Scientific method Bikini Bottom ExperimentsAnswer KeyFlower power SpongeBob loves to garden and wants to thrive lots the pink flower for his pal Sandy. He bought a distinct Flower power fertilizer to see if will assist plants produce more flowers. That plants two plants that the same size in different containers with the very same amount the potting soil. He areas one tree in a sunny home window and waters that every day through fertilized water. He places the other plant on a shelf in a closet and waters the with level water every various other day. (1) What go SpongeBob perform wrong in this experiment? Explain. SpongeBob did not carry out both plants with the exact same amount the water and also sunshine. In order to test the fertilizer correctly, both tree should have been put in the sunny home window and watered every day with the very same amount of water. The just difference between the two plants should have been the fertilizer - one plant would certainly be watered with the water with fertilizer and also the other would it is in watered with level water. (2) What have to SpongeBob do to test the effectiveness of Flower strength fertilizer? create an experiment. Question: Is Flower power fertilizer efficient in tree growth? Hypothesis: ns think Flower strength fertilizer will certainly be reliable on plant growth, since people to buy fertilizers every the time. Test: Control: plant v no fertilizer Variable: plant through fertilizer included Dependent Variable: plant with fertilizer included Independent Variable: height of the tree Steps: location two plants in different containers through the very same amount of potting soil in the same sunny window. Water each plant every day with the very same amount of water, among the containers of water have to contain the fertilizer and be provided on the exact same plant every day. Measure the elevation of the plants each week for three weeks. Data: mainly Fertilized tree Un-fertilized plant 1 20 centimeter 20 cm 2 30 cm 25 centimeter 3 40 centimeter 30 cm Conclusion: based on the data gathered I think that Flower strength fertilizer go work. The plant that was provided the fertilizer did thrive at a more rapid price than the un-fertilized plant. My theory was proven correct based upon this experiment. Next time i would favor to check out if you can give a tree too much fertilizer by boosting the lot of fertilizer given each day. Once comparing my data v other groups I uncovered that most civilization had the similar results to me, except one team who had both their plants die. Ns think the group whose plants passed away did not water the plants as often as needed.Super Snails Gary is no the smartest snail in Bikini Bottom and also believes he have the right to improve his brain power by eat Super Snail Snacks. In order to test his hypothesis, that recruits SpongeBob and also several snail girlfriend to help him through the experiment. The snails ate one snack v each meal every work for three weeks. SpongeBob developed a test and also gave it to the snails before they began eating the snacks and also after 3 weeks. Analysis the data in the chart and also determine whether or no the at sight Snail Snacks created smarter snails! (3) based on the data provided, carry out the supervisor Snail Snacks work? define your answer. The supervisor Snail Snacks appear to have operated for Gary and Barry. Both the them raised their test results after eating the snacks for 3 weeks. Larry go not present any improvement and terry scored lower on his 2nd test. However, that is an overwhelming to determine if the super Snail Snacks space an effective method to rise a snail’s mind power based upon this experiment alone. The gains shown by Gary and Barry may have been as result of the at sight Snail Snacks, however further trial and error would be required to make certain the results were not because of other factors. Balloon Time Patrick loves balloon gum and also would favor to have the ability to blow larger bubbles 보다 anyone else in Bikini Bottom. Come prepare for the Bikini Bottom huge Bubble Contest, the bought five various brands of balloon gum and needs your help to uncover the brand that creates the greatest bubbles. Write an experiment to check the bubble strength of the balloon gum brand and aid Patrick victory the contest. Question: i beg your pardon of the five different brands of balloon gum creates the greatest bubbles? Hypothesis: ns think that Quadruple-Bubble will develop the largest bubble, because it says it will in the name. Test: Control: continuous Bubble Variable: blown bubbles by five various gum varieties Independent Variable: blown balloon by five various gum species Dependent Variable: dimension of balloon Steps: acquire the balloon gum varieties Regular Bubble, fifty percent the Bubble, twin Bubble, Triple Bubble, and also Quadruple Bubble. Chew one piece of each kind of gum for one minute and blow the biggest bubble you can. You should repeat this experiment because that each kind of gum three times. Measure and also record the diameter of her blown balloon in the data table below. Data: Bubble type Trial 1 attempt 2 psychological 3 constant Bubble 1 cm 1.1 cm 1 cm half the bubble 1 centimeter 1 cm 1.1 cm double Bubble 1.2 cm 1.1 cm 1 centimeter Triple bubble 1 cm 1 cm 1 cm Quadruple bubble 1.1 centimeter .9 centimeter 1 cmConclusion: based upon the data of mine experiment all of the balloon gums preformed the exact same whether your name said they were much better or not. My hypothesis was incorrect due to the fact that Quadruple bubble made the very same sized bubbles as all the other types. Following time i would like to to buy gum the was an ext expensive and also compare that with varieties that space cheaper. My outcomes were comparable to other teams in the all the gum varieties performed to the same level, some teams were may be to acquire larger bubbles 보다 I walk but all of they species were still the very same size.Scientific technique - Controls and also Variables ANSWER an essential Write a definition for each: regulate - A part of the experiment that is not being tested and also is used for comparison. Change - Any component of one experiment that can vary. Independent variable - The component of the experiment the is manipulated or adjusted by the researchers or human performing the experiment. Dependent variable - The component of the experiment the is affected by the live independence variable. Krusty Krab Breath Mints 1. Which world are in the regulate group? The human being who got the mint without the secret ingredient (Group B) would be the regulate group. 2. What is the independent variable? mystery ingredient in the breath mint 3. What is the dependent variable? lot of breath odor (or poor breath) 4. What need to Mr. Krabs’ conclusion be? The breath mint through the secret ingredient appears to reduce the lot of breath odor much more than fifty percent the time, yet it is not 100% effective. 5. Why carry out you think 10 people in team B report fresher breath? This might be as result of the placebo effect. Sponge Bob Clean pants 6. What to be the problem? SpongeBob’s pants were no clean. 7. What is the live independence variable? to wash soap 8. What is the dependency variable? quantity of dust left on the pants (or how clean the pants were) 9. What have to Sponge Bob’s conclusion be? Clean-O wash soap does not appear to be effective in clean his pants. Squidward’s Symphony 10. What is the independent variable? instrument 11. What is the dependency variable? variety of jellyfish 12. What need to Squidward’s conclusion be? The clarinet did seem to attract a big number of jellyfish, yet the typical number because that the three trials additionally matched the median for the guitar. The flute attractive the least variety of jellyfish, yet the mean for this group is still bigger than the control. Music appears to tempt jellyfish in higher numbers than when no music is played. Squidward’s theory that the clarinet attracts larger numbers of jellyfish 보다 other instruments is not proven through this experiment alone. 13. Are the outcomes reliable? based upon the restricted amount of information provided, it is challenging to tell if Squidward’s outcomes are reliable. The summary did no tell exactly how long each break was between trials. Did the leave enough time for the jellyfish to“clear out” of the area? (NOTE: Accept other potential flaws that students deserve to support.) Super bubbles 14. What did the Super bubble ads claim? The ads declared that the at sight Bubble equipment would develop bubbles that were double as large as those make with consistent bubble soap. 15. What is the independent variable? kind of bubble solution 16. What is the dependency variable? size (diameter) of the balloon 17. A. Calculate the average diameter because that each. Super balloon = 15.1 cm continuous Soap = 11.5 centimeter b. What should their conclusion be? The supervisor Bubble solution did not seem to create bubbles that were double as large as those made with the continual soap. Return the typical for the supervisor Bubble solution was bigger than that for the consistent soap, it was not “twice together large” as the ads claimed. In fact, just two that the ten trials had results that would fit the ads claims. 18. Room the results reliable? Why or why not? The summary does not say that blew the bubbles for each solution. There may be distinctions in balloon sizes due to the person blowing the bubble quite than the balloon solution. They can have thought about having each human blow 5 bubbles with each solution. (NOTE: Accept various other potential flaws that students can support.) T.

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