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Awarded best Handheld video game of 2008. Discover the location that introduced a legacy!With end 17 million units sold worldwide, uncover the initial title that shaped the puzzle-adventure genre and launched a legacy. Digitally remastered in HD because that mobile devices and with new, never-before-seen animated cutscenes, it’s time to operation the cerebral marathon with Professor Layton and the Curious Village.The tale starts as Professor Layton, a true English gentleman and also famous archeologist, drives to the remote negotiation of St. Mystere through his apprentice, Luke, in response to a inquiry from the widow the a affluent baron. The baron’s will shows that the household treasure, the gold, is surprise somewhere within the village, and whoever find it will certainly inherit the totality of the Reinhold Estate. The Professor and also Luke must search the city for ideas leading come the priceless heirloom.Featuring a distinctive artistic style that oozes old-world charm, the game’s quirky cast of characters instantly pertains to life. The man cutscenes, remastered in HD, tell crucial parts the the story in gorgeous detail. And also ever-present in the background, the initial soundtrack, lover by many players, keenly catches the mood of the Layton universe.Based ~ above the "Atama no Taisou" (lit. "Head Gymnastics") publications by Akira Tago, Professor Layton and also the Curious town brings together more than 100 mind teasers including slide puzzles, matchstick puzzles, and also even trick concerns to flex players’ observation, logic, and critical thinking skills. In addition, rather than just selecting challenges from a list, players uncover puzzles through conversations through the villagers or by investigating your surroundings.

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If you space obsessed v mind-bending puzzles, Professor Layton and the Curious village is for you!Game Features: • first installment the the Layton Series• over 100 puzzles, draft by Akira Tago, that have the right to be tackled ~ above the way to resolving the case• New! Exclusive, never-before-seen computer animation footage• beautiful remastered in HD because that mobile devices• Engaging mini-games that encompass collecting gizmos and also pieces that a secret painting, and pursuing next characters• Offline beat after early stage downloadThis game can be play in English and also French only. * requires OS 8.0 or greater (iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or newer)