I"m having actually trouble acquiring past the last portion of human being 3-10 in Scribblenauts Remix. I"ve regulated to get the man and his dog previous the an initial 2 areas with a hefty bridge, and also a long bridge, but the last section with a gap over fire has me stumped. The hint refers to fire-resistant. I"ve tried various fire resistant materials: steel, asbestos, etc. I"ve placed out the fire with rain and also even produced a "fire-resistant bridge" and laid that across, but the man and also dog just sit and also wait. I"m type of in ~ a lose after various attempts. I"m sure the answer is obvious, however it"s no coming come me. Any kind of ideas of just how to pass would be appreciated.

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Here they room doing nothing also though they should be able to cross:


I just completed level 3-10 making use of "heavy bridge", "long bridge" and also "stone bridge". Ns didn"t should put the end the fire because that the man and dog to walk across.


Across the an initial pit type heavy bridge. Across the 2nd pit type long bridge. Across the final pit type wet bridge. That"s exactly how I acquired past that level.


I did stone bridge in ~ the end, and also only the dog gained across, yet I got the star before the blind man popped.

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I beat this level by doing "heavy bridge", "long bridge", and also "fire proof bridge". I tried "fire-resistant bridge", but it didnt work, so i did "fire proof bridge", i beg your pardon did.

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