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Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in time Cheats because that PlayStation 3

an obstacle Mode win the video game on any difficulty to unlock difficulty mode. A setting with all wepaons, armor, and also bolts lugged over from your cleared game file.

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Contributed by: Skedar0

Insomniac Muesuem

After beating the game, friend will have the option to walk fight lord Vorselon on his ship. If you have actually all 40 zoni, you deserve to go come the corvus sector and also enter his ship to fight. After ~ you defeat him, you will certainly unlock the Insomniac Muesuem.

Contributed by: Ryan200666

Hardcore difficulty

Once you have beaten the video game on Casual, tool or hard difficulty, you will unlock Hardcore difficulty. This an obstacle level, once unlocked, is available for any new games girlfriend start, and for any kind of current games you have saved if you readjust the challenge in the options menu.

Contributed by: Ratchet12345

Trophies Trophy Trophy defeat the boss and also save the world uncover the Obsidian Eye collection all yellow bolts. win the copper Tournament. update one weapon to level 5. collection 10,000 bolts. complete a challenge Mode playthrough. win the gold Tournament. collect 50,000 bolts. Visit the Insomniac museum Retrieve cook Zahn"s Zoni Vessel. defeat the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler Reunite through Clank. Save general Azimuth from lord Vorselon"s clutches. Score 10,000 points on my Blaster operation Hot. confront Dr. Nefarious in the past destroy Dr. Nefarious" armada. acquisition all GrummelNet Weapons. complete the video game on Casual. finish the video game on Hard. finish the game on Medium. victory the Raritanium Tournament. collection 250,000 bolts. defeat Dr. Nefarious Complete good Clock, ar One. damage the VX-99. fix temporal damage caused by Dr. Nefarious. victory the silver- Tournament. prevent the Agorians from damaging Gimlick Valley. Vanquish lord Vorselon. master the hoverboots. collection all Constructo modifications. collection all trophies in the game. finish all room missions. collect 1,000,000 bolts. Unlock the Orvus Chamber. Rescue every Zoni.
88 MPH
Apogee Explorer
Bolt Collector
Bronze Champion
Fastoon Warrior
For a rainy Day
Glutton because that Punishment
Gold Champion
Greed is Good
It belongs in a Museum
Junior Caretaker
Just like Old Times
Leave no Lombax Behind
My Blaster operation Really, really Hot
Paradox Hero
Party Crasher
Preferred Customer
Q-Force Cadet
Q-Force Champion
Q-Force Hero
Raritanium Champion
Retirement Fund
Revenge of the Squishy
Rude Awakening
Savior of Axiom City
Senior Caretaker
Silver Champion
Somebody speak to For Backup?
Terraklon Assassin
The General"s Pupil
The Gunsmith
The Lombax Triumphant
The Samaritan
Time Keeper
Zoni Collector

Contributed by: guard Master, Mookiethebold, Thunder_Cat_1

ability Points

Complete each task to earn the particular Skill Point.

Unlockable Unlockable end up last challenge without obtaining hit. finish "Gone in 60 Seconds" in much less than 45 seconds. capture an Agorian Bomb out of the air. complete a Battleplex difficulty entirely top top hoverboots. store your blaster in the warm state for 60 seconds in my Blaster operation Hot. Destory the Hydra Tank using only your wrench. damage all luggage in Axiom City. get 12 Terachnoids in Axiom City come dance. destroy 10 opponents by ramming them with the Quantum Reflector. defeat 50 opponents while the player is in mid-air. loss 10 enemies with one dynamo. defeat 10 enemies with one shot of the Rift Inducer 5000. defeat 2 opponents with one bullet. Shoot down 5 dropships prior to they deserve to drop off their passengers. damage 2 opponents with one deflection. loss an foe trapped by the Mag-Net utilizing the Telsa Spike. Cannonball v 100 crates if on her hoverboots. Timebomb 250 projectiles. preserve an oil fire because that at the very least 30 seconds. finish all the goals in this sector. Take damages from every tetramite swarm without dying. ruin every camo crate in the level. complete the hoverboot food in much less than 45 seconds. Destory every junk heap in Molonoth. loss all Teratropes in the outer perimeter v the Hyper Strike. execute 5 U-turns in ~ 20 seconds. destroy 20 battle aircraft in a heat without shooting a missile. ruin 20 battle aircraft without getting hit. deal with 50 repairable objects in the an excellent Clock. get 8 monkeys to dance simultaneously. Reach round 30 in the fix-time mini-game. freeze 4 enemies simultaneously using the CryoMine Glove. complete the critical time puzzle room in 40 secs or less. complete the very first level in ~ 300 seconds. finish Quantum Annex 3 there is no harming a Teratrope. store a crate suspended in mid-air for more than 3 seconds. continue to be behind comet because that 15 seconds. damage every delivery in the graveyard. shooting 30 enemies in your weak spots utilizing the Plasma Striker. defeat 50 to dance enemies. loss an enemy with the Spiral of fatality while the power spiral is returning. Fire the Sonic Eruptor perfectly 50 times. defeat 15 enemies with the RYNO V without releasing the trigger. loss 3 adversaries with a single wrench throw. ruin 100 zyphoids in Zolar Forest. damage every breakable thing in the Fongoid Village.
Agorian Battleplex - Flawless
Agorian Battleplex - impatient Champion
Agorian Battleplex - Interception!
Agorian Battleplex - Lifted and Gifted
Agorian Battleplex - master Blaster
Agorian Battleplex - Praetorian Guard
Axiom City - package Handler
Axiom City - Terachnoid Rave
Bernilius sector - Hit and also Run
Destruction - air Lombax
Destruction - Champion Bowler
Destruction - girlfriend of Fred
Destruction - Magic Bullet
Destruction - Negative, Ghostrider
Destruction - Regifter
Destruction - Shock Therapy
Gadget - Head choose a Rock
Gadget - Orvus" Son
Gadget - You"re Fired
Korthos ar - The Samaritan
Krell Canyon - bug Bait
Krell Canyon - sweetheart Hunter
Molonoth areas - boy of Kaden
Molonoth fields - spring Cleaning
Nefarious an are Station - pest Control
Phylax sector - i Think I"m Gonna it is in Sick
Phylax ar - Stockpiler
Skill - Ace Pilot
Skill - Custodian of Time
Skill - Dance, Monkey, Dance
Skill - grasp of Time
Skill - Subzero Hero
The good Clock - Braniac
The an excellent Clock - Outta Time
The good Clock - Temporal Pacifism
The good Clock - What goes Up
Vela sector - Chasing Tail
Vela sector - No Respect because that the Dead
Weapons - Longshot
Weapons - Party Crasher
Weapons - ring Trip
Weapons - Sonic Assassin
Weapons - The basic Art the Armageddon
Weapons - Wrenchmaster
Zolar woodland - Cold Killer
Zolar woodland - terrible Tourist

Contributed by: ibrake4dragons

In-Game cheat

In order to ulock the in-game cheat you muust gain the specified variety of skill poin.ts associated with the cheat

Unlockable Unlockable 400 ability points 250 skill points 100 skill points 1000 ability points 550 ability points 850 skill points 700 ability points
Altered arsenal(change the size of ratchets weapons!)
Cryomine gloves ultra(a look therefore cool its sub-zero)
Customize Aphelion(change watch of your lombax starship (fuzzy dice no included))
Mirrored level - renders the game world a winter of itself.
Rinbow trails-(nothing displayed the spirit of devastation like rainbow fancy projectiles)
Time Distortion - adjust the flow of time in Ratchet"s next adventure native Fast, at sight speed, & normal
Wrench instead of - alters Ratchet"s weapon right into a rubber chicken, plunger, Azimuth"s wrench, the chronoscepter, or the omniwrench

Contributed by: trewqzxc, Alpha218

Bonuses - ahead Ratchet and also Clank Save papers

If you have save records for "Ratchet and also Clank Future: tools of Destruction" and also "Ratchet and also Clank Future: search for Booty" on your system, you have the right to unlock in game perks that boost your gameplay.

Unlockable Unlockable have actually a "Ratchet and also Clank Future: devices of Destruction" save. have a "Ratchet and also Clank Future: pursuit for Booty" save.
Discount in ~ Weapon Vendors
Pirate cap Skin

Contributed by: BreadSkin

Bancho Ratchet Skin

Enter the follow code while the game is paused come unlock the Bancho Ratchet skin.

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effect Effect Up, Right, Down, Left, Triangle, Square, X, Circle, R3
Unlock Bancho Ratchet skin.

Contributed by: Mystery_Cooper

Walkthroughs & FAQs

form Name paper Size FAQ basic FAQs thorough FAQs detailed FAQs in-depth FAQs Maps and also Charts Maps and Charts
FAQ by PieingDutchman 68K
FAQ/Walkthrough by Ratchet12345 311K
Sigmund Puzzle solutions by Blasevin 5K
Skill suggest FAQ by wierd_al 19K
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