If you pertained to this page due to the fact that you just purchased a Remington 770 or someone offered you one and also you wanted to view what deserve to be boosted or is a problem: sorry, this article is no super positive. If you came to this post because you want to figure out if you need to buy a 770 or not: don’t. I don’t take into consideration myself a pistol snob. Ns think the Savage Axis and many of the other budget-priced bolt action rifle are pretty damn great for the price. This rifle is not. Ns didn’t also get to take images of it, due to the fact that the 2nd one I gained (first was defective), couldn’t chamber a round.

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I’m going to fully buck the trend that I use with most of my reviews. There space no high res images, over there is a video clip that reflects some issues with the rifle the are difficult to describe in text, and all the headings are going to it is in different. That’s because I’m walk to shot to convince any readers who space on the fence to not buy this rifle.

**Update: It seems that this rifle may be discontinued. It is not offered anymore in many shops in Canada or the US. An excellent riddance!**

Remington 770 video clip Review

Not mine image, discovered on Reddit.

The magazine Sucks

These days, usage of plastic and also mass-manufactured parts for searching rifle magazines is expected. In part uses, plastic is a much better material. What I’ve newly is that part rifle manufacturers have made yes, really smart usage of plastics in magazines (like the Browning X-bolt), vice versa, others have actually made negative use of inferior plastics. The Remington 770 offers a poorly designed magazine. The steel they decided to usage has tiny springiness come it and also takes bends quickly. The metal mag body attaches come the plastic floorplate by way of 2 small ridges reduced into the inside of the floorplate. So, the attachment an approach is pretty poor, and also the metal tabs the make for that attachment bend. This is why girlfriend may have actually seen photos of the newspaper “exploding” the floorplate, spring, and also rounds out the bottom the the rifle ~ above firing. Utilizing the disassembly method recommended in the hands-on on the magazine, and you may present a bending on the mag human body tab. The bend weakens the link with the floorplate and makes it more likely that your magazine will self-disassemble when the rifle is fired. On optimal of that, the metal is fairly thick, for this reason the mag is tho heavier 보다 it needs to be. You have the right to buy replacement mags for as low together $10, however you’re getting everything that you paid for.

The magazine is likewise jerky trying to insert into the magwell, bumping and also stopping follow me the way. Lamb it residence at her peril: the mag is not particularly strong. It likewise doesn’t fit against the magwell particularly smooth.

The action Sucks

By itself, a 3 lug bolt is kinda cool. They market slightly faster cycling and much more clearance versus the border bell 보다 a 2 lug bolt. In this implementation, that doesn’t overcome whatever else wrong with the action. The barrel is pressed into the receiver rather of threaded or by using a barrel nut. By itself, that’s an inexpensive method to mate barrels and receivers, yet it needs a bit much more QC come make certain they have been pressed come the appropriate length. In the instance of the second 770 i tried, the chamber was also tight, and chambering manufacturing facility 7mm Remington Magnum ammunition was exceptionally difficult. Check firing would have captured the disastrous problem on this rifle. If you’ve acquired this much into the article and also are beginning to think that I’m a total snob and also that i should have actually just put some polish on the bolt: i don’t mean that new firearms need work to it is in usable. I don’t psychic tweaking for accuracy or to improve things, but I attract the line at dysfunctional.

Inside the behind of the recipient is a sleeve that plastic the is attached come the (also plastic) behind tang. I’d imagine the this an approach required less work and fitting 보다 an all steel rear receiver. Unfortunately, the plastic bends and also lets the bolt head tie as the moves with the inside of the receiver. Even after oiling it and also working the heck out that it, the bolt is quiet pretty gritty.

The bolt avoid is a tiny latch on the left next of the receiver. ~ above the inside, it move a half-moon item of stole to act together the bolt stop. Simply from loosely working the bolt, this half moon started to take on a dent. Probably it’d it is in fine, or possibly if it take it a bit of abuse it’d start to fail to store the bolt indigenous coming the end of the receiver. Some other 770 owners have complained about their bolt stop failing.

The share Sucks

I can forgive a cheap stock on a cheap rifle, a couple of things top top the stock to be a little bit weird. The trigger guard looks choose it to be designed ugly on purpose. The buttpad is quite hard. My rifle’s barrel wasn’t free-floated; I’m not sure if that’s a style flaw or top top purpose. Most rifles free-float the barrel together an easy means to get an ext consistency. Then, there are those plastic, molded in sling attachments points. These aren’t meant to be provided with a bipod, and also from what I’ve viewed online, castle can and do rip turn off if you regulate to put too much torsional pressure top top them.

The border Sucks

Of course the border sucks. I don’t check out that as such a substantial problem, due to the fact that most hunters would certainly upgrade the border on a rifle prefer this after ~ their an initial year hunting and a crappy limit is expected at this price point. The fact that the windage turret dropped off in my hand on the an initial unboxed 770 I acquired wasn’t terrifically trust inspiring.

What doesn’t suck?

I assumed the safety and security was fine. That was basic to actuate and also easy to reach.The cause was fine for a rifle at this price point. The came with some travel and also grit, but I can live with it.Accuracy is supposed to it is in good. My rifle to be unusable, so ns wouldn’t know. To be fair: accuracy on every the modern, inexpensive bolt activity rifles is really good. 1 MOA or less should be supposed from any new bolt action.

Is the OK for the Price?

When talking about features and quality, i always try to said those come the price suggest of the rifle. Let me just be blunt: the Savage Axis is the exact same price and also is no so sucky. The Ruger American is a bit an ext in price and a lot better and the Remington 783 is also a lot much better than the 770. There is no those rifles in the market, the Remington 770 could be OK for the price. But since those rifles are on the industry at those prices, the 770 is not an excellent for the price. It’d need to be around $200-$250 and also even then, it’d just for those with an ext time and patience 보다 a little much more money.

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I have actually returned mine 770 since it wouldn’t chamber ring without needing a solid whack top top the bolt. Ns upgraded to one more rifle the doesn’t suck so much.