Thanks come Adarian for sending out me the connect to the video.

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Everyone talks about the faster 40 garden dash time. The more quickly 40 yard i recall was the “4.17” by Deion Sanders. If the is a hand time, that provides 4.2 (rounded up) or 4.44 FAT (by adding 0.24 indigenous hand come FAT)The direct connect to YouTube is here.

Fastest 40 garden dash ever?

Fast forward 33 seconds right into the video. And, the course, neglect the comments and responses from YouTube.

In this video, Reggie bush records a 4.33 because that the 40 garden Dash (as marked by the black color cones) to run on a monitor surface, perhaps with spikes. Some of the questionable times were on grass or astroturf.

What do you think added to his time? raw speed and also genetics? carry out you really think he rental a an individual coach to operation a much faster 40 yard dash?

This could be the more quickly 40 yard dash ever before recorded ~ above camera. I’ll start digging. This might be fun.

UPDATE: Sorry, the video clip is no much longer on YouTube.

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