Medically the evaluation by Cynthia Cobb, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP — written by Jenna Fletcher ~ above February 28, 2018

Under common circumstances, a healthy person should not need to pressure urination. Instead, the human body will normally tell a person when they should pee. Forcing urination must only take place when compelled for a medical sample.

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Some medical conditions can make urination difficult, such as prostate troubles or bladder infections. In this circumstances, a human being should seek clinical attention to attend to the underlying cause of your symptoms, rather of trying to pressure urination.

In most cases, a human can aid prevent urination problems with part preparation, such together by drink plenty of water before an appointment whereby urine samples space required.

However, there are times once a human needs to pee, either for a to pee sample or various other reason, and cannot prepare beforehand. Listed below are part techniques and tricks to aid induce urination as soon as needed.

Nine ways to induce urination

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There room several ways that a human may be able to force us to to pee on demand.

These techniques might not occupational for everyone. A human being may need to try several approaches in order to discover what works finest for them.

The nationwide Institutes of wellness recommend the following techniques:

1. Tapping the area in between navel and pubic bone

While sitting on the toilet, a person have the right to tap the area located in between the ship button and also the pubic bone.

Using the fingertips, a person deserve to gently but firmly madness the skin near the bladder every 30 secs to encourage urination.

2. Bending forward

Bending front while sitting on the restroom puts extr pressure top top the bladder, which have the right to encourage urination.

3. Placing a hand in heat water

Placing a hand in warm water can cause the urge to pee. A human being should carry out this while sitting on the toilet.

If the toilet is within with of a sink or tub, a person deserve to let warm water run from the tap over their hand.

4. To run water

The sound that water can create the have to urinate. A person having trouble urinating can turn ~ above the toilet sink prior to attempting to pee or flush the toilet prior to using it.

Some world find that play recordings of to run water can additionally have the very same effect.

5. Drink while trying come urinate

Drinking water or another low-sugar fluid while attempting come pee may likewise trigger the body to urinate.

People might need come drink number of sips before trying to pee in bespeak to acquire this an approach to work.

Drinking caffeinated beverages or alcohol is not recommended, together they deserve to make a person an ext dehydrated.

6. Do the efforts the Valsalva maneuver

The Valsalva maneuver entails pushing down as if trying to have actually a bowel movement. A person may uncover that making use of their forearm to push on the reduced abdomen also helps.

People should avoid putting pressure straight on the bladder, together this can cause urine to ago up into the kidneys and also may reason an infection.

7. Exercising

Simple exercises such together walking or doing jumping jacks can aid a human urinate.

Before heading come the bathroom, a person may wish to execute a couple of laps that the residence or office to stimulate urination.

8. Massaging the inside thigh

Rubbing the within thigh when on the toilet can aid induce the have to pee. A person should gently massage the within of your leg through their hands or fingers.

9. Making use of relaxation techniques

If a human is concerned or stressed around being can not to pee, castle can try some simple relaxation methods to encourage urination.

Keeping their eyes closed, a human can focus on be sure the muscles, beginning with the fingers and also hands and working through all parts of the body. The score is to relax the bladder and encourage urination.

A who nervous device is generally responsible because that signaling as soon as the bladder is full and also should be emptied. The sensation is frequently one of fullness and pressure.

In many cases, a person have the right to rely ~ above these herbal signals to understand when urination need to occur. However, there space times as soon as urination demands to happen on demand, regularly for clinical procedures.

Some that the most common reasons a person may should pee on need for a medical test include:

drug testingradiologic or ultrasonic examinationsurinalysis, to pee culture, and blood studiescystoscopy, wherein a slim tube with a camera examines the bladder and also urethraurodynamic studies, i m sorry assess exactly how well the human body stores and releases urine

Examples of urodynamic studies incorporate uroflowmetry, cystometrogram (CMG), urethral push profiling, and electromyography.

Following surgery, a human may suffer a problem called neurogenic bladder. This is when the nerves no much longer tell the mind when that is time to urinate.

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Neurogenic bladder can reason a human being to either host urine for too long or have difficulty urinating because they can not feel when their bladder is full.