The Sims FreePlay is a free-to-play iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android game from Monkey Iron and also EA cell phone that’s based upon the well-known PC variation of The Sims. Like the computer version, friend build and also personalize your own town and can manage up to 64 Sims by selecting their jobs, pets, cars, and more. However, uneven the computer game, time in The Sims FreePlay is true to real life (1 hour in real life is really one hour in The Sims FreePlay).

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While we posted some basic tips and tricks a while back, below are particular cheats, codes, and strategies come get complimentary LP and Simoleons in the game. Together a reminder, stop from downloading any third-party software application that promises you complimentary LP and also Simoleons together it can an outcome in your game messing up or possibly damaging your mobile device. Only stick come in-game strategies and cheats that don’t require third-party software.

(NOTE: several of the cheats and also strategies may be outdated. If they nothing work, permit us understand in the comment below and we’ll resolve them. You might also add your own strategies and also tips in the comments together well)

***UPDATE*** We’ve acquired a new MONEY CHEAT for The Sims FreePlay Carnival Update ***

Free Simoleons through Facebook

Open The Sims Freeplay app and log in to Facebook.Go to your Sim’s house and also click top top the to buy tab, wherein you may purchase points for your house.Click on the society tab. Right here you will watch a couple of things you can buy with the amount of next-door neighbors you have. For example, I have actually 4 neighbors. The duck pond is the highest thing I can buy, yet I acquire swing sets due to the fact that they cost more in Simoleons.Put under as plenty of items as you want, anywhere you’d like.Return to The Sims Freeplay menu, pressing the green tab with the white dots on in ~ the bottom.Log out of Facebook and go back to your Sim’s house.Sell the points you bought, but because you’re not signed right into Facebook so girlfriend don’t have any type of neighbors, that comes earlier as Simoleons!

More Simoleons through the pre-teens tab

Go come the youngsters store and also select the preteens tabBuy the karate beat bag (it’s free)Go home and select the save tabClick on list (a backpack) and select the preteens tab and also frag it inside the house and sell that (it’s worth 900 Simoleons)Repeat procedure as much as you’d like. Girlfriend can additionally buy the document player and a swing and also a sandbox at the youngsters store for free

Free Simpoleons on iPad 2 (will bring down city value)

You need to have actually 2+ neighborsBuy the cost-free stuff you obtain from having neighborsGo to the 3 white dots somewhere on the bottom of the screenLog out of your on facebook accountGo ago to the cost-free stuff and also sell every one of itLog ago in and do over and over

3,000 LP

Log right into Facebook include 3 brand-new friendsGo top top videos click a complimentary trialClick the home button then log out of Facebook, go earlier in and also cancel the dealBuy a dog then once it digs it digs increase 3,000 lp

Start-up Money

Make sure there is just one house. Construct a cost-free house takes 5 minutes.Sell all of its items when its built. Consisting of walls using developed mode once it highlights to expend. Tap on it. It will say. ‘Move contants come inventory and delete utem,’ click yes then you will be rewarded with money.Go to city map and also demolish the house.Repeat this process until you have actually 7,500 or more.This time you constructed Japaness house 7,500. Take away 5 minutes. In that residence there is statue and also outdoor water fountain. You can sell it for 5,000 each. Thats 10,000 just from those 2 items. Repeat again and also again. Offer all and demolish the house. Climate you buy mention at 10,000.Use several of money and also renovate your residence by using built mode. This will rise the city value. Keep in mind each time you sell things town worth drops.Keep structure 7,500 Japaness home. But keep those stature and also water fountain at inventory. Sell and also demolish the rest if building. This will reduce the lowing town value. Yet you have actually those 2 expensive items you deserve to sell later.

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Changing the day for cost-free money

Plant bean the highest possible amount that moneyClick the end of SimsOpen settingsTurn wifi offGo to generalTurn collection automatically offMake sure 24 hour is offChange the date to a month before and also a job before

10,000 Simoleons, quick growing, and also instantly motivated sims (on iOS devices)

Enter sims freeplayHave all her sims at one houseHave them garden anything friend desire( time limit does no matter)Click home button 1 time and go to her settingsDouble click house button and also hold down sims freeplay app and also delete it from multitasking bar(DOES no DELTE GAME)Enter general in settings and also select date and timeTurn off ” collection automatically”Return to your sims gameDO NOTHING in ~ ALLWait until it loads and wait ten seconds after it loadsLeave sims and also enter settingsRepeat step 5 in settingsTurn on airplane modeRepeat step 6Turn the date 1 month aheadrepeat step 1It will say that can’t connect, fight retry and QUICKLY double click the residence button and also hit settingsTurn aircraft mode off and re-enter sims(note: may not work the very first time, shot a few times)

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