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deserve to I use a Short-Shaft engine on a 20" Transom?
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Can I use a Short-Shaft motor on a 20" Transom?
I have actually a Mariner 25 HP short-shaft motor and would like to purchase a boat to placed it on. The watercraft I would certainly like has actually a 20" transom and also I"ve been told that it needs a long-shaft motor. Will certainly my short-shaft job-related on it? If not, is the feasable to change the engine to a long-shaft at a reasonable cost?
The vital measure is if the anticavitation plate (horizontal bowl on shaft above prop) is at or listed below the bottom of your transom. If above, you won"t be acquiring clean water flow to the prop which means the pillar is as well short. Placed the motor on the prospective brand-new boat to be sure.If too brief you will more than likely be much better off offering that motor and buying a brand-new one through a longer shaft. That will be cheaper than buying and installing a brand-new lower unti with much longer shaft.DS
If the transom is not approx 15" then that motor won"t work... Don"t also try.There space aftermarket "kits" to expand the shaft length yet often times the best method to go is to sell the motor and buy one more (like drift sock suggested) The aftermarket kits space not cheap and also I believe they minimize the precious of the engine you convert and you might not be happy once you go to offer it.Good fishing!
I had the same difficulty come up last week and also I deserve to tell friend it will certainly not work! you won"t acquire past fifty percent throttle! I discovered the extension kit native Bay production (they do aftermarket and also OEM parts for Merc) and also the total cost was going to it is in close to $500 by the time it was all said and done. I chose to offer the Merc and also buy that Yamaha 4 stroke I"ve constantly been wanting :) right here in Georgia, the short shaft motors sell very greater anyway. And boy you must see that Yamaha run......
It won"t job-related well at every on her Lund.It will press you forward, at low speeds, but in reverse, it is as reliable as an egg beater.
I have a Yamaha 15"(short) tower F8 on my ProV(20" transom). All I usage it because that is front trolling. It functions great, have never had any problems at any speed. Backtrolling, top top the various other hand, more than likely would not work. Especially in turbulent water.wiggle

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