Well, ns have ultimately ventured into the 600s. This is a model I"ve had actually an eye out for just since it has some distinct features. Like most of the equipments I"ve bought, I never wanted one badly enough to look for it out directly, or pay much for it. But I discovered this one, with the cool mid-century room I"ve to be looking for, in ~ a thrift store. Couldn"t pass that up!

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All the Touch & Sews are not created equal. The more quickly ones, the 600 for sure, have actually metal gears. Some of the later on 600s "might" have actually metal gears, and also I"m not clear on precisely when the change to nylon gears to be complete but it was somewhere along this line.

This is what you"re spring for! (There is also a top gear set, therefore you deserve to use a driver to eliminate the height cover and also check those if it"s easier.)
This beforehand Touch & sew is comparable in countless ways to the 401. It has the same lifting neck plate (in fact they are interchangeable) and it has actually a comparable stitch an option system except with levers rather than a dial. If you"re supplied to the 401, you"ll it is in comfortable through this machine. However there room two unique features the made me want to try the Touch & Sew: chainstitching and the wind-in-place bobbin.
This is nice cool, and also easy to do. A caveat: the bobbin have to be empty when you wind it. That unscrews right into two parts so you can quickly pop out the old thread quite than execute the long, tedious unwind. Top top the other hand, you don"t have to worry about releasing the clutch on the hand wheel come wind her bobbin, you don"t even have to take it it the end of the machine at all!
Then there is the chain stitching attribute which I"ve been wanting to try. (More on the chainstitching function HERE.)
Will I ever before actually usage chain stitching? I highly doubt it. But I still want to provide it a try just to say ns can. I could use it for fitting muslins (which ns never even do, BTW!) Or possibly it would certainly come in handy because that costuming once you want momentary fitting seams come accommodate assorted people. It would certainly be good for basting other than that there room several measures you need to take to collection the totality thing increase so you"d just bother to execute it because that a big job. Anyway, my small video shows how you execute all that.
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Hello! I additionally purchased this 600 model with the cutest little MCM table! This is my an initial sewing device (other than helping my mother use hers as soon as I was young...I'm currently 47 and also sadly she is lengthy passed). Is over there any means that you can short article a detailed video on just how to object this from start to sew? I've only found a couple videos of this exact device on line and also none are an excellent at mirroring what I've requested. I'd it is in super grateful! Happy new Year!!

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