After a totality lot of suggesting and also a couple of spilled tears, Chance picked Hot Wings to be his girl on the Real Chance of Love 2 finale. But wbelow are they now? Below, Hot Wings talks about the state of their relationship, accusations of immaturity and also why she’ll always be a Hooters girl.Congratulations.Thank you.How has communication with Chance been given that the show?We wrapped the present in June, and also it took me three months just to hear from Chance one time. That was the just time I heard from him since the show, and that was on Twitter.So, that’s that, then?Hell yeah! I think if you did a show for love, and you find someone, and then you never before soptimal to them again…then what was the point?Are you pissed?I’m a small pissed. I’m over it currently, however it was really difficult for me for the first month and a half, 2 months. I was simply sitting about reasoning, “What the hell’s going on best now?”Could the lack of interaction have anypoint to execute via somepoint in your contract, which says that you aren’t intended to have contact in the time between wrapping and the airing of the finale?No, bereason I observed that he’s been hitting up various other girls from the show. So I’m like, “You have the right to talk to the various other girls from the show, yet you won’t also talk to me in person?” I don’t also treatment around the damn contract. I would certainly have damaged the contract to talk to him. I mean, it’s simply us talking. It’s not like everybody hregarding recognize that we’re talking. I have the right to acquire a phone call. But I didn’t obtain a thing after the present.You shelp you loved him on the present. Looking back, did you really?Yeah. I don’t think I’d ever before have anypoint bad to say around him even after this totality point, however it was just definitely tough to deal with. I type of feel prefer I got played really poor.You were unmistakably passionate. You attempted to quit the present a few times.Yeah, I tried to pack up and leave, however people need to understand also that I wasn’t gaining any attention from Chance once that was going on. I didn’t get a date, I didn’t really view him in the home, we’d never before had a conversation. So I just thought, “What the hell is the point of me sitting approximately wasting my time? I could too go home.” But after we had our one-on-one time and really sat down and also talked, I really was attracted to him. And I didn’t desire to leave after that.Things not functioning out aside, carry out you have actually any type of pride in being named the winner of this competition?I assumed about that, and I talked to Doll around this, too: really, we didn’t win. It’s almost choose we got removed as well, bereason we never before hear from them. Yeah, he picked me, but wright here is he now? I have actually no clue, I don’t speak to him. I provided him my number twice and also he’s never before referred to as me. He told me somepoint prefer, “Oh, I left your number in my pants, and also the ink ran,” or some sort of dumb excuse. So I was like, “OK, so here’s my number again…” and also still haven’t acquired a phone call. I might be mad at him. I might hold a grudge, yet I’m not going to perform that. It is what it is. If he was trying to make a TV present, he gained his TV present. He made one, and also I was a part of it. But if you’re really trying to find love, you discovered it, and you type of let it go. That’s your loss.Speaking of your passion, some people labeled it immaturity. What do you think of that? Are you immature?I think I’m immature, and I think that Chance is even more immature than I am. I think the majority of civilization have the right to be immature at times. I think it was exaggerated on the display, in the way it was edited. But yeah, I can be immature. I’m a spoiled little brat when I desire my means.I guess the upside is that you don’t take crap. You weren’t scared to argue with Chance.Yeah. After our blow up, Chance never before really tested me or pushed me. A lot of the dispute they didn’t show. We were going back and forth for a great couple of minutes. And I was saying a lot worse stuff that I don’t think they wanted to display on TV bereason it would be embarrassing to him and also you more than likely wouldn’t understand why he would have preserved me after that. At the exact same time, they didn’t show him yelling in my face. That really offended me because Chance deserve to be really disrespectful in the direction of womales. I was currently agitated that day bereason Chance was ordering us approximately, and he told me, “Oh, go heat up me food. This is cold, go put it earlier in the microwave.”How do you feel about being referred to as Hot Wings?It’s hilarious. I’m so used to it now. Random strangers will certainly yell “Hot Wings!” and also I’ll just rotate roughly. It’s so natural now.Have you been functioning at Hooters given that the show?Yeah. After the display, I certainly went ago to work, bereason I love my project. But I haven’t been taking tables. I bar tend now. I really can’t go back to job-related and take tables, bereason it appears choose every single table wants me to sit down and also talk to them about the show. But I’ll always be a Hooters girl, I think, bereason I love it!You model, as well, right? How has being on the show influenced that?I haven’t really done anypoint via modeling given that the display started airing. In 4 months I’ve done one photo shoot. It’s sort of funny that given that I did the present, my modeling has actually really slowed dvery own a lot. But I’m going to pick it back up and also go via it. I simply didn’t understand what direction I wanted to go with it yet.Was the exposure that you gain from this present attractive to you?It’s funny, human being always say, “You’re tbelow for exposure, you’re tbelow for expocertain.” But that’s how I was uncovered. The spreading directors knew I was a design, uncovered me and contacted me about the display. So it’s favor, “What did you expect?” I guess the expocertain is great and bad. All of your skeletons come out of the closet once you do the display, and also all the photos you shot years earlier and every little thing come out.You sassist you’ve relocated on from Chance. Does that suppose you aren’t single?There’s a rumor, but we’re not even going to talk around that.What? Is it that you’re dating somebody famous?Well, there’s a rumor that I’m dating a man from Device Academy.Which one?Dre P.Are you?We’re friends, buddies. He’s cute. You never before know…we talk. We’ll check out.What around that stuff that Blonde Baller said about you? That you have actually a bunch of men at house taking care of you?Blonde Baller is just…Blonde Baller. What else deserve to you say about her? She says so much stuff about everybody, and also nobody aired out her period panties everywhere. The thing about her is that she’ll take what you say and then exaggerate it to make it negative. It’s just choose, “What sort of person are you?” She won’t ever before shut up. Even after the show, she’s still talking about it and also ruining it for viewers. She just doesn’t have actually respect for human being, so no one need to respect her either. So really, f*** that bitch, I don’t really care.With the method that every little thing played out, are you disappointed? Do you look ago on this instance and also regret doing it?With the method whatever played out, I wish I would have simply gained removed. If you’re not really there for love, you need to just eliminate the person that is really tbelow for you and also keep someone about that really won’t give a f*** after once you don’t talk to them. You know what I mean? That’s how I type of feel. But I don’t really regret anything. I learned a lot, I met the majority of excellent people, and also I had actually fun.

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And it’s going to take me somewbelow various, a lot of new avenues came via it. And I didn’t uncover love via Chance, but that doesn’t intend I’m never going to uncover love.vh1.com