Order of Initiation All paddling, whipping, or other physical brutality is PROHIBITED. The only exeption the physical call will it is in the three impressions at the end of the initiation ceremony. This shall not be done in a brutal fashion. The numbered measures (1, 2, etc) in the order of initiation room obligatory and also must it is in taken by each and every thing in initiating a candidate or candidates. The lettered steps (A, B, etc.) space elective, and also may be omitted. Whenever and also wherever a action is omitted, this step shall be closely explained through the “Lecturer”, so the all ALPHA brothers will come through finally with the exact same lessons. That shall it is in illegal to take or use in initiation any kind of step not hereinafter defined. Ar 1. The candidate chandelier be command to report in ~ a an extremely definitely specified place. That shall be instructed to enter whether lighted or not. When he arrives, the location may apparently be deserted and darkened. Together the candidate advances, that shall unexpectedly be accosted and also mystically addressed. The Oath the Secrecy shall then be administered through a brother designated through the President. Ar 2. The candidate shall be blindfolded. (Teaching that the end of ALPHA PHI ALPHA, men walk or stumble through service or trhough life, blindly lacking much which have to be seen., used and also enjoyed.) ar 3. The candidate’s, features shall be bandaged beyond recognition, both because it will not in any means help to have him personally recognized, but an ext particularly to represent the complete loss of self in the really work, the uplift that all guys of every races, however in particular, the loss of me in the uplift of ours people and also our brothers in ALPHA PHI ALPHA. Ar 4. The candidate shall it is in conveyed come a place unknown come him. The shall be left in absolute solitude because that a reasonable length of time. Section 5. The candidate chandelier the be caused the door of the initiation room whereby the brothers conducting him offers the far-ranging knocks. A voice within asks, after the knocks have been given: that disturbs the peace and quietude that those assembled within? The brothers conducting the candidate shall say: A brother of those within and also a most humble servant of the regulations they make. The brothers is then admitted with the candidate. Every member existing remains in absolute silence. The candidate is lugged to a stop and all continue to be silent for one minute. Then the Presiding Officer says: Silence, the lift of every thought. Our very first step in ALPHA PHI ALPHA is take away in thoughtful silence. To you, who are about to be initiated into ALPHA PHI ALPHA, we would say, we had sufficient respect and admiration because that you to invite girlfriend to end up being a candidate because that membership here. Know that that exact same respect, both because that ourselves and also for you, will certainly make it difficult for us to execute anything by way of initiating you that will, in anyway, humiliate girlfriend or place our dignity in question. Ar 6. The Presiding Officer then provides the sign, and also from the anteroom the candidate is taken immediately out right into the world. The hand of ALPHA PHI ALPHA chandelier defend and guide the from all sides as he goes. (Teaching that ALPHA PHI ALPHA brother must challenge things unitedly.) all vicissitudes (whippings) throughout the “Pledge Week”, and also during the initiation, except the three impressions are prohibited. Ar 7. As the candidate goes, he shall it is in made to lug some suitable object, not burdensome, i beg your pardon shall be called “THE NAME.” that shall it is in urged and ordered come “hold increase the NAME” (lesson obvious). Section 8. The candidate top top this pilgrimage shall it is in made to speak to someone “out in the world.” (Teaching again the ALPHA’s greatest interest lies outside of itself.) section 9. On returning to the hall and after being admitted, Conductor to usage Pass Word for his admission, the candidate shall breakthrough seven (7) steps across the room as the Presiding Officer shall count audibly native one to seven. At each step the brothers in the room shall stomp in unison. At the count of SEVEN, the candidate shall it is in halted, and immediately all Brothers shall shout ‘ALPHA PHI ALPHA’. (Each candidate shall be initiated individually, and also then taken indigenous the room immediately upon perfect of his initiation.) ar 10. The Presiding Officer climate says: Compass him about. Numerous members chandelier gather about the candidate. The Presiding Officer shall contact the candidate first, to move two steps throughout – to the right. He does it, yet realizes that comes into immediate contact with ALPHA PHI ALPHA guys who are on every sides. The is notified to move two measures to the left, with the very same results. That is then ordered to move two procedures backward. ALPHA PHI ALPHA guys positively refuse to allow him to relocate backwards at all. Finally, he is bespeak to relocate two steps forward and also in this that is assisted in every conceivable means by ALPHA PHI ALPHA men. In ~ this allude the Presiding Officer says: ALPHA PHI ALPHA delights in any type of forward step, however will not stand for any kind of backward steps on the component of any type of Brother. (This step in the initiation is to teach that hereafter every little thing the candidate does will certainly be watched and felt by ALPHA PHI ALPHA, that does not any kind of longer affect himself only.) ar 11. The candidate candlestick kneel and eat the food all set by the gods for ALPHA PHI ALPHA men. (Oysters or cold raw macaroni.) ar 12. The candidate chandelier drink to the health of ALPHA PHI ALPHA. (Any drink no injurious, very first agreeable and then disgusting come the taste. 2 drinks.) ar 13. The candidate kneels. The Presiding Officer says: “EGKAIETE.” Then all shall say: Brand him! A brother designated through the Presiding Officer shall proceed to brand him with a piece of ice used to the skin, during which time a piece of life meat is burned with a hot iron near the candidate’s nose, ar 14 (Bending over a table or some various other object) The candidate receives the three IMPRESSIONS. The Presiding Officer assignment him to repeat: “ALPHA PHI ALPHA. As he repeats, the is impression after every word. For functions of administering the impression, every chapter shall usage a flexible towel from four (4) come 6 (six) inches and from 3 ( 3 ) to 4 (4) feet long and also fashioned on a wooden handle enough to allow free use the the flexible portion. The wooden take care of should never ever come in contact with the candidate. All CHAPTERS space reminded the brutality and carelessness were never ever intended, and are no condoned and do no comply either v the heart or knowledge of ALPHA PHI ALPHA. Section 15. BROUGHT to LIGHT. All members shall say: “BEHOLD! BEHOLD!” together the candidate’s blindfold is withdrawn, and he look at “ALPHA PHI ALPHA. THE irradiate OF THE WORLD” in large letters simply over the altar. The Presiding Officer climate reads the adhering to from the 4th chapter of the Ephesians: I thus beseech you, Brother, the ye will certainly worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called, v all lowliness and also meekness, with long suffering, forbearing one one more in love; and endeavouring to save the unit of the spirit in the bond of peace. Over there is one body and one Spirit, even as ye are dubbed in one expect of her calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and also Father the all, that is above all, and through all, and in friend all. However unto every one is offered grace according to the measure up of the gift the Christ. This i say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not as various other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of your mind, having actually the knowledge darkened, gift alienated from the life that God, v the ignorance that is in them, since the blindness of your heart. Let no corrupt interaction proceed out of her mouth, but that which is good to the usage of edifying the it might minister grace unto the hearers. Let every bitterness, and wrath, and also anger and also clamour, and evil speak be placed away indigenous you, with all malice. And be ye sort one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s services hath forgiven you. The candidate shall climate be made comfortable. Ar 16. A lecturer, (either the president or who designated by him) shall say: We have actually no desire in any way to attempt to mystify. We have reached that phase in both period and advance where we easily realize the bigness that simplicity. Nothing the you have been carried through has been done for our amusement. Every little thing has been intended to teach part lesson. (Here cite incidents and also give lessons. Describe omitted steps, if any.) ALPHA PHI ALPHA must ever be ready to meet problems as they confront us in a transforming world. Scholastic excellence need to be upheld as superb objective. Come this end every child must be encouraged to stay in school, and also the an ext promising and prepared boys and girls need to be urged and also assisted to attend college. When there may be unique interests for countless of us, us dedicateourselves come the betterment of all youth of every races and also nationalities. Finally, a word around clannishness. The trend of fraternities has been toward clannishness. As one of the oldest fraternities, ALPHA PHI ALPHA feels the its duty to confront this menace. In facing this yes, really menace to the good fellowship which have to prevail, an especially among every educated men, ALPHA PHI ALPHA has actually only to emphasize the unselfishness for which it already stands. Not just is it not the idea the ALPHA PHI ALPHA to have Brothers think much less of other fraternities, yet we urge all come honor and take morepride in them. If association right here does not make us think much more of fraternities in general, then there is something essentially wrong here. Cooperation must be our keynote. Anything that has tendency to separate the already too thin and too commonly separated ranks of collegemen must be killed. Let united state work together with whatever power we have, to add what ever participation we can enlist, for the uplift and advancement of men everywhere and also our world in particular. Section 17. a analysis of the Constitution and By laws b reading of the chapter Constitution c. Oath the Allegiance d. The new Brother chandelier be provided the laboratory OF ADMISSION and the pass WORD ar 18. At the next continuous meeting, the brand-new Brother shall be given the GRIP and the HAILING SIGNAL. And also the whole ritual shall be read to him.

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Oath the Secrecy
I perform solemnly make an oath (or aver) to save absolutely an enig the name and also working that the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated. Oath of Allegiance I do solemnly make an oath (or aver), that my very own will and accord, to obey and support the constitution and also by laws of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.; to help in promoting a an ext perfect union among college men; to aid in and insist top top the personal progress that its members.; to further brotherly love and a fraternal heart within the organization; come discountenance evil; to ruin all prejudices; and to keep the sanctity the the home, the personification that virtue and also the chastity the woman, to the finest of my ability.

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