The serpentine belt in her Dodge ram is responsible because that driving the crucial accessories for ideal vehicle operation. While a serpentine belt setup is straightforward and conveniently maintained, an overlooked belt have the right to leave friend stranded if the breaks. Take it a couple of moments to change your old belt together it is among the simplest maintenance items on your truck.

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This article uses to the second generation Dodge lamb 1500 (1994-2001).

In year past, vehicles used multiple accessory journey belts moved off that the engine"s crankshaft to operate components such as the water pump, alternator, air air conditioning compressor, and power steering pump. The advance of the serpentine belt (sometimes described as a multi-rib or poly-v belt) has permitted engineers to no only mitigate the lot of an are necessary to drive the accessories, however to rise belt life. A serpentine belt setup as provided on the second generation dodge Ram uses a tensioner come maintain ideal belt tension and also reduce the opportunities of belt on slide on the accessory pulleys. Accompanied v low proportion pulleys, a serpentine belt setup enhances fuel economy and also reduces the pack on the engine compared to a multi-belt setup. Despite all of its advantages, the only an unfavorable aspect the a solitary serpentine belt is that it will certainly render all accessories inoperative if that fails. This average loss that water circulation with the engine and also the ns of power helped steering, to surname a few. Fortunately, serpentine belts are fairly robust and are one of the simplest maintenance item on your truck. So if her serpentine belt is spring a little bit shagged, or you can not remember ever before replacing her serpentine belt, this DIY will walk you v the measures to easily replace her belt.


Materials Needed15mm mix wrench, or ratchet/breaker bar through a shallow 15mm socketNew serpentine belt

Step 1 – Familiarize yourself with belt routing

The serpentine belt line its means around the accessory pulleys, tensioner, and also idler. The belt have to be effectively routed roughly these materials to ensure ideal operation of all accessories. Before removing the belt, familiarize yourself with how the belt is routed by referencing the belt routing diagram, or examining the orientation the the belt on the engine. Every trucks came from the manufacturing facility with a belt routing diagram situated in the engine bay.

Figure 1. Typical belt routing diagram location.
Figure 2. Close-up of routing diagram because that 3.9L, 5.2L, and also 5.9L engines.

Step 2 – relax tension and also remove belt

On the passenger"s side of the engine, location your 15mm wrench or ratchet/breaker bar with a 15mm socket top top the belt tensioner bolt. Turn the tensioner clockwise together if tightening the bolt come release stress and anxiety on the belt.While hold the tensioner far from the belt through one hand, on slide the loosened belt turn off of the tensioner pulley.Release the tensioner and remove the belt from the remaining pulleys.
Figure 3. Publication belt tension.
Figure 4. Frontal view of belt tensioner and engine.
Pro Tip

With the belt eliminated from the engine, it is a great idea to check the condition of the tensioner and also the pulleys, and replace any if necessary.

Step 3 – Install new belt

Using your belt diagram together a guide, course the new belt around every one of the accessory pulleys as they were before, leaving the tensioner wheel for last. Make sure the belt is properly in the groove of every pulley.Again, making use of your 15mm wrench or socket, rotate the tensioner clockwise and slide the belt end the tensioner pulley. With the belt in place, relax the tensioner.
Figure 5. Old belt vs new belt.

Step 4 – start the truck and check belt operation

With the belt correctly in place, begin the truck to make sure the belt is running true and is properly centered on every accessory pulley.

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Figure 6. Belt properly centered on pulley.

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