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There’s a grasp of bizarre movies from the noughties wherein you either know the film and also adore it v all your heart, or you’ve never even heard the it. Boy name Duff’s 2005 movie Raise her Voice drops into this special category.

The movie to be absolutely savaged by movie critics upon that is release. Mine favourite testimonial is indigenous USA Today who wrote: “Even the kindest reaction historicsweetsballroom.come Raise her Voice is likely to it is in ‘shut her face."” ns can’t say that’s no direct and concise.

While the film flopped at package office, that eventually discovered a cult following and somehow came to be one of mine favourite movie to watch growing up and also I can’t quite describe why.

me when you males are prepared to historicsweetsballroom.comment on real problems… like Hilary Duff’s Oscar snub for she iconic function in Raise her Voice

— Aasha Collins (

Rotten tomatoes summarises the film as: “A teenage girl to learn that reaching for your desires isn’t always easy in this heartfelt drama through music.” the is certainly a “heartfelt drama with music” and also the storyline follows Terry (Duff), a 16-year-old v aspirations to it is in singer, who dream of involvement a prestigious music institution is dubbed into concern after her greatest supporter, her brother, dies in a car accident.

This every happens in the very first ten minute of the film. I chose that I had actually to rewatch this movie that I regarded on constant rotation in mine youth. Oh boy, I remained in for one ~experience~ prefer no other.

I Rewatched Raise her Voice as An Adult & had An gift Crisis.

The film begins with a black screen and also the words, “Musicis ahigher revelationthan every wisdom and also philosophy,” a quote native Beethoven. Why? I have actually literally no clue and it is never defined or spoken of again. Cool.

Then we’re in high school choir class and Terry issinging ‘Joy historicsweetsballroom.come The World’ and also loving herself sick. “Call me a dork yet I love choir practice!’” she speak a girlfriend we never ever see again. Terry stays in a tiny town, we know this together a random man is simply hanging an American flag for no obvious reason.

At a family members barbecue, Terry claims she is excited about a reputation music institution that she applied to and also her dad roll his eyes, butting in that it’s “some music thing in LA,” fully dismissing her.

It’s a dominion that every dads in ’00s movies have to be irrationally disapproving of your daughter’s dreams.

Thankfully, her brothers Paul thinks terry is a superstar in the making. That defends his sis and in one scene in reality tells she this:


No historicsweetsballroom.comment.

Also, Paul looks favor every lead singer of one ’00s emo tape I offered to imagine was my boyfriend when I to be high college (*cough* still historicsweetsballroom.come this day). Anyways, Paul is low-key obsessed with his sister.Terry is singing in she room and also Paul records her, ns assume she is supposed to sound….good?? I’m no convinced. He adheres to her around and edits together clips of her singing right into her hairbrush and also submits the video to the an intricate music school.

One night Terry and also Paul sneak out and go to a 3 Days grace gig (which is ache 2005) and also on the means home, they get hit by a car and Paul dies dead. Terrycloth wakes increase in the hospital and is called by her mum the Paul didn’t make it.

Her tepid reaction to the news looks choose me as soon as my sister tells me she finished the critical of the Tim Tams:


Actually, as soon as my sister told me i cried for five days.

Terry gets into the music school and also while she claims she doesn’t desire to song anymore, her mum and also aunt convince her to go. She arrives in LA and immediately gets she jacket stolen and also as she taxis to school, she sees who rummaging with a dumpster. That’s LA, baby! The city of dreams!

She knocks on her dorm room’s door and also hunky British man Jay renders fun of her, which is pretty much the specific same method Amanda Bynes first meets this gibbs (Oliver James) two years previously in What A Girl Wants.This is suss, I’m persuaded it’s the exact same character. Ns unfortunately looked up the gibbs on Twitter to discover that he’s now an anti-masker, so it’s finest he simply lives top top forever together these two this one character — and the can be fried ’00s thirst-trap.

this dude proved up in two early on "00 movies in his terrible necklaces to tell a teen girl historicsweetsballroom.come follow she heart and also stand out, and he disappeared forever, love his energy!!!!

— Dana Schwartz (
DanaSchwartzzz) respectable 13, 2020

As Terry ultimately gets previous Jay and also goes approximately her room, she meets her roommate Denise, that despises the sight of her, historicsweetsballroom.complaining she hoped she had actually her own room. She rushes to contact her dad and also tricks him into thinking she has not moved to LA however is rather staying with her aunt. Males are big idiots.

The school has its first assembly whereby Aidan native Sex and The Cityis play the cello, and also we learn he’s one of the teachers. Aidan is a chaotic teacher yet extremely sexy. The Dean is the dad from new Prince of Bel-Air, that announces that for the semester students will work on a piece to it is in performed at a final concert and also the finest performance will certainly win an scholastic scholarship.

In the courtyard, every the students begin playing some song, each including an aspect with their different instruments one ~ the other.

Two girls just sing “ooh ooh ooh, yeahhhhh!” over and over again. Why is that that when I try to do this on Bourke Street, buskers constantly immediately alarm the police??


This scene once led me to believe that students researching music and also arts constantly spontaneously break right into song favor this, which make adulthood very disappointing because that me.

Terry is struggling to do friends or, rather, find anyone that will talk to her at all. She suck at timeless training and can’t even identify a B-flat. An pure amateur. Ns forgot that Chilli from The OC is in this (RIP, the actor Johnny Lewis passed away in 2012) and also omg, it’s Kat Dennings! She’s in this together a mysterious pianist who doesn’t speak and also Chilli is obsessed with gaining her attention. More on that laters!

Back through Terry, she asks Denise what her problem is and also she claims she didn’t average to historicsweetsballroom.come across as uncaring but just “doesn’t desire to get captured up in any type of personalities” which I’m including to mine Tinder bio.

In Aidan’s class, he notices that terry is not very an excellent and can’t harmonious because that shit, then in one more class the Russian teacher can’t attend to her rubbish to sing either and also his reaction to her voice is a mood.


Terry and also Jay start hanging out, he states he left London to examine music in LA due to the fact that his parents gained a divorce. She replies “so music is your greater power?” and also I honestly don’t understand what this means or why she says it.

As terrycloth is in the center of informing Jay the her brother recently died, he simply flakes on your convo and also runs away. At the very same time Denise appears to warn her that Jay preys on quite girls choose her.

Terry replies in a important baffling way. To this day, ns still think around this godawful piece of dialogue when I try to fall asleep every night.


Make that stop! it haunts me!

Back in class, Aidan again tells terry that he’s surprised she’s so terrible and reveals that her brother sent out in a recording of her and also that’s the reason she obtained into the school. Reminder: in the video clip she is just singing in the choir and also then into her hairbrush. This historicsweetsballroom.completely checks out. That plays it because that her and she runs off crying and packs up she bags to leaving — it’s really dramatic. Jay interrupts and also tries to to convince her to historicsweetsballroom.come because that a walk.

“The bag isn’t walking away,” the says. “How execute I recognize you won’t,” terry replies, i beg your pardon is a low-key psychotic point to say to a man you simply met. Yet hey, that am ns to judge. I once told a man on a Tinder day that our wedding dance tune would be ‘Special Two’ by Missy Higgins. He unparalleled while I went to the bathroom. The one-of-a-kind two, us were not.

After Terry and Jay have a talk, they begin dating and every one of a sudden Terry appears to be an excellent at singing?? We know this because she performs the weirdest vocal performance ever put to film and also everyone is impressed. There’s no means to define it, girlfriend simply have to watch it.

Remember in Raise her Voice as soon as they dubbed 3 different voices in this one vocal riff?

— Max Grossman (
GrossmanMax) January 14, 2019

Hilary needs an exorcism. There room at least five different singing voices stuck within her.


I hear that everyone that watches the performance is cursed forever choose those who check out the video from The Ring. But instead that a tiny girl climbing out of the well, it’s young name Duff.

Terry go in top top Jay performing ~ above the piano and also he sings her a song and also it’s an extremely important that ns relay every the lyrics together they’re just beautiful:

“You and me,

Can’t you see,

How our hearts space one,

Please believe,

And don’t deceive,

Now ours journey’s simply begun,

Sunlight in your hair,

Makes my heart jump in the air.”


Ed Sheeran is shaking.

Chilli is tho obsessed through piano girl, he also makes she song dubbed ‘She Doesn’t also Know’ which the plays loudly once she’s around. Again, males are big idiots. Terrycloth convinces piano girl to historicsweetsballroom.come on a group date and also she arrives dressed favor she’s around to go to the barbershop and also bake Chill into a meat pie, which would certainly be a much amazing plot breakthrough than those two just acquiring together.

On the date, terry sees the Denise is busking and has the audacity to interrupt her, make her adjust the song she’s play on violin, and then sings loudly over her.

Did I mention Terry is the worst?


Terry takes Jay to the roof and also says she historicsweetsballroom.comes up over there to think. She asks him what he thinks around and the replies “stuff”. Ns felt that. He tries historicsweetsballroom.come kiss her and she claims they’re relocating too fast. Jay suggests they create a track together for the last performance, and then she kisses him. Was the song-writing all a ruse for some kissy time? Maybe. Do I dislike myself for just typing the native ‘kissy time’? Definitely.

Jay tries to convince terry to perform at an open up mic night, yet again, we space reminded the she is not an extremely good. As she sings the very first verse, us are supposed to think she’s triggered back to the car accident by the bright lights.

She operation off and also doesn’t go to college the following day. Aidan scolds terrycloth for missing class and she ultimately reveals what she’s to be holding in this whole movie:


Oh, and she tells him she brother died in a automobile crash.

Back in class, there’s part side drama through Jay’s ex Robin. She’s upset that terry stole her historicsweetsballroom.component and her boyfriend Jay, as they dated the year prior. He tells her he’s changed and “isn’t the same human being I to be last summer.” Jay’s no a girl, no yet a woman.

Robin ignores Jay’s weird words and pulls him in because that a kiss, simply as terry bursts in and sees. She runs away (again) and also goes to her room and also rips up the lyrics to the tune they wrote together.

Let’s remember that Jay is just some fuckboi from England who has actually a blonde spiked mohawk and also dresses favor this:


Terry stops talk to Jay, she walks about LA miserable, and also while praying in ~ church Aidan pertains to historicsweetsballroom.comfort her. She talks about missing her brother, and also he tells her she’s one artist so therefore feels points deeper and also actually historicsweetsballroom.compares she to Patsy Cline.

My eyes role so far ago in mine head that I deserve to see my own butt.

Jay historicsweetsballroom.come drunk external Terry’s apartment to make amends, i beg your pardon is constantly a clever strategy. “I wasn’t kissing her, she was kissing me,” that slurs out. “Just chilled out!” that shouts in ~ Denise as she speak him to walk away. Terry takes him historicsweetsballroom.come the roof so he doesn’t gain in problem for gift drunk, he sleeps increase there and also when that awakes all appears fine between them.

I didn’t realise getting here at mine ex’s residence drunk was the means to victory them ago but I’m taking notes.


Back with Terry’s dad the jig, together they say, is well and also truly up. He gets an invite in the mail to Terry’s final performance and umm how tf did they go with all this cover-up and still it is provided the institution with she father’s address?? If Lizzie Maguire have the right to convince the people she’s Italian pop starIsabella Parigi then ns think terrycloth should be able to pass along her aunt’s address.

The mum speak the dad the Terry’s been in LA this entirety time and the dad is upset (for a change) therefore goes to view Terry the day ofthe final performance. The is wait for she in her room, packing up every her belongings, and tells she she’s leaving. Terry ultimately snaps and also stands up because that herself, telling him “you don’t listen to anybody and also we’re all afraid of you,” which is nice alarming. Yikes.

No one:

Not a soul:

Women telling mediocre guys in every ’00s movie:


Over in ~ the final performance, Denise is bossing it, she kicks she chair triumphantly so you know she’s good. Terry and Jay space announced on phase next and also I’m shook to find out that Terry’s full name is Teresa. Bitch, why room you walk by Terry? Terry. Terry? What effective singer’s surname is Terry? It’s prefer if Shakira want to be referred to as Shazza.

Anyways, they execute their song ‘Someone’s Watching over Me’ from start to finish — for this reason we recognize it’s an alleged to be good. It does slap and even the angry dad is right into it, he even holds his wife’s hand, because that the an initial time ever I assume.

Afterwards Terry and Jay kiss, so ns guess they’re ago together! At the very least for now, till Jay morphs right into a brand-new person next summer. Ns wonder if he’ll still it is in British…what if he i do not care Italian.


WE view YOU, PAOLO.It all renders sense.

After all that Terry and also Jay don’t win the scholarship, Denise does! The factor why is historicsweetsballroom.complicated: she’s simply much better. It’s nice as we earlier learned she required the money to support herself in school. Terry’s dad tells his daughter that he was wrong and seeing her sing on stage was the proudest moment of his life. Aidan historicsweetsballroom.comes over and also they all agree she will return to the music institution the historicsweetsballroom.complying with year.

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The movie ends through the students having a jam session and for some reason, terrycloth is the just one singing this time. I guess every the other singers need to stay quiet while terry sings. One can say…her voice is official raised.