“What’s Up” was the second single native the 1992 album Bigger, Better, Faster, More! through 4 non Blondes. It shot the tape into global stardom, topping the charts in seven… read More 
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25 years and also my life is stillTryin' to acquire up that great big hill the hopeFor a destinationI realized conveniently when i knew i shouldThat the civilization was comprised of this brotherhood the manFor every little thing that meansAnd so i cry occasionally when I'm lied in bedJust to get it all the end what's in my headAnd I, i am emotion a small peculiarAnd so i wake in the morning and I step outsideAnd ns take a deep breath and I acquire real highAnd i scream from the top of mine lungs"What's walk on?"And ns say, hey-ey-eyHey-ey-eyI said "Hey, a-what's walk on?"And i say, hey-ey-eyHey-ey-eyI claimed "Hey, a-what's going on?"Ooh, oohOohOoh, uh huhOoh, oohOohOoh, uh huh
And ns tryOh my God, do I tryI shot all the timeIn this institutionAnd i prayOh mine God, do I prayI pray every solitary dayFor revolutionAnd so ns cry sometimes when I'm lying in bedJust to acquire it every out, what's in my headAnd I, i am feeling a tiny peculiarAnd so i wake in the morning and I step outsideAnd i take a deep breath and also I acquire real highAnd ns scream from the optimal of my lungs"What's walking on?"And i say, hey-ey-eyHey-ey-eyI stated "Hey, what's walking on?"And ns say, hey-ey-eyHey-ey-eyI claimed "Hey, a-what's walking on?"And ns say, hey-ey-ey(Wake in the morning and step outside)Hey-ey-ey(Take a deep breath and also I gain real high)(And i scream)I said "Hey, a-what's walking on?"And i say, hey-ey-ey(Wake in the morning and also step outside)Hey-ey, yes yeah yeah(Take a deep breath and also I get real high)(And ns scream)I stated "Hey, a-what's going on?"
Ooh, oohOohOoh, uh huh25 years and my life is stillTryin' to get up that good big hill that hopeFor a destination, mmm
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“What’s Up” to be the 2nd single from the 1992 album Bigger, Better, Faster, More! through 4 non Blondes. That shot the tape into worldwide stardom, topping the charts in seven countries, getting to #2 in three much more (including the UK) and also peaking in ~ #14 in the US, making lock the an initial openly lesbian group to reach the optimal 40 there.

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Bassist Christa Hillhouse recalled hear Linda Perry functioning on the song for the an initial time:

For a brief time, Linda had actually quit her job and also she was living with me in this little 2-bedroom flat in mountain Francisco. She created the song as soon as she was in a room under the hall. I was in my bedroom having sex, and also I stopped because I heard her play that song. Ns remember running down the hall and saying, ‘Dude, what space you playing? I prefer that.’ We had actually a most rock, thrashy stuff back then, yet Linda always would pull she ballads out. Ns remember gift struck by it. She retained looking at me, going, ‘Does this sound prefer something? Am ns plagiarizing someone?“ ns said, "Finish the song, it’s beautiful.’ It caught on at our shows right away, human being really chosen it.

The tune was title “What’s Up”, in spite of the phrase not appearing in the lyrics, to protect against confusion through the Marvin Gaye song “What’s walking On”.

In 1994, DJ Miko spanned the song with brothers vocalist Louise Gard. His dance club version uncovered its best success in Sweden and brand-new Zealand. In the US, the peaked in ~ #58.

“What’s Up” is both psychic as among the “Top 100 One-Hit Wonders” of every time and conversely one of the “Worst songs Ever”.

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It found new life in the 2010s many thanks to a remake by SLACKCiRCUS title “Fabulous an enig Powers” using characters from the 80s cartoon He-Man and the master of the Universe.