This is the post-game story arc, and it can take a few weeks or more than a year of in-game time to cause as beginning it is entirely a matter of luck. First, visit the palace and examine the spot whereby Ventuswill offered to be. Select the first choice, that you will perform your best. On the next day do the exact same thing again, but choose the 2nd choice. Climate repeat the same thing ~ above the next day, other than this time pick the third option. The blue examination note where Venti offered to be need to now be gone. Do absolutely details you complete this step, as

For the next part, girlfriend must cause the Town occasion "Memories." Doing therefore is entirely random; however, if you have at the very least 7 Friendship/Love Level through Amber and also Dylas, you deserve to utilize something of a cheat that can increase your chances.

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Check the diary alongside your bed and talk to all the villagers to watch if you have any ongoing city Events. Town events are considered energetic even prior to you cause the very first part that the event, for this reason you can have continuous Town Event even if the isn"t discussed in your diary. If friend have any active, end up it an initial as that will block any new Town occasions from triggering.Save your game and also go to sleep, then talk to all the villagers to watch if a new Town occasion has begun. If there"s no event and nothing unusual around their daily conversations, keep sleeping and also talking to everyone each day until a Town occasion finally triggers. Make keep in mind of the job this happened and reset her game.Play your video game normally until you reach the day prior to the Town event triggered. Before you walk to bed that night, invite Dylas and also Amber to her party. If lock both have actually at the very least 7 FP/LP, lock will remain in her party also after 19:00. If castle don"t have actually 7 FP/LP, this trick will certainly not work.Save her game and go come sleep. If both Amber and also Dylas leave her party an initial thing in the morning, over there is a solid chance the "Memories" has begun. Monitor them to check out where they go, and if they both get in the flower shop friend have successfully triggered the event. If only among them pipeline or neither of them leaving the party, soft reset the game by pushing L + R + begin simultaneously, reload her game, and also sleep again.If you can"t obtain "Memories" ~ a couple of dozen tries, it might be finest to play through a different Town occasion and shot your lucky on a different date. The game"s RNG seems much more inclined to provide you particular events in ~ times and different occasions at others, for this reason you might have better chances top top a various day. Increasing the FP/LP the Leon, Dolce, Dylas, and also Amber additionally seems to increase the likelihood of obtaining this event.

Triggering this town Event could take girlfriend a few in-game job or a an extremely long time (it take it me a year in-game on my Japanese document but just two months in mine American file). As soon as you have triggered the event, walk to the flower shop and also watch the occasion with Amber and also Dylas. Climate on the next day, walk to the clinic and also watch the occasion with Dolce and Pico. Sleep and go come the inn to clock the occasion with Barrett and Leon. After three days or so, go to the Dragon gate (the lobby of your house) and also watch the event. The next day, walk visit the inn and watch the event with Raven and Dolce, then talk to Raven. The next day go to Dragon gate (again, the lobby of your house) to check out the event. Currently head come Leon Karnak (the area west of Obsidian Mansion).

There room two ladders in the beginning area. Rise the ladder ~ above the right and also head come the next area. You deserve to go east here and fight Mineral Squeaks, for a opportunity of obtaining dual Steel and also 10-Fold Steel. These deserve to enhance your tools by 2-8x the ahead effect, which is really great for crafting finish game gear. Anyway, proceed on and head west, then push the yellow move to remove the yellow pillar in the vault area. Girlfriend can likewise climb up a ladder here to discover a red switch, i m sorry will eliminate the red tower in the area. Return to the previous area and also head west to uncover a switch the will remove the blue shaft in the beginning area. Girlfriend will uncover several type of these switches in this area, and also they call for you come leave things on lock to store them pressed. From below on out it will certainly be pretty linear; just keep heading on come the following area till you discover a save point.

Boss BattleHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Grimoire 228000????WindGiant execution of gold veggiesGrimoire Scale
If you have actually been doing seed dungeons, you might have encountered the Grimoire before. But this Grimoire is one Lv 100 variation of it, so it hits pretty difficult at this phase of the game. The main attack you need to watch out for is the tornado spell. If you gain hit by it you will most likely come to be instantly killed, so avoid it at all costs.

Once you have beat the Grimoire, head west until you have actually reached a dead end. Enter the portal and then rise the stairs. You have the right to then head eastern until you have reached the optimal or explore on the west side because that map completion and items. When you find an additional save point, climb up the ladder and also fight the boss.

Boss BattleHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Left Statue20000WaterFireN/AN/A
Right Statue18000FireWaterN/AN/A
This is the precise same boss fight during the finishing of the very first story arc. The only distinction is they space at a much greater level, yet everything else around them is the same. The statue colour represents your element. One frosting will use fire attacks and the other one will dish the end ice attacks. When you damage one of the statues, the other one will be enraged, so it is in careful. If girlfriend are having a tough time, try to complete the 2 statues close to the very same time to prevent the boss being enraged.
Boss BattleHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Sarcophagus28000N/AN/AGold JuiceCrystal Skull, Magic Crystal, Lumber
Exactly the same as before except now Sarcophagus is almost level 200. The sarcophagus has a constant pattern that teleporting and shooting projectiles in all different directions. A the majority of the boss assaults come directly in front, so try to assault from either behind or through the side. As soon as the ceo goes berserk, the will start to use a rain-like assault in i beg your pardon you have the right to avoid this by to run to among the corners. A many the boss assaults are light element, so if you have light reduction equipment they will certainly be quite beneficial for this battle. When you have defeated the boss, stay away from it. The orbs spinning approximately the boss will certainly be still energetic and have the right to hit girlfriend pretty hard.

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Once you have actually cleared the 2 boss fights, head back to the enntrance gate of Leon Karnak and examine the wall surface in the center.