One in this collection of educational children"s programs that encourages kids to read, held by LeVar Burton. In this program, Burton introduce a analysis of the book, "The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush," which is adhered to by visits with aboriginal Amercian family members at the Taos Pueblo in Taos, new Mexico. "The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush" tells the story that a young young named little Gopher who, though no as physically gifted together the other children, is maybe to create beauty with a paintbrush and his dream visions. Before and also after the reading, Pueblo indians (or "Red Willow" people), including the Arquero, Naranjo and Concha families, administer the viewer v the chance to discover the society and traditions of your people, displaying their pottery and paintings, and also the songs, dances and also garb that the indigenous, northern new Mexico tribe. The program concludes with book reviews by children. The books reviewed space "Rainbow Crow" (retold by Nancy valve Laan), "Indians the the Americas" (from the new True publication Series) and also "The dirt Pony" (retold by Caron Lee Cohen). Acquisition and also cataloging the this program was made possible by a provide from the Corporation because that Public Broadcasting.


NETWORK: PBS WNED Buffalo, NY DATE: 1991 RUNNING TIME: 0:27:55 COLOR/B&W: shade CATALOG ID: T:30827 GENRE: Children's program SUBJECT HEADING: Books; Children's programs; Education/Information; native Americans; analysis SERIES RUN: PBS - TV series, 1983- COMMERCIALS:


Twila C. Liggett … executive, management Producer Tony Buttino … executive, management Producer Jill Gluckson … Producer Cecily Truett … Supervising Producer Orly Berger … Supervising Producer Larry Lancit … Supervising Producer, manager Robin S. Fogelman … associate Producer Stacey Raider … associate Producer Kathy Kinsner … combine Producer Cynthia Benfield … combine Producer Kristin Laskas young name … Writer Steve Horelick … Music by Daniel Shklair … Music by Oasis Music, Inc. … Music by Harold Littlebird … Narrator Oscar Rojas … Illustrations adjusted by, "The Legend that the Indian Paintbrush" Janet Rojas … Illustrations adapted by, "The Legend the the Indian Paintbrush" LeVar Burton … host Domenic Arquero … Guest Darlene Naranjo … Guest Benito Concha … Guest Arquero Family, The … Guest Naranjo Family, The … Guest Concha Family, The … Guest Tomie dePaola Nancy van Laan Caron Lee Cohen continue searching the collection ➾

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