This previous summer Showtime audience obtained to check out the an initial LGBT reality collection -- The genuine L Word: Los Angeles, which complied with the resides of 6 lesbians in their day-to-day lives. Chief amongst them to be Rose Garcia, a successful genuine estate certified dealer who called herself a " player" who was detect it complicated to clear up down through Natalie Hornedo, she girlfriend of seven months. In enhancement Rose had actually to complete with one estranged connection with her mother -- a feud the was tearing the household apart.

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EDGE spoke to Garcia freshly in anticipation of her appearance in san Francisco at the " genuine L native wine" occasion that takes location this Friday, October 1. (For much more details visit the event" website.) Here" the interview.

A substantial accomplishment

EDGE: The together Word was a popular show and also many women really felt that the present finally confirmed real life lesbians in a huge way, how interesting is it for you to it is in a component of this series and also why execute you think it is crucial that TV programming bring a "" edge to lesbian lives?Rose Garcia: It to be an honor to be a part of this project. The excitement come after filming wrapped and also the episodes aired. That’s when the excitement collection in and the anticipation of city hall the perfect product, which ns am very proud of. I think it’s really important that a truth angle is presented on TV.... This is the very first reality LGTB show on premium cable. That’s a large accomplishment and I expect this is the very first of countless to come, scripted or reality. EDGE: What is it favor to be lesbian and Latina? How has this made you that you are today, did it influence your desire to be on the show?Rose Garcia: gift a lesbian and also a Latina deserve to be seen as a substantial "" together I have been said in the past. Ns love that ns was maybe to stand for the Latin community and also show the a Puerto Rican timeless Catholic family members accepts me as a lesbian daughter, niece, cousin, and grandchild. Mirroring my family’s accept of whom i am to be a substantial reason why I wanted to be a component of this show and also I give thanks to Ilene Chaiken and the producers for catching that for this reason beautifully. I understand that has empowered the lesbian Latinas of the world. I gain emails native young lesbian females from Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico, all over! EDGE: execute you believe in a stereotypical functions in lesbian relationships? Butch vs femme?Rose Garcia: It’s 2010 and I think this show in addition to the scripted version broke a lot of those stereotypes. Ns don’t believe in them and also never have. There room so many other terms as (Futch) i beg your pardon is a combination of butch and also femme. EDGE: What is next for you, how has being a component of this showed adjusted your life, talk to us around your fans and life during " TV"

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Rose Garcia: i am flourishing in my new position together a an elderly Investment Director with my company, The Herrera Sindell Group. Concentrating on real estate investments and also my the growth of my firm while loving the fist the present has carried my way. During the display no one knew that we were. Currently I acquire recognized quite a bit and love every minute the it. The fans are great. I acquire emails about young lesbians and gays thanking us for make it much easier for them to come out to your families. We did a san Francisco pride event and the substantial amount of youngsters that came approximately us just to say many thanks was amazing. Ns love it!Those in the san Francisco area can meet Rose Garcia in ~ " actual L indigenous wines" occasion on Friday, October 1, 2010, 7 - 10pm, in ~ LIME in the Castro. For an ext information visit the event’s website.


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