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My 99 pontiac grand am behind side passenger window is off track. It goes down (past whereby it need to stop) once the window button is pressed). I"ve eliminated the panel yet don"t recognize where to go from below (how come actually obtain to the home window to set it earlier on track). I deserve to manually press it up, yet it simply goes back down. Wait on some advice. Thanks.
My assumption: v is the the white window clips that connect the metal cables thrust by the motor to the window sashes broke. This is very common, and also actually simply happened to me recently. Carry out you watch pieces of damaged white plastic in the bottom of the door cavity? That would certainly deffinately indicate it. If the is the case, us can give you instructions on how to install new clips.
Welcome to the society on the cool am windows failing. Mine both fell driver next fell due to the fact that of the press on the cable, it was tangled around the motor gear. Simply replace it and also put it earlier on the track and if it still no work examine inside the motor housing. Havnt personally looked into the behind doors however should be able to just pop the door dashboard off and remove a plastic shield covering it and you should be able to see or feel the clips that organize the window and popular music them earlier in place.
well unfortunatly the home windows coming turn off track seems to be a usual problem v the cool am. My vehicle drivers side home window is clear turn off the track also but i gibberish bothered addressing it, i also have a friend v this problem. I just leave it up in the winter and also down in the summer
while newly installing a brand-new lighter socket in mine console i got a glimpse under the shifter and believe i observed the tiny white box you space referring to. Go it residence the lamp that show wether you are in drive, reverse, ect.?
while recently installing a new lighter socket in my console i got a glimpse under the shifter and believe i observed the little white box you space referring to. Walk it residence the lights that display wether you space in drive, reverse, ect.?I"m not sure you have actually the right write-up you are responding to. You may want come re-check wherein you have actually posted your reply.Regards.

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well unfortunatly the home windows coming off track seems to it is in a common problem through the grand am. My vehicle drivers side window is clear turn off the track as well but i gibberish bothered solving it, i additionally have a friend through this problem. I simply leave it up in the winter and down in the summerThanks because that responding to my short article silentbob1416... I taken into consideration doing the very same thing, regrettably it rains quite a little in Fla and doesn"t gain as cold in the winter, for this reason I decided to take it it to my mechanic... He claimed it to be the regulator/motor and would replace it because that me. That shouldn"t price too much since I eliminated the door dashboard myself. Finest of luck to you and also thanks again because that responding to mine post.