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Can anyone call me that day of Manufacture because that a 29A S/N 43365L? i bought the from the orginal owner ago in the early on 1990"s. He was in his 70"s and also said he obtained it together a Christmas Gift native his dad when turned 12. The came through the hang Tag, and I felt sort of sad to buy the gun, however he wanted me to have actually it due to the fact that I stated I collected Savages and also would give it a an excellent home. Through the way, this total is very accurate, and is one of my favorite Savage firearms.
Rick said last week the he"s tho trying to piece the puzzle of the 29A dates together.My 29A is only 2000 numbers off her serial number.
About together close together I can gain is sometime in the `40"s. Most likely after WWII. You obtained a an excellent rifle. Enjoy!
Rick99, the male I bought the from says he acquired it in the 1930"s as a Christmas gift! It has a 1930"s eco-friendly Savage cave tag similiar to other Hang tags I have actually for various other Savage Rifles and also Shotguns from the 1930"s. It has an Utica Address, for this reason we understand it is pre 1946, more than likely pre war. Does any kind of of this help or clarification DOB. Yes it is a great rifle, ring barrel, checkered share and an extremely accurate v iron sights.
The Savage parts hand-operated states that the 29-A started 1940 and also those had actually the octagon brl. JTC declared that there were serials logged beginning 31000L that were either during WWII or ideal after. Beginning around 35,000L the brls were changed to round.The Utica significant brls ongoing in manufacturing till the start of the 29-B about 1951. Whatever points to her round brl 29-A being a 40"s manufacturing rifle.Is the hang tag significant 29-A? top top the back side the the envelope, the finish where the string go through, there should be a kind number and also a 2nd line for numbers. What room the last 2 numbers that the second line? Also, the parts diagram sheet should have a number at the bottom. What is it? i think every one of the environment-friendly 29 cave tags list on the earlier " 24" Octagon Barrel".

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I doubt it was after WWII, ns think production probably stopped ~ above these at some point in 1946 or early on 1947 as soon as Savage started to move to Chicopee Falls. The 29 (-A was never ever specified in catalogs) was listed in the 1946 price list, in the 1947 it had the very same listing however was marked "this model not accessible in 1947". The 29 was then absent from catalogs because that a pair years.The 29-A is provided in the 1939 components catalog suggesting production may have started in 1938, depending on when in the year the parts catalogs would have been issued. The only later on parts magazine that i see any type of reference to a month is the 1942 the mentions prices being in impact Jan 10, from that i think components catalogs may have been issued very early every year, yet nothing is for sure. Later parts catalogs state the 29 became "obsolete in 1933" however I think that has to be a misprint, possibly from someone analysis the 8 in 1938 as an additional 3 - 1933 is the date you will certainly often find in resources for the arrival of the 29-A.Using date codes top top the barrels I have actually seen 29-A"s v Utica and also Chicopee Falls marked barrels and also 29-B"s through Chicopee Falls significant barrels, all with a "B" code for 1950. These firearms were not serial numbered. The highest serial number I have actually seen because that a 29-a is 59548L and also I think all serial numbered guns would have actually been do in Utica prior to 1947.I likewise have recorded about twice as many round barrel as octagon - looking at the serial number once the change was an alleged to have arisen would imply there would be much more octagon, but you have to take into consideration that house brands were included in those numbers and also I have seen very few of those with high serial numbers, which all suggests a much greater percentage of home brands beforehand in production. An additional interesting point about 29"s and 29-A&B"s is the you will certainly not find any patent numbers stamped on them like almost every other gun Savage made - both that these were based broadly on expired patents that had never to be the home of Savage eight (just IMO, however I think I can make a really convincing argument).