1. Have the right to span more than one difficult drive 2. Used to enhance the lot of ram in a mechanism 3. Rearranges files on the drive right into as couple of segments as feasible 4. An extra copy the a data or software paper that you deserve to use if the original paper becomes damaged or destroyed 5. A volume that can be accessed by method of a folder on one more volume so the the folder has much more available an are 6. Searches for bad sectors on a volume and also recovers the data from them if feasible 7. A hidden record stored in the root catalog of drive C 8. Can be partitioned and also formatted as a stand-alone difficult drive 9. Snapshots that the system and also include windows system records that have adjusted 10. The all at once structure one OS offers to name, store, and organize papers on a drive

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1. Dynamic volumes2. Digital memory3. Defragmenting4. Backup5. An installed drive6. Chkdsk utility7. Pagefile.sys8. Simple disk9. Reclaim points10. File system
If a storage swimming pool is configured as if the has more virtual storage than the physics drives in reality offer, what feature is being used?
What record systems supported by Windows have the right to be supplied for volumes and also drives the don"t host the windows installation? (Choose all that apply.)
Windows needs free space top top the hard drive for common operation, for defragmenting the drive, because that burning CDs and DVDs, and also for a variety of other tasks, so it"s crucial to delete unneeded files occasionally.
What partition is the bootable partition that startup BIOS transforms to when searching for an operating mechanism to begin up on one MBR partitioned drive?

Computer Organization and also Design MIPS Edition: The Hardware/Software Interface5th EditionDavid A. Patterson, man L. Hennessy



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