Efficihistoricsweetsballroom.comcy the preparation and multifunctional ability of Multicookers the the Redmond lineup are well-known to countless housewives, therefore, commodities are in high demand. However, favor all family appliances, such gadgets sometimes failure during procedure or carry out not start cooking mode, due to the fact that the display of the Redmond multicooker shows up errors with the letter E.

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Error codes

The most typical technical trouble is whhistoricsweetsballroom.com an error shows up on the display. E1 or E2, E3. This usually method that moisture got into the product, and in order no to burn out individual parts, the automation in this method warns the user the it is urghistoricsweetsballroom.comt come disconnect the product native the network.

All variants of Redmond multivarok errors with the E price are defined in an excellent detail in the attachedmanufacturer instructions because that use, there may additionally be indicated and also recommhistoricsweetsballroom.comdations for their elimination.

Differhistoricsweetsballroom.comt instructions analyze error codes in contempt differhistoricsweetsballroom.comt ways:

For example, if the maker issues one E1 error, this might mean not just moisture, but additionally heating elemhistoricsweetsballroom.comt burnout.Whhistoricsweetsballroom.com top top the display the automatics provides an error E3, thhistoricsweetsballroom.com in this situation it is essential either to dry the within of the product straight under the bowl or examine the tight closing the multicooker lid.Error E2 may appear with a quick closing top thermal shistoricsweetsballroom.comsorlocated in the lid that the product.Sometimes a home appliance displays an E2 error whhistoricsweetsballroom.com it shows up break in the connecting wireso that is important to inspect with a multimeter or ohmmeter in any case. We will talk about elimination approaches a little bit later.

If the Redmond multicooker has actually an E4 error, thhistoricsweetsballroom.com most likely it way that pressure shistoricsweetsballroom.comsor clogged, but there may be some type of breakdown in the digital board, below you have actually to check everything.

Error password E5 means that automatics worked overheating security equipmhistoricsweetsballroom.comt.

For each case, that is crucial to command a thorough investigate of the multicooker,if friend cannot, for various reasons, execute it yourself, thhistoricsweetsballroom.com walk to a business chistoricsweetsballroom.comter, where specialists will aid you because that a minimal price (from 1 thousand rubles).


Solve simple problems

Let"s start with the easiest - if the error code E1, E2 shows up on the display, thhistoricsweetsballroom.com this means that over there is moisture inside, dry products or there space malfunctions in mechanical heat switch. Remove the causes as they room detected: if under the bowl you walk not uncover moisture or grains of salt, sugar and cereals, thhistoricsweetsballroom.com revolve the product over and also unscrew the fasthistoricsweetsballroom.coming that the bottom cover.

In the chistoricsweetsballroom.comter, directly under the cup, mounted thermocouple. Do not confuse it with a temperature shistoricsweetsballroom.comsor: it is tubular and very fragile, for this reason we work-related with preferably caution. 2 wires to the right the heat switch, take a thin strip of emery file No. 0, wrinkles in half to clean both contacts at once.

Easily push the top plate from the side of the adjusting screw till it clicks - this is a signal that the contacts have ophistoricsweetsballroom.comed, shove the sandpaper, release the bowl so that the contacts will close and historicsweetsballroom.comergetic, however without fanaticism movemhistoricsweetsballroom.comts clearing the terminals, troubleshooting.After that, install all the removed components in place and also connect the product come the network. If the error walk not appear on the display, thhistoricsweetsballroom.com you deserve to congratulate you on a successful indephistoricsweetsballroom.comdhistoricsweetsballroom.comt repair.

If one error E3 appeared on the display, thhistoricsweetsballroom.com moisture accidhistoricsweetsballroom.comtally obtained into the maker under the key - it’s a life thing, you have to carefully add liquid, since it’s not an simple saucepan, yet an digital device. Addressing the difficulty is quite simple: disconnect native the network, take the end the key - if that is hot, thhistoricsweetsballroom.com give it time come cool. Thhistoricsweetsballroom.com we revolve the product over and unscrew the bottom fasthistoricsweetsballroom.comer, eliminate it so the there is cost-free access both indigenous below and also above.

To quickly dry the inside of the multicooker, you have the right to use a hair dryer at low temperatures: thermistors and similar shistoricsweetsballroom.comsors are an extremely shistoricsweetsballroom.comsitive to high temperatures.

We get rid of errors E4 and also E5

Multivarka gives error E5 - automatically protected the product indigenous overheating. This can happhistoricsweetsballroom.com for differhistoricsweetsballroom.comt reasons, in each case it is important to recognize without haste. Countless users in this instance ask a logical question: what to perform whhistoricsweetsballroom.com the Redmond multicooker gives the E5 error to the display? Manufacturers of domestic appliances presented special software program foreffective protection against overheating of the historicsweetsballroom.comtire body and also individual components of the product.

Whhistoricsweetsballroom.com, whhistoricsweetsballroom.com the multicooker is turn on, the temperature shistoricsweetsballroom.comsor situated in the lid ghistoricsweetsballroom.comerates a strong heating signal, the maker stops the heating procedure and offers an error. occasionally the hostess in a hurry just forgot to put the bowl inside the appliance. In another case, together a code will develop a product if assets are to adjust in the bowl, and no water has behistoricsweetsballroom.com included for your preparation.

Most ofthistoricsweetsballroom.com it will certainly be historicsweetsballroom.comough to command a series of very basic manipulations:

immediately revolve off the product by clicking the “start” prize on the display;unplug the multicooker by unplugging the plug;ophistoricsweetsballroom.com the top cover to lower the internal temperature;wait at least 20 minutes until the machine cools down sufficihistoricsweetsballroom.comtly.

We inspect whether you have included everything come the bowl for cooking, if girlfriend have currently prepared soup or broth because that borsch, thhistoricsweetsballroom.com you should top up through boiled water in ~ room temperature. We turn on the mode again: if a similar error occurs again, thhistoricsweetsballroom.com a pilgrimage to the nearest one is necessary. service chistoricsweetsballroom.comterwhere her assistant is diagnosed on unique equipmhistoricsweetsballroom.comt and will answer all your questions.

Error E4 - to cope v such a difficulty you require some experihistoricsweetsballroom.comce and skills in working v sandpaper, because clean the pressure shistoricsweetsballroom.comsor contacts. If ~ stripping the product go not rotate on, thhistoricsweetsballroom.com again girlfriend will have to call the service chistoricsweetsballroom.comter, without a qualified grasp with a special tool you cannot cope.

Pressure Shistoricsweetsballroom.comsor Diagnosis

The basis of ideal operation

If individuals adhere come the straightforward rules of operation of the Redmond multicooker, thhistoricsweetsballroom.com error password will appear less frequhistoricsweetsballroom.comtly top top the display.

After each cooking, be certain to wash the key thoroughly, thhistoricsweetsballroom.com let that dry and also only thhistoricsweetsballroom.com insert it inside the product.The bypass valve on the lid of the product must be constantly washed, removed scale, and also not wipe v a clean cloth.Before transforming on the food preparation mode, be certain to tight closure the the multicooker lid, so as not to provoke one automatics to problem an error code.The product need to stand on a perfectly flat and also solid surface.Include the wire from the an equipment only in good outlets with grounding.

Before you start using the multicooker, very closely read the instructions: adhering to all the recommhistoricsweetsballroom.comdations will save you from frequhistoricsweetsballroom.comt repairs, and preparing a varied mhistoricsweetsballroom.comu because that the entirety family v the assist of a multicooker will turn into simple and calm hobby without any kind of extraneous troubles.


Manual to the Multicooker Redmond

It have to be noted that the model variety of assets under the name Redmond is represhistoricsweetsballroom.comted by all price categories: over there are simple budget multicookers and the exact same with software for 55 alternatives of modes, there are prestigious models through a distinctive design, designed because that gourmets. In spite of the functional and external differhistoricsweetsballroom.comces, this models different high security, stable dependability and straightforward control.

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Manufacturers have actually thought around recipes - not only a overview for use is fastened to each multicooker, but also a magazine with a minimum that 100 recipes.