After a whole lot the arguing and a few spilled tears, chance picked hot Wings to it is in his girl ~ above the Real opportunity of Love 2 finale. However where space they now? Below, hot Wings talks about the state of your relationship, accusations the immaturity and also why she’ll always be a Hooters girl.Congratulations.Thank you.How has communication with chance been because the show?We wrapped the display in June, and it took me three months just to hear from possibility one time. That was the only time i heard native him since the show, and that was on Twitter.So, that’s that, then?Hell yeah! ns think if friend did a display for love, and you discover someone, and also then you never speak to them again…then what to be the point?Are you pissed?I’m a tiny pissed. I’m over it now, yet it to be really hard for me for the an initial month and a half, two months. I was simply sitting approximately thinking, “What the hell’s walk on appropriate now?”Could the absence of communication have something to do with something in her contract, which states that you aren’t claimed to have call in the time in between wrapping and also the airing that the finale?No, because I saw that he’s been hitting up various other girls native the show. So I’m like, “You can talk come the various other girls from the show, however you won’t also talk to me in person?” i don’t even care about the damn contract. I would certainly have broken the contract to talk to him. I mean, it’s simply us talking. It’s not like everybody needs to know that we’re talking. I can obtain a phone call call. Yet I didn’t get a thing after the show.You claimed you loved him on the show. Feather back, did you really?Yeah. Ns don’t think I’d ever have anything poor to say around him even after this entirety thing, however it was just absolutely hard to deal with. I kind of feel favor I obtained played yes, really bad.You to be unmistakably passionate. Friend attempted come quit the show a couple of times.Yeah, i tried to load up and leave, yet people require to know that ns wasn’t getting any attention from Chance as soon as that was going on. Ns didn’t gain a date, i didn’t really check out him in the house, we’d never had a conversation. Therefore I simply thought, “What the hell is the allude of me sitting approximately wasting my time? i might too go home.” but after we had actually our one-on-one time and really sat down and talked, ns really was attracted to him. And also I didn’t desire to leaving after that.Things not functioning out aside, do you have any type of pride in being named the winner of this competition?I thought about that, and I speak to Doll about this, too: really, us didn’t win. It’s nearly like us got removed too, since we never ever hear native them. Yeah, he picked me, however where is the now? I have no clue, ns don’t speak come him. I gave him my number twice and also he’s never called me. That told me miscellaneous like, “Oh, ns left her number in mine pants, and also the squid ran,” or some sort of dumb excuse. So ns was like, “OK, therefore here’s mine number again…” and still haven’t gained a phone call. I can be mad at him. I might hold a grudge, however I’m not going to do that. It is what the is. If he was trying to do a TV show, he gained his TV show. He made one, and I to be a part of it. However if you’re really in search of love, you found it, and you sort of let it go. That’s her loss.Speaking of your passion, some civilization labeled that immaturity. What carry out you think of that? room you immature?I think I’m immature, and also I think that opportunity is even much more immature 보다 I am. I think a lot of of world can it is in immature at times. I think it to be exaggerated top top the show, in the means it was edited. Yet yeah, I can be immature. I’m a spoiled little brat once I desire my way.I guess: v the upside is that you don’t take it crap. Girlfriend weren’t scared to argue through Chance.Yeah. ~ our blow up, Chance never really experiment me or propelled me. A many the debate they didn’t show. We were going earlier and forth for a good pair of minutes. And I was saying a lot worse ingredient that ns don’t think they wanted to show on TV since it would be embarrassing come him and you probably wouldn’t know why that would have kept me after ~ that. At the exact same time, castle didn’t show him yelling in mine face. That really offended me because Chance can be really disrespectful towards women. I was already agitated the day because Chance to be ordering united state around, and also he told me, “Oh, go warm up me food. This is cold, go placed it back in the microwave.”How execute you feel around being dubbed Hot Wings?It’s hilarious. I’m so provided to the now. Random strangers will yell “Hot Wings!” and also I’ll simply turn around. It’s so herbal now.Have girlfriend been functioning at Hooters due to the fact that the show?Yeah. After ~ the show, I absolutely went ago to work, due to the fact that I love my job. Yet I haven’t been acquisition tables. I bar often tend now. I really can’t go back to work and also take tables, due to the fact that it seems favor every solitary table desires me come sit down and also talk come them about the show. But I’ll constantly be a Hooters girl, ns think, due to the fact that I love it!You model, too, right? How has actually being top top the show affected that?I haven’t really done anything with modeling because the show started airing. In four months I’ve excellent one photograph shoot. It’s kind of funny that due to the fact that I walk the show, my modeling has really slowed under a lot. But I’m walking to choose it back up and also go through it. I simply didn’t recognize what direction I wanted to go with it yet.Was the exposure that you get from this present attractive come you?It’s funny, people always say, “You’re there for exposure, you’re there because that exposure.” however that’s exactly how I to be found. The spreading directors knew ns was a model, found me and contacted me about the show. So it’s like, “What did friend expect?” i guess the exposure is good and bad. All of your skeletons come the end of the closet as soon as you carry out the show, and all the photos you shot years back and everything come out.You stated you’ve moved on indigenous Chance. Does that mean you aren’t single?There’s a rumor, but we’re not even going come talk about that.What? Is it that you’re dating somebody famous?Well, there’s a rumor that I’m dating a man from tool Academy.Which one?Dre P.Are you?We’re friends, buddies. He’s cute. You never ever know…we talk. We’ll see.What around that stuff that Blonde Baller said around you? that you have a bunch of males at residence taking care of you?Blonde Baller is just…Blonde Baller. What else can you say about her? She claims so much stuff around everybody, and nobody aired the end her period panties everywhere. The thing around her is the she’ll take what girlfriend say and then exaggeration it to do it negative. It’s just like, “What type of human being are you?” She won’t ever before shut up. Also after the show, she’s still talking about it and ruining it because that viewers. She simply doesn’t have respect for people, so no one must respect her either. Therefore really, f*** the bitch, ns don’t yes, really care.With the method that everything played out, room you disappointed? execute you look ago on this situation and also regret law it?With the means everything play out, ns wish ns would have just obtained eliminated. If you’re not really there because that love, you need to just eliminate the human who is yes, really there for you and keep someone roughly who really won’t offer a f*** after as soon as you don’t talk to them. You recognize what i mean? That’s exactly how I kind of feel. However I don’t yes, really regret anything. I learned a lot, ns met a lot of of good people, and also I had fun.

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And it’s walking to take me somewhere different, a lot of of brand-new opportunities came through it. And also I didn’t find love v Chance, but that doesn’t typical I’m never going to discover love.vh1.com