I was solving my friends PS3 Slim and also it will read dvd"s yet it won"t check out blu light ray or ps3 games.

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So ns figured it to be the blu ray lens. So i ordered a new one online and also I simply finished installing it and also the very same symptoms are happening!


Ugh...would anyone know what"s wrong with it? the couldn"t it is in the data cable might it?


Thanks because that the help!



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So I finished up addressing the ps3. Searched online around the issue and apparently the boot document in the mechanism that enables it to review blu ray format can end up being corrupted leading to the unit to not check out blu rays. Therefore you have to do a complete system reclaim (11+ hours) the will replace the corrupted document with a new one.


So i did simply that and now that works!


Kinda sucks I wasted money top top the laser lens


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Well I believed I solved it due to the fact that the game I use to check is prototype and that operated in the morning. Then once I acquired home from occupational I made decision to try a blu beam movie so ns tried the tremendous hulk and also that didn"t review so I assumed that was odd.


So ns tried a various game and also I make the efforts rage and also that wouldn"t work. For this reason then ns tried wall-e top top blu ray and that worked.


So it appears that some blu beam movies/games work and others perform not.


This is the forum whereby I thought restoring the system would settle the problem:





Does everyone have any type of idea on what could be the issue? It currently has a brand brand-new lens installed too.

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Posted June 13, 2013

No one has any idea of how to solve this?

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Posted June 13, 2013

I know that periodically it looks prefer you"re talking to yourself, however it happens once you find the equipment yourself.

It possibly a not correct forum to write-up this.

I fixed a similar issued through Slim PS2 not reading the DVDs and it was a lens that was bad.

Maybe you need to update come the newest SW on the PS3?


Check this one: http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PSN-Video-and-Music-General/Mystery-My-PS3-will-play-some-Blu-ray-discs-not-others/td-p/30520853

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Posted June 14, 2013

Well it seems like there is no fix as to why the Blu ray player reads part blu rays and not others...some one in a forum mentioned that your didn"t play double layer blu rays...not certain which people those are, but in my instance it dram COD black Ops 2 perfectly and I"m certain that"s dual layer because it"s relatively new.

Here is a list of what ns tried doing:

*Replace the laser lens

*Restore the whole system (took 11+ hours!)

*Restore default settings

*Restore record system

*Rebuild database

*Cleaned the lens v alcohol swab

*Have the recent firmware so my friend can log in

*Lubed increase the rails for this reason the lens might move earlier and 4th smoothly


So in ~ this allude I"m suspect its the POS motor that moves the lens back and fourth because it plays COD black Ops 1 every 10 tries...i assumption: v it"s simply luck when it go work.

Is there any method to replace the engine for the thing? Not also sure what it would be called in order come look for the part.

I doubt it"s the cd spinner because it go play games.


My conclusion because that it gift the motor the moves the lens ago and soon is this: The PS3 has limited time come fetch data that needs, and if the data is close (games that work) then it has actually no problem however if the data is spread out across the disc climate it fails. So i think the lens isn"t moving too sluggish to having the data at the proper time. LOL Kinda a wild assumption I know.

See more: What Is The Molecular Geometry Of Scl2, What Is The Molecular Shape Of Scl2

If everyone could aid me in ~ this point I"d highly appreciate it!


Here is a list of forums/websites ns been utilizing to aid me follow me the way...hope it helps someone who has actually trouble here.