these locations, football player will have the ability to rely upon recording a Pichu, even if lock don"t stumble upon a Pikachu.

Pikachu and also Pichu both generate in the more quickly area players can accessibility in the game: course 1 ~ above Melemele Island. This is a great opportunity to play with as much of the video game as possible with this particular Pokemon in your party — back it has to be said that both creatures are an ext copious elsewhere.

The best place to look because that these electric-type monsters is in the gardens the Hau"oli City, i m sorry is also on Melemele Island. They"re an ext common right here than on path 1, so trainers will likely have the ability to enter a fight with one of two people a Pichu or a Pikachu there is no needing come wander roughly in long grass for rather so long.

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After recording a Pichu, trainers must make certain it"s happy come prompt it come evolve into Pikachu. There space several different methods of doing this, including:

Walking about with Pichu as a member the the party. finding a soothing Bell on course 3 and also making Pichu organize the item. Battling through Pichu, there is no letting the biology faint — if it does, the will minimize its delight making use of items top top Pichu using Poke Refresh come play through Pichu

By combining every these different methods, it need to be easy to do Pichu happy sufficient to transform into a Pikachu. From there, the process of evolving Pikachu into Raichu is as an easy as exposing the creature to a Thunder Stone.