Currently, over there is no bridge from long Island to Connecticut and recent plans have concerned a stop.

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The lengthy Island Sound attach was a proposed leg or tunnel that would connect Long Island to Westchester, brand-new York or Connecticut across the long Island Sound.

The most recent proposal entails a tunnel in between Rye, brand-new York, and Oyster Bay, lengthy Island.

Why would this bridge or tunnel be of such an excellent interest come so many? A leg or tunnel to the facility of the island would certainly serve come make many of the island much more accessible, which, in turn, would reduce the travel time of certain routes no by minutes however by hours!

On the downside, is the expense of such a bridge, as expenses would be extreme, and also there would likely be strong adverse environmental impacts as well.


News top top the lengthy Island Sound connect Proposal

As recent as 2016, new York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, claimed the idea wasn’t unrealistic and also wanted to study the feasibility that the project.

In 2018, a proposal to research study the idea was still a discussion among government officials. The estimated cost to construct a tunnel or bridge across the sound is $55 billion dollars.

As of June 29th, 2018 the Cuomo administration abandoned it’s proposal because that a bridge or tunnel. As the idea received plenty that support, it received it’s same share of dissent, too. Paul Karas, the exhilaration commissioner the the state transport Department announced the project’s halt.

Despite this refusal of the tunnel or bridge throughout Long Island sound, the idea is tho in the minds of many citizens today. In the near future, it’s possible this attach will be revisited through another administration or agency.

Do lengthy Islanders desire a bridge to Connecticut?

In February 2000, a poll conducted by Newsday and also News 12-Long Island discovered that a eye-opening 63% of lengthy Island citizens were, in fact, in donate of a bridge in between Suffolk County and also Connecticut. No method around it, this project is one that civilization have wanted for decades.

In January 2008, this job reentered public discussion when Vincent Polimeni proposed building a privately financed, tolled tunnel between Oyster bay on long Island and Rye in Westchester County, featuring 2 tubes carrying 3 lanes of website traffic each and also a 3rd tube because that maintenance and emergency access.

This brand-new deal would connect Route 135 (Seaford-Oyster just Expressway) on long Island to federal government 287 in Westchester County. The price of this task would be substantial at $10 exchange rate dollars, and also the supposed year the completion would certainly be 2025, at the earliest.

The job would be substantial in other means as well.

If completed, this tunnel project would create the world’s longest highway tunnel in ~ 16 come 18 miles (26 to 29 km).

The long Island Association, the region’s biggest business group, is once again floating the idea of a cross-Long Island Sound connection linking Nassau and also Suffolk counties to Connecticut, there is no the must board a watercraft or detour through any kind of of new York City’s boroughs.


Past plans to connect Long Island and also Connecticut

The idea for this kind of task is no a new one, as the must make the island an ext accessible was first proposed over fifty percent a century earlier in 1954.

The Seaford-Oyster bay Expressway (NY 135) was very first proposed by master builder Robert Moses, who planned because that ferries to attach Oyster just on Nassau County’s north Shore v Stamford, Connecticut, twelve miles throughout Long Island Sound.

Just 3 years later, the idea because that an yes, really bridge throughout Long Island Sound was said connecting Oyster Bay v the Rye-Port Chester area that Westchester County.

Moses was committed to the idea of transforming this bridge right into a reality. He worked tirelessly on his plans, which were initially supported by then governor Rockefeller.

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While governor Rockefeller to be an originally supporter, the plans because that the leg were cancelled ~ above June 20, 1973.