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im brand-new to the pontiac cars so ns dont recognize much bout them, my neighbor request me if i can adjust her intake manifold gasket on she 1999 cool prix. I was wondering if u man can help me out and also tell me how to readjust it or a link to where i can discover info on how to adjust the gasket.tia for the assist guys.
It is not an overwhelming to readjust an input manifold gasket however it will take you number of hours. First you should disconnect the battery. Drain the coolant from the radiator and also remove the engine sheathe if equipped. If not remove the waiting cleaner pipe from the throttle body. Girlfriend will must remove the top radiator water tap from the engine. It may be a good idea to change the thermostat therefore disconnect the hose wherein it connects come the optimal of the manifold. Currently you will have to remove such items together the coils, spark plug wires. The is finest to number lock so girlfriend can obtain them earlier on the appropriate plug. Currently you will must remove the connected hardware that will avoid removal. Take it the belt off, eliminate the alternator if it is attached to the manifold either directly or through a bracket. Eliminate the fuel line from the fuel rail after ~ you relax the fuel pressure. Be very careful no to damages the rails or the threads as soon as you eliminate the fuel line. If there are any other hoses or lines associated to the manifold friend will need to remove them as well. Disconnect the throttle cable, absent down and other associated connections to the throttle body. Now gently eliminate the wires from the injectors, there may be a clip that have to be removed. Mark each one as to the number and also location. Use a item of ice cream to note them. Once whatever is loose take a socket that the suitable size and also loosen the manifold bolts. Start in the center and also work your means in a cris-cross sample going towards the exterior of the engine. Once every little thing is loose remove the bolts and place lock in a bag or tray so friend don"t lose them. Now, gently pry the manifold loosened from the former of the engine. Use a screw driver and also gently pry till the manifold come loose. Once loose remove indigenous the engine and also place aside. Place record towels in every port and lay a shop towel or 2 in the lifter galley. This will certainly prevent any gasket or other product from dropping in the harbor or galley that can damage the engine. Scrape the gasket surface with a gasket scraper to remove the old gasket. Wipe the surface clean and get prepared to placed everything ago together. eliminate the towels being cautious not to drop something in the ports and make absolutely sure you perform not forget to eliminate one! place the new gaskets in place, there have to be retainers through the collection or locating pins on the heads. At the finish of the manifold where it contact the block there will be one area that has actually some kind of silicone sealant. Eliminate the old sealant and also replace it v a sensor for sure silicone material. Most good gasket kits come with this in a tube. Placed a healthy bead, not too much and allow for a curing time of about 30 minutes. Change the manifold by put it directly down. Don"t twist it or relocate it excessively as you might dislocate the gaskets and also cause a leak. change the bolts and also torque to specification in a pattern designated by the manufacturer. Hook up whatever you disconnected and also fill the radiator v coolant. Reconnect the battery and also you should have the ability to start the car. Run it approximately operating temperature and check for leaks. I told friend this will take time. Ns would also invest in a Chiltons manual before attempting to carry out this job. If the vehicle is a GTP forget the whole thing if you room a novice and have she take it come a repair shop. An excellent Luck! through the way! just how good looking is this ar anyway!!!

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who needs Chiltons after a response like that, nice job-related GTP DAD. One an ext thing i favor to do is glass bead everything prior to i reassemble it. It renders the job go simpler when whatever is clean.