If your family members is feeling a tiny blue in ~ the moment, it's certainly time to administer some excellent and cheesy contents to brighten up your day.

The beginnings of 'roses space red, violets space blue' poems and also jokes can be traced ago as much as 1590 from a city by Edmund Spenser, yet the Valentine's poems you're more than likely most acquainted with come native a repertoire of nursery rhymes written in the 1700s by Joseph Ritson.  These poems have actually been supplied as a authorize of love and also affection for numerous years.

Whether you're looking come share a sweet poem with your boy to let them know you love castle or desire to teach them as necessary cheeky poems, we're certain this list will administer you through plenty the chuckles.

Cute 'Roses are Red' Poems:

These cute poems are finest used as soon as you're looking come say "I love you" to her kids. They're perfect because that reminding her loved ones friend think the people of them.

1) Roses room red

Violets room blue

I don't care about flowers

If I have actually you!

2) Violets are blue

Roses space red

I'm never ever blue

`When I'm v you!

3) Roses are red

Violets are blue

Give me a sign

Because i love you.

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4) Roses space red

Violets space blue

What colour flowers should I provide you?

5) Roses are red

Violets room blue

And I'll never ever

Stop love you.

6) Roses are red

Violets room blue

Sugar is sweet

And so space you!

7) Roses room red

Violets room blue

You have made every my desires come really!

8) Roses are red

Violets room blue

I just wanted to say

A big thank you!

Cheeky 'Roses are Red' Jokes:


These poems are especially for those cheeky primates out over there who room looking to get to your heart through a hoax or two! i m really sorry adults, this will absolutely be the most famous with the kids.

9) Roses are red,

Violets room blue,

You look like a donkey,

And smell like one too.

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10) Roses room red,

Pizza sauce is too,

I bespeak a large one,

I'm not sharing v you.

11) Roses space red

Here's miscellaneous new

Violets room violet

They're no blue!

12) Roses room red

Violets space blue

I messed up huge time

Now, what can I do?

13) Roses space red

Violets room blue

I love chocolate

More than you!

14) Roses are red

Violets space blue

A face like yours

Belongs in a zoo!

15) Roses room red

Violets are blue

I'm colourblind

How about you?

16) The roses space wilted

The violets are dead

The sugar key is north

And so is her head!

Totally stunner 'Roses are Red' Jokes:


Whether you're a fan of red roses and also blue violets or not, we're sure that if you're trying to find your daily dose that silliness nothing can be better than a ridiculous poem.